A New 2019 VW Jetta Arrives To Win You Back After Dieselgate

The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the automaker’s most successful vehicles in the brand’s lineup and the new one carries a rap sheet that’s better in every single way. The 2019 Jetta made its debut today at the Detroit Auto Show and the vehicle sports some upgrades that should increase its popularity.

The seventh-generation of the Jetta now sits on VW’s modular transverse matrix (MQB) platform, which gives the sedan better everything, claims the automaker: more interior space, better fuel-efficiency figures, the ability to wear a more modern design, and the opportunity to tack on more high-tech features.

On the outside, the 2019 Jetta sports a look that’s not as mundane as the previous model, but it’s not radically different. A new enlarged grille dominates the front fascia that’s flanked by C-shaped LED headlights. The creased hood is also a nice touch at the front. Along the side, the sloped roof gives the sedan a coupe-like silhouette – again, it’s nothing crazy – while the changes to the rear end are much more minor: new taillights, exhaust outlets, and a chiseled rear fascia.

Moving to the MQB platform has given the Jetta new dimensions, as well. It’s longer, wider, and taller than before. The front overhang is shorter, while the overhang at the back has grown, which one would expect would allow the sedan to carry more stuff, but cargo capacity remains the same. The growth in overall size, though, has allowed Volkswagen to create a more spacious cabin, which has also been redesigned.

The Jetta’s cabin has gone from clinical to more upscale thanks to higher-quality materials, 10-color ambient lighting that wraps around the interior, and funky trapezoidal design pieces – like the vents. The redesigned center stack now features a larger screen – exact dimensions haven’t been released yet – that’s angled towards the driver and perched higher up on the dash. VW’s new, highly-configurable Digital Cockpit replaces the sedan’s regular instrument cluster on high-end trims.

Despite the coupe-like roofline, VW claims the Jetta offers more room on the inside. Head room, knee room, and shoulder room have all increased from the previous model. In addition to the more spacious interior, the Jetta’s list of safety features has grown too. Things like autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring with rear-traffic alert, and a lane keeping system are all available.

While the Jetta sports a new look and a classier interior, the engine under the creased hood goes unchanged. Power for the sedan comes from a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 148 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. The old sedan’s six-speed automatic gearbox has been ditched in favor of an eight-speed automatic transmission. A six-speed manual transmission is standard.

In spite of all the changes, the Jetta’s price tag has decreased, though not substantially. The 2019 Jetta, which will go on sale in the United States in the second quarter of the year, will start at $18,545 before destination. That’s $100 less than the outgoing model. The vehicle will be available in six different trims when it goes on sale: S, SE, SEL, SEL Premium, and R-Line.

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  • xDRAN0x

    They do not need to win anyone over the diesel gate, their sales was through the roof for 2017.

    • Dustin

      Compared to what? The entire VW brand lineup sold 339k vehicles, while Honda sold 377k of just the Civic.

      VW sales were over 400k in 2012 and 2013 and haven’t been close to that since.

      • haudit

        You know there’s an entire world out there that isn’t the United States, don’t you?

        • Jp

          This is the Jetta *US* Premiere. The Jetta is not sold in western Europe. And it is a lot fancier, different vehicle in China, where it already sells like cupcakes. In the US, it is a reality that VW has been struggling, and that there was an impact after the dieselgate.

          That being said, it looks like VW is really making a strong effort to go in the right direction. I can’t say I am impressed by this Jetta, but it definitely looks like a big step forward.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Which was surprising.
      This new Jetta though I think will only sell if priced right.
      Lease deal of $249 a month with $2500 down should do the trick.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Leasing them.

      Proof the lefty enviro idiots will continue to buy them like the hypocritical sheep they are.

  • Jason Miller

    Looks pretty boring.

    • eb110americana

      And that folks, is both the first and last time anyone will use the term “pretty” in any context regarding this Jetta. ;P

    • Bo Hanan

      Has a Chevy or Subaru look to it.
      I guess as long as Audi isn’t doing anything great with their designs VW has to dumb-down even more to keep rank.

      • Moveon Libtards

        Except Chevys look much better…

      • Scott

        Is has an “every brand” look to it. I see Chevy, I see Ford, I see Hyundai. It is the most bland car I have seen since the last Jetta.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Second that.

      They arent even trying anymore at VW in the style dept. Rehash old crap…Guess they have to cut costs to pay for their dieselgate fines.

  • OdysseyTag

    Looks better in higher trims as predicted but overall not bad. Like the front end in particular.

  • Dennis Scipio

    It doesn’t look half bad.

    • Moveon Libtards

      The other half is aweful re-hash of the early 90s.


    Looks okay

  • WG

    The 2015-17 Sonata rear looks meh. The interior on the other hand looks good.

  • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Interior: improved
    Exterior: looks like a Fiat Tipo and an old gen Jetta had a baby

  • SteersUright

    Audi/VW still do great interiors. But the outside of this thing could be from Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, or anyone. Truly and definitively bland design. The Civic would seem the more exciting car in this segment.

    • emjayay

      The Civic is TOO exciting. This is too bland and unpretty, although of course less unpretty than the outgoing model.

      • Moveon Libtards

        The Civic is a cartoon. This is a dead grandpa. If grandpa was alive maybe he should have married the cartoon abd had a child. Might balance things out some…

  • Six Thousand Times

    Yeah, nice enough. Will it coax the attractive women who used to drive them out of their CUVs, though?

  • That front end is a mess. Nice interior, though.


    • Bash

      Agree, and the front end looks nice.

  • Leconte Dave

    Ugly but nice interior…. Jetta R incoming?

  • ErnieB

    Why they didn’t use a similar interior in the arteon is beyond me?!?!

  • Grumpy

    Like the last gen. the interior looks cheap. I can just sense the hard plastics everywhere.

  • Not bad. I would be interested in the AWD GTi version when it comes out…

  • no25

    everything about this car looks out of proportion. Grille looks too big for its face, rear end – sonata’s old rear end – looks way too large for the whole car, massive steering wheel and air vents, its long but it looks short. I don’t know everything just looks wrong to me.

    • Malik

      I guess rear end didn’t need much changing. Something is better left alone as classic. I like classic Jetta rear end but modern front end, that gets my vote.

  • kachuks

    About as exciting as the current one.

  • EM1

    No AWD, no bother.

  • eb110americana

    Playing it pretty fast-and-loose with the term “coupe” there. I can scarcely think of a taller, more upright 3-box sedan on sale today than this Jetta.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Doesn’t look too bad, the directional wheels are kinda weird though

  • Vanquish

    it looks like a Fiat, ever since VW cheapened our Jetta its one of those cars you just dont buy unless you want something super cheap

  • Bash

    Love the ambient lightings option.

  • TheBelltower

    Looks perfectly fine for what it is.

  • JR Glide

    VW = Filthy Cheating FRAUD.

  • Yanis Benchara

    the rear end looks pretty similar to the new audi A4 WTH

  • Nordschleife

    Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t they missing a trim line? I see S, SE, SEL, SEL Premium and R-line.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    damn. There once was a time when it was “cool” to drive a Jetta. Yeah, end of an era..

  • 31/12/2999

    They have a different buyers that doesn’t want a lot of sporting in a car.

  • Malik

    MQB Jetta mated with 8-speed Automatic [auto start/stop] with torsion bean in rear suspension versus 17/18 Jetta mated with 6-speed Automatic with multi-link front and rear suspension. Which one is real worthy?

  • klowik

    It looks too much like a Ford… too bland..

  • Mark S

    Ummmm, I am sure it is a better car, but the exterior styling is Fugly! Nice interior.

  • jsz00

    I’d like to see this in base trim to see how bland it can really get. Torsion beam rear suspension is back.

    • OdysseyTag

      The leaked images of the white Jetta spotted in testing are pretty much it.

  • Christian

    So it won¨t hit europe anymore? That¨s racist…

  • Marty

    And this, my friends, is how you make a touch screen look like it actually belongs there, and wasn’t glued on as an afterthought.

    • OdysseyTag


  • gary4205


  • Moveon Libtards

    VW is a corrupt company that ruins the environmemt. I laugh at all the hypocrite enviro-extremist who preach green but continue to drive their VWs and buy new ones. Proof the eco movement is a whole lot of trendy bs from left-wing hypocrites.

  • Vanishing Boy

    Those rear amber turn signal strips BETTER WORK this time! The last generation Tiguan did not.

    • Able

      I’m so happy that somebody else said this – that really annoyed me about the Tiguan. I note that the Atlas has amber rear turning signals – is this the start of an amber revolution at Volkswagen? Red turn signals is fucking stupid!

  • SgtBeavis

    Yeah sure, they’ll win back people with a small sedan when sedan sales are consistently falling. VW won’t see a dime from me until the MicroBus returns.

  • Puddingpopper

    Overall proportion is pretty perfect. Front is gross, sonata/a4 taillights im warming up to. But the details???? Interior especially, so many pinchy angles, why, because it looks futuristic? Throw a GLI version out there i guess, but i’m still like what about the Lamando?

  • gbmike25

    Ah yes, the new Jettassat, no wait it’s the Passetta, can never figure out which is which

  • fabri99

    VW be like “Dear Americans, since we can’t give you Skodas, ’cause you’d buy those instead of VWs, we’re just going to give you a Jetta that looks like a Skoda. We hope it will do the trick. Auf Wiedersehen.”

  • getoffme

    Looks like a cheap Audi A8. Not looking good Audi.

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    The design is very boring

  • Victor Ferreira

    But is there a diesel that gets 45+mpg? No? Then I don’t care.

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