F1 Halo May Soon Gain Digital Scrolling ‘Ticker’ Display

Formula 1 is currently analyzing multiple solutions that could help teams maximize the extra space found on the halo cockpit protection system.

According to Autosport, one idea being thrown around is a sort of scrolling digital ‘ticker’, like the ones used to display stocks and share prices.

“Formula 1 has been talking about doing some sort of digital on it, so I think we’ll make the most of it,” said McLaren exec, Zak Brown. “Possibly some sort of almost like ticker running, like you see at the stock exchange. Some kind of messaging – that sort of thing.”

There are already rules in place letting teams know what they can or can’t do with the halo, such as how they’re not allowed to paint it on the inside so that it doesn’t become a distraction to the drivers.

Brown admits that now “it looks a bit bolted onto the car”, but is hopeful that, in time, the halo will become better integrated in F1 cars.


  • Fabián Montiel


  • TheHake

    Place something right in the center of their view, but don’t paint it… that might just distract them…

  • Like it or not, halo is here to stay.

  • rover10

    Brilliant idea, similar to head-up displays. Could be used exclusively by the FIA to instruct drivers of a red flag and other emergency information?

    • R55

      Optimistic. I was thinking extra advertising, similar to how they utilise the centre screens on V8 Supercars

  • Bill Nguyen

    Lol, cuz that’s a smart idea. Have the drivers reading a slow ass ticker that can probably only display one line at a time, while they’re driving 150 mph…

    • KareKakk

      I’m sure its ment for the spectators, not the drivers….

      • Bill Nguyen

        Yeah, I thought about that a bit too, because they weren’t too clear in the article. But then I was like, how are people gonna see an ad or whatever on this tiny bar while cars are driving by so quickly? Doesn’t make sense either way to me.

  • Markey

    can’t paint it ’cause it’ll distract the driver.
    Digital writing going across it? … no problem!

    • Knotmyrealname

      It might be shrouded or have a micro-venetian type filter over it so only the camera sees it.


  • annon
  • Smith

    WOW, this picture really shows the great visibility that an F1 driver will have, and now you are going to add more digital display data on this as well. No distractions here, should be much safer driving a new F1 car. Sets a great example for driver safety, should be adapted for use on street cars, like digital displays in the sun visor and across the top of the window, really good example set by the FIA and F1 rules makers.

    • KareKakk

      How do you know it’s for the driver to see?

  • gary4205

    Horrific and stupid.

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