TopCar Planning Aggressive Body Kit For The Lamborghini Urus

It was only a matter of time before various tuners got their hands on the Lamborghini Urus, and TopCar Design is among the very first to indulge in such a project.

You can argue that the Urus is already sufficiently aggressive, especially when it comes to its design. According to Lamborghini, it’s the “2/3 body, 1/3 window” supercar-like ratio that helps the Urus stand out, much like the Aventador or the Huracan.

If, however, you want something even more extreme, then a custom body kit might just be the thing for you.

According to Russian tuner TopCar, these are just preliminary sketches of their Urus body kit, and yet there are a lot of changes all around the car.

For starters, the front end has a more aggressive spoiler with thicker bumper surrounds. Meanwhile, the hood has been redesigned, the wheels are bigger, the side skirts chunkier and both rear spoilers have been modified. A larger rear diffuser is also in place, flanked by two different sets of exhaust tips, and multiple vent surround inserts, which we can only assume are made from carbon fiber.


  • Bash

    Bring it on!

  • donald seymour

    This ironically looks like a tractor. I guess as they say we all come back to that moment in our lives that defines us.

  • TheBelltower

    The details matter. In this case, there are way too many details.

  • I’m not really into tuner but it somehow looks okay to me….