Infiniti To Become A “Highly Electrified Brand”

To further differentiate itself from Nissan, luxury brand Infiniti will aggressively adopt electrification, Nissan chief executive Hiroto Saikawa has revealed at the Detroit Auto Show.

Speaking shortly after the launch of the stunning Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept, Saikawa said that all Infiniti models from 2021 will be electrified, with the exception of large SUVs.

“We are now trying to make Infiniti the premium brand and highly electrified brand,” he said.

Infiniti’s electrification plan will consist of a two-prong approach. All of the brand’s future vehicles will either be all-electric or instead use a small petrol engine that powers a vehicle’s generator, rather than propelling the vehicle itself. According to Saikawa, half of all Infiniti models sold on the roads will have electrification by 2025.

In the meantime, Infiniti is also looking to develop the internal combustion engine of the future, recently unveiling its VC Turbo engine that features a world first variable-compression system, providing the petrol unit with torque and efficiency to rival a hybrid of diesel vehicle. The engine recently premiered in the 2019 Infiniti QX50.

As for the stunning Q Inspiration Concept from Detroit, the brand says it “previews something that could appeal to a younger audience, who seek modern design and new technologies to inspire and empower them.” It remains unclear if a production version is in the works.


  • Howstar

    Dear Infiniti,
    Please stop promising amazing concepts that never make it to production. If its electrified or not, just please get on with it.
    Anyone would think Infiniti was a design company not a car manufacturer

  • dn12005

    If the move is to increase the VTC proliferation across the brand, then where does that leave the VR30 motor? Surely (at least I hope), this engine will soldier on for a while. They’ve already shown that the VR30 can be hybridized with the Q80 Inspiration Concept.

    A lot of diehard INFINITI fans (yes, we do exist; albeit, in small numbers) are fairly confused right now. This new (impressive) VTC engine is FWD/AWD applicable with the Alliance’s new CMF platform. IIRC, the CMF platform does not apply to RWD applications. 4 years ago, the Alliance said that CMF won’t be applicable to most INFINITI cars. Yet, in the same time frame, the QX70 has been cancelled; the Q70 is likely to be cancelled; and the Q80 was nixed for production. That leaves the Q50/Q60 and the QX80 (Patrol’s BOF derivative) as the RWD platforms. Are there future RWD plans?

    How about transmissions? CVTs going forward or can we see the 9-speed that was introduced with the Q80 Inspiration Concept? Or, at least can we see one more gear added to Renault’s EDC for INFINITI….since Ghosn likes synergies and stuff?

  • benT

    “Highly Electrified Brand”

    Truly Shocking

  • supermanuel

    and how will it differentiate itself from Nissan when Nissan also, inevitably, becomes a ‘highly electrified brand’ ?

    • exeptor

      Price 🙂 … and everything that comes with it.

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