Lamborghini’s Jalpa Could Be A Classic Worth Bidding For

It may not be nowhere as famous as the iconic Miura or Countach, but the Lamborghini Jalpa remains an important piece of the automaker’s history.

Built in only 419 examples, including 34 in right-hand drive, from 1982 until 1990, it was Lamborghini’s answer to the Ferrari 308, and it came with a 3.5-liter V8 engine, rated at 255hp, a five-speed manual transmission and independent suspension.

Pictured here is the 46th unit that rolled off the line in early 1983, which had four previous custodians until being purchased in 2001 by its fifth owner, a Lamborghini enthusiast who took great care of it. During this period, the Jalpa went through a full restoration, which included finishing its targa top in body color and fitting a radio/cassette player, Carello fog lamps with covers, and baby Vitaloni mirrors.

In 2013, this Jalpa was passed on to its sixth owner, who is now looking to part ways with it, listing it for sale at the Silverstone Auctions event, which takes place on February 23, at the Race Retro International Historic Motorsport Show 2018, at Soneleigh Park, Coventry, UK.

The auction house states that the sports car has 85,500km (53,437 miles) on the clock, and that it’s “eminently driveable”, expecting it to sell for £65,000-£75,000 ($88,090-$101,653).


  • Bo Hanan

    I read that the V8 engine in this car is very reliable when maintained properly.

  • Bash

    Might sell for more if the steering wheel was on the left side.

    • Depends where the car going to. In average RHD car in UK can worth up to 5-10k GBP than the LHD model.

      • Bash

        True, as you said, depends on the market its going to… obviously i was referring to the US market.

        • Ah yeah well the estimate actually would be the same for top condition LHD Jalpa. Sometimes RHD can be a cheaper option for European continent buyer.

  • The price is pretty much for top concours Jalpa, it’s not a bargain but the price is good for this kind of quality.

  • fabri99

    Well, it’s not a steal. Plus, in that price range there are others that will give you a stronger “classic car” feeling. Having said that, it looks very nice and well kept. It’s just not my favourite Lamborghini, I’d much rather have an Urraco, and Espada or a Jarama (or even Maserati’s Bora and Merak).

    • Yeah it’s not a bargain, since this is top condition Jalpa but again owning a rather concours example is better than having non runner.

      And also Bora price is soaring, I remember when they used to be a rather cheap Daytona alternative.

      • fabri99

        That’s true, the Bora is pricey (but damn it’s niiiiice).

        • Yep and totally jewel of Citroen era Maserati, too bad that oil embargo hits and that well let’s just say Maserati factory and Citroen Executive has a lot of cultural differences (I remember story of Maserati plant manager who likes to stole parts and only get busted when Citroen plant bugs in his car as he boast how he fool the french) but what an era!

          • fabri99

            Didn’t know about this, but it was definitely a great time for the car industry!

          • Yeah I can banging about history of Maserati lol, but at least the Citroen era is considered among the best from people who work there, not only that Citroen willing to invest on new model such as Merak and Bora, but they also introduce a unionize worker (admittedly, Orsi is a bit dictator and had a history for late payments) and salary is being paid every month.

            I forgot the Citroen president at that time but he is the one that support Maserati takeover and when the SM were going to be put with Maserati engine and the engine will be cast in France with Citroen stamping, he remarks that it’s the greatest honor a carmaker can have. To house a Maserati engine 🙂


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