900 HP BMW M3 Is Confident Ahead Of C63 And CTS-V Drag Race

Since the BMW M3 is by definition a super-sports sedan, you can’t really call it a sleeper, can you? However, with 900 horses on tap, this particular E90 model could take just about anyone, and anything, by surprise.

As its first order of business, the M3 took on a stock Cadillac CTS-V, which wasn’t exactly a fair fight since the Caddy had around 250 horses less than the tuned Bimmer.

The real treat came during the second race, when the M3 had to face a GT Performance-tuned Mercedes C63 AMG packing 700 HP.

Over a 1/4 mile, the CTS-V and the M3 were actually pretty close, the real separation occurring around the half mile mark, a distance that always favors vehicles with superior power-to-weight ratios.

As for the tuned C63, it actually put up a good fight up until the end, needing just 11.9 seconds to cover a 1/4 mile and 18.1 for the half mile. Enough to beat the M3? See for yourselves in the video that follows.


  • Bash

    But I would still take the C, instead of giving a chance to somebody to think “here is another D-bag in an m3”

  • Vassilis

    Aren’t 12 secs kind of a lot for a 900hp car?