Ford Won’t Pursue Setting Lap Records With The New GT

The Ford GT is an incredible supercar. It’s got the body of a spaceship, a high-tech powertrain, and performance that can rival a race car. Despite all of that, though, Ford isn’t looking to set any new lap records.

Recently, Car and Driver managed to set a time of 2:43.0 at Virginia International Raceway. That makes the GT quicker around the track than a Porsche 918 Spyder. Apparently, that time wasn’t indicative of what the GT was really capable of, as Ford returned to the track and set an even quicker time of 2:38.62. And that’s straight from racer and development driver, Billy Johnson’s Instagram account.

The new lap time was good enough for the GT to become the new lap record holder around VIR. The record lap, according to a report by The Drive, was completed with “just a small support crew, less than ideal circuit conditions, and [racing driver Billy Johnson] driving the Ford GT on that track for the first time.”

One, then, would assume that Ford has a lot left in the tank. With more practice and the stripped out version of the GT, the Competition Series, Ford would probably be able to obliterate the time. The company, though, has zero interest in doing that. And not just at VIR, but at any track.

“We have no plans to go for any lap records at VIR or other circuits going forward,” a Ford rep told the outlet. “As Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer of Ford Performance put it ‘We’ve got new cars to work on.’”

That’s unfortunate, as we’d love to see Chevrolet (whose Camaro boss recently stated that he’d like to see a sub-seven-minute time at the Nurburgring), Dodge, and Ford compete with one another for lap records. This doesn’t mean that a privateer won’t try, though, but it’s refreshing to see that someone has moved beyond the “Ring Lap Time” game that, frankly, has gotten a bit old.

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    Ok, and someone else will just do it instead. Although, that would be a pretty expensive venture considering how much the car costs.

    • Last year Viper independent Nurburgring record attempt was quite expensive, and they got some OEM onboard.

      But frankly with the Agera land speed attempt, there is always one over-connected wealthy enthusiast out there.

  • brn

    Good for Ford. The GT has already proved itself. They shouldn’t have to play the leapfrog game of who has the best time on which track. It just needs to have demonstrated itself as a contender.

    Also, as lwoap states, others will play that game with their GTs.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      But it’s a hard sell when a car that costs 80% less whoops you on the track.

  • eb110americana

    I would really like to see what this thing can do around the Nurburgring. The race cars are impressive, but they are distinct from the road car. I really don’t care about its 0-60, top speed, HP, lateral Gs or any of that stuff. I’d care about it being light, but even that metric isn’t all that impressive considering the concessions they made for track duty. Really, this thing is designed to be a track monster that can comport itself to be livable on the street. It is the flagship pinnacle of Ford engineering–they should have something to brag about when all is said and done.

  • Personally I agree with Ford, the one that rejoice for lap times are internet and some d-bag car owner. Record attempt is not cheap and you as a customer, if you want to try it. Won’t go over near that record anyway.

  • javier

    lol , they announce this after the zr1 that is 1/4 the price spanks it at VIR by over a second

  • john1168

    I guess I can see where Ford is going with this. There’s always a faster car… And I guess it’s not so good for business when someone buys one for $400K+ and then finds out later that a car that costs just over a quarter of that price beats it on a particular track. (The new Corvette ZR1 goes over a second faster around VIR). So Ford is going to ignore production records and just focus on sanctioned racing and put their money where their mouth is there? OK…..

    Hey, did anyone know that the front windshield of the Ford GT was made of “gorilla glass”? The same stuff that’s used on some cell phones. It makes for a tough glass that’s thinner than typical windshields and is lighter weight. I just found that out…

    oh… and the new ZR-1 sounds WWAAAAYYYYYY better than the GT while racing on a track…..just sayin’. 🙂

  • HG504

    Yeah I wonder why? Because they’re definitely worried that it wouldn’t come close to the likes of the 720S, Huracan Performante and GT2 RS which would smash any record set by it.

  • lagunas3ca

    All of you comparing lap times must have forgotten that the Ford GT has already conquered the Le Mans 24 Hours, or the biggest challenge in sportscar racing.

    • john1168

      An incredible/historic achievement indeed but that was the race car, not the production car. However, your statement is how Ford is going to compare it’s GT with other production sports cars. By comparing the race versions of the production cars.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    They’re too busy lapping Corvettes, Porsche, and (most importantly) Ferraris.

    And that’s even with BOP.

  • nauticalone Ed

    Beautiful car! Needs a V8 option! Especially at almost half a million dollars!

  • Bob White

    2019 C7 Corvette ZR1 Sets VIR Lap Record, Spanks Ford GT In The Process

    Can’t post a link, so refer to GM Authority

    With just an engineer at the wheel. The Ford GT is a chassis in search of an engine.

  • Bob White

    2019 C7 Corvette ZR1 Sets VIR Lap Record, Spanks Ford GT In The Process
    Can’t post a link, so refer to GM Authority
    With just an engineer at the wheel. The Ford GT is a chassis in search of an engine.

  • Bullitt2605

    The Corvette is a great performer and bargain, even if it is way, way over styled, and that is not just my opinion I polled 2,300,500 Prius owners and they all agree. But please everyone stop mentioning price, yes the GT is expensive but it is also being made i very limited numbers. How much would a Vette cost if only 500 a year were made?

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