The XJR-15 Is The Jaguar Supercar That Has Slipped Under The Radar

Before the Jaguar XJ220 came the XJR-15, and while it doesn’t have a top speed to rival its successor, it holds a special place in the brand’s history.

Unbeknownst to most, the XJR-15 was the first road-going production car to use a carbon fiber monocoque. It was also restricted to just 53 examples worldwide. Now one of those has appeared for sale on DD Classics in Germany.

The listing says that the mid-engine supercar has just 600 miles on the odo and is one of just 25 of the more luxurious ‘street versions’ with air conditioning, leather trim and a five-speed all-synchro transmission.

In 1991, the car was originally exported to Germany and kept in storage for most of the next 17 years until it was imported into the UK with just 250 miles on the odometer. When the UK buyer took ownership, a six-year re-commissioning totaling £98,000 ($133,000) was overseen by Don Law Racing.

Like all other road-going XJR-15’s, it is powered by a naturally-aspirated 6.0-liter V12 engine with Cosworth aluminum pistons, a forged crankshaft and electronically-controlled sequential fuel injection. All up, there is 450 hp on tap, enough to propel the 2315 lbs (1050 kg) to 60 mph (96 km/h) in under four seconds and to a top speed of almost 200 mph (320 km/h).

No asking price has been made public by the seller, but we expect a figure in excess of $500,000.



    I remember this car from Turbo and Oto Moto buble gums, it looked stunning with opened pop-up headlights.

    • europeon

      … and now suddenly I can feel the taste of Turbo gum on my tongue.

  • Six_Tymes

    an awesome piece of history, that inspired so many other designers and manufacturers, and never given credit. the folks at TWR were an amazing group, most if not all retired by now I would think.

    • It’s even worse, TWR has gone bust. And I assume the people that works there is either retired or work at other company.

      On other note the TWR factory in Bloxham is bought by Aston after their bankruptcy (Edit after the JaguarSport joint venture with Ford went bust, TWR bankruptcy comes in 2002) and become assembly place for DB7, when the production ends the factory is sold and now become Vantage Industrial Park named after of course, Aston Martin.

      TWR stock of XJ220 and XJR 15 parts is bought by Don Law Racing (Not sure when but in the end Don Law Racing does acquire a lot of stuff from TWR) and for years they are the only authorized service center for XJ220 since Jaguar refused to provide aftersales service until recently.

      • Mark Hawthorne

        This is factually inaccurate in so many ways. The timeline is TOTALLY incorrect. TWR went bankrupt in 2002. JaguarSport, a joint venture with Ford, was liquidated in 1994 at the end of XJ220 production and the factory sold to Aston Martin for DB7. TWR overstretched itself with it F1 involvement after buying Arrows F1 in 1996. TWR still actively designed and engineered DB7 during its life as well as winning Le Mans twice (1996 and 1997) in the period during which you state it had disappeared.

        • Thank you for the correction, I write that purely with my heads so I don’t listed date and present pretty much the dumb down version.

        • Thank you for the correction, I write that purely with my heads so I don’t listed date and present pretty much a rather crude version.

  • “DD Classics in Germany”

    Okay let me open the site

    “DD Classics, 97-101 North Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4HJ.”


    “DD Classics Ltd. is a registered company in the UK.”

    Seriously guys! I know Mr. Donovan personally and he’ll be annoyed by this.

    • exeptor

      I see where it came from:

      “This particular example is street version, chassis number 044 which was originally exported to Germany in 1991 … “

      • Yeah I notice that too, but still this isn’t the first time the editorial do article from DD Classics showroom. Someone should have know or notice too.

  • Bash

    I remember this stunning one!

  • I love the XJR-15, it’s literally Group C for the road and it has chequered history. Including the XJR-15 Championship that is pretty much chaotic race in an undrivable supercar.

    The culprit is the Bridgestone tires, originally it was meant to Pirelli but Tom Walkinshaw struck a last minute deals with Bridgestone and unfortunately Bridgestone doesn’t have tire mold large enough and they use Countach molds instead! And well even the gigantic wing couldn’t help the handling.

  • Jay

    A 6.0 V12 engine, 2315 lbs, streamlined bodywork that beautifully melts around the driver and an interior with a steering wheel, essential instruments and nothing else. This won’t happen again.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Created for the “Fast Masters” racing series. Think old-timers league. So good looking. Lots of GTP bits and the Cosworth and Walkinshaw provenance make it really something to have.

    • As far as I know, original XJR-15 ideas comes from design study by Peter Stevens for road legal XJR-9. And at the peak of Group C some wealthy customers want their own Group C for roads and TWR cater for that.

      The Intercontinental Challenge is a bit of after thought I think.


    Looks only slightly dated…but still an attractive car overall. The performance numbers while still competitive…aren’t relevant to why you’d buy this sled.I like it.That interior could stand a good restomod.(trolling the purists)

    • Yep you just insult purist lol. But I doubt you can get into it, I once try to get into XJR-15 and it’s really cramp that I can’t get in. You would need a lot of sound insulation and leather cover to redone the interior.

  • Nice car.I love this.It has a fabulous design.

  • BobV12

    I confirm it was unknown from me. You’d need a flying license rather than a driving license, given the interior ^^

    • Yep it’s pretty much race car turn road car.

  • Wyoh

    I confirm it was unknown from me. You’d need a flying license rather than a driving license, given the interior ^^

  • Adi
    • And XJ220 continue the tradition with Rover taillights

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Really nice.

  • SteersUright

    Such a quintessential 90’s shape, still a very interesting piece of automotive history and certainly more interesting than anything Jaguar makes today.

  • Vassilis

    Really cool car.

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