PSA Is Already Working On Vehicles For The US, Are Being Developed With Help From Opel

Groupe PSA has plans to return to the United States and the company will lean heavily on Opel engineers who previously helped General Motors bring the Cascada and Insignia to America as Buicks.

Speaking at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, PSA CEO Carlos Tavares revealed the company has a three-pronged plan to return to America. The company kicked off its return early last year with the launch of its Free2Move service in Seattle. Free2Move is a mobility app which allows residents to book various transportation options including offerings from Car2Go, Lime Bike, and Zipcar.

Reuters reports the second phase will involve ride services using vehicles from PSA. This will help to build customer awareness ahead of the third phase which involves selling PSA vehicles to customers in the United States.

The company declined to say which brand will be offered in the United States but PSA North America CEO Larry Dominique has previously said the company has already decided which brand will come to the U.S. and it might not be DS.

Regardless of which brand comes to America, Tavares said its vehicles will be designed with the assistance of Opel engineers because they can “ensure the future products for this market will be fully U.S. compliant” both in terms of regulations and consumer tastes.

Tavares went on to say the cars are already in development but there’s still no word on when they will arrive.

In related news, Tavares said the company will be “100 percent electrified” by 2025 but later clarified his statement by saying an electric or hybrid powertrain will be offered on all models by then. He also said that by 2030, 10 percent of PSA vehicles will be capable of autonomous driving while another 80 percent will be able to drive themselves under certain conditions. This seems to suggest 10 percent of the company’s lineup will have a Level 5 system by 2030 while the others will have a less advanced system which is Level 3 or lower.

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  • WG

    I want the Peugeot 3008 to be in the U.S.

    • dtd

      I want the next gen of Peugeot 508 for the U.S.

    • Shobin Drogan

      If they had to bring 2 models over, it would most likely be the 5008 & 3008.
      I sat in a 3008 and the interior looks like its competing against an xc90 rather than a crv.

  • jfalckt

    So i guess Opel has some uses after all

  • BRING US THE DS NUMERO9, WILD RUBIS, and METROPOLIS concepts please!!!

    • Androuffle

      Enough DS concepts, they need new cars asap ! DS3 is already 8 years old…

  • Socarboy

    And so it begins in essence the first fruit of GM’s sale of Opel to PSA last year. They’re most likely looking at the Buick stuff as a template while production is still in transition. PSA if they will re-enter the NA market will market under a new name

  • Liam Paul

    I think that is smart the way they want to enter the USA

  • jfalckt

    There was a use for Opel after all