2018 Peugeot 508 Officially Reveals Its Slick Fastback Bodystyle

It’s no secret that, like all non-premium manufacturers today, Peugeot has had a hard time cracking the sedan segment, as buyers are not just edging, but frantically running towards SUVs and crossovers of all shapes and sizes.

Nonetheless, the French brand is giving it another go with a more dynamic interpretation of its mid-size saloon. This time, the 508 has dropped its predecessor’s traditional boot-lid four-door figure for a sleeker and at the same time, more practical, fastback bodystyle.

Peugeot describes the 2018 508 as combining “a bold new low coupé design with the enhanced practicality of five doors” and calls it “a five-door fastback coupé-saloon”. It says its closest rival is the Audi A5 Sportback.

Whatever you call it, the 508 is now much more stylish and sportier looking mid-size saloon than what we’ve come to expect from Peugeot in recent years. It has a bolder face – even though we’re not sure everyone will appreciate those tear-drop accents, sloping roof, frameless doors and a pinched rear end.

The car’s footprint has been reduced compared to the outgoing model, with the new 508 being 80mm shorter at 4,750mm and lower at just 1,400mm. It rides on a slightly shorter 2,750mm wheelbase. Nevertheless, boot space has increased from 473 liters to 485 liters with the liftback also offering a more practical opening.

According to Peugeot, although the front and rear headroom is “comparable to that offered in the Audi A5 Sportback” with which it shares the same length, “the front elbow room reaches 1,455mm, which is 50mm more than in the Audi. Similarly, the rear legroom is 30mm more generous”.

Peugeot’s new flagship model comes equipped all the advanced driver assistance systems you’d expect from a car these days, including a new night vision system, which is new to the segment and uses an infrared camera with the ability to detect pedestrians at night and in cases of reduced visibility.

The 508 sits on PSA’s EMP2 platform that can be found in numerous models, including the Peugeot 5008 SUV and DS7 Crossback, with Peugeot claiming an average weight reduction of 70 kg or 154 pounds over the previous model. It gets an electric power steering and an adaptation of a multi-link rear axle linked to variable-damping controlled suspension on higher end models.

It will be available with a range of five engines at launch, all driving the front-wheels These include two petrols rated at 180PS (177hp) and 225PS (222hp) for the GT, and three diesels producing 130PS (128hp), 160PS (158hp) and 180PS (176hp). With the exception of the 130PS diesel that can be had with a six-speed manual as well, all other engines are offered exclusively with an eight-speed automatic.

Peugeot said that a plug-in hybrid model will be added to the lineup before the end of the year.

Production of the new 508 will take place at PSA’s Mulhouse plant in France, with sales to begin in September. We’ll have the chance to see the 508 for the first time in the flesh at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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  • WG

    The interior looks great!! It looks as upscale as interiors from luxury automakers.

  • Alter Ego

    That interior is amazing. But the front looks too basic imo.

    • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

      and the back end looks like very similar to the new Audi A7

    • BGM

      That’s the result of EU pedestrian safety design laws. That’s why all EU cars look boxy up front.

  • Bo Hanan

    French Honda Accord? But its attractive. French auto electrics???… Hmmmmm.

    • LeStori

      Better than American manufacture…

  • TedNotTheBear

    Why do I see S550 Mustang in the rear tails…

    Or maybe current Lexus IS

    • 2sfhim

      1969 Peugeot 504 coupé had similar tail lights

    • rodriguez256

      I mentioned that also in another post also. They had them in earlier models, either way they still have a Mustang feel to them since they’re 3+3.

  • Marcin Lewandowski

    A little bit of Accord is all I need,
    a little bit of Civic is what I see,
    a little bit of Lexus here IS,
    a little bit of int makes me your man.

  • Status

    Frameless doors, how I missed you!

  • Zandit75

    Interior – Looks Fantastic
    Rear – Looks Fantastic
    Rear 3/4 – Looks Fantastic
    Side – Looks Fant…….ummm, what’s that?
    Front 3/4 – WTH??
    Front – Is this the same car?? WTF Peugeot??!!!

  • Six Thousand Times

    So, they tell you it’s a 5-door hatch but they don’t show it open.

  • PK

    Peugeot’s design language is on point right now! Would love to see a french car in the US market.

  • AstonMartin

    I like the overall styling. Would make a nice 2-door coupe if their market had demand.

  • UZ

    Apart from the tears running down from the front lights, effectively adding a vertical design element to an otherwise strong horizontal design, this car is beautiful. Inside and out.

  • Front – just no… back to the drawing board
    Interior – looks cool but really too busy
    Wheels – plain awful, all of them

    The rear end is lovely, so much cool tech for the buck, frameless windows (yes!) and I applaud Peugeot for making an effort in this car segment but this could have been so much better.
    Although, we have yet to see its twin, Citroen C5… there’s hope.


    Exterior is better than insignia so does the interior

  • BrucieBruce

    Bravo Peugeot … bravo! Right on target folks. Major upscale interior with so slick exterior. Love it.

  • Sedat GÜNAYDIN

    Looks very nice.

  • TheHake

    The rear end looks really good. Overall a great looking car.

  • R55

    French completely outshine their German counterpart in design, yet no one will buy them (in the UK at least)

  • mikes

    it’s true that the front could have been less conservative, but the overall direction is very good. I’m waiting to see the wagon version. A 300 HP 508 wagon hybrid might just be the perfect choice in this class

  • dtd

    The interior is better than the VW Arteon.

  • dtd

    Dear PSA, Please bring this 508 to the U.S with starting price $30K, you will be successful.

    • dufonrafal .

      Apparently the next generation will be available in NA. It’s in less than a decade 🙂

      • dtd

        They’d better sell it in late 2019 as 2020 MY,anyway, I think they would bring their SUV here first then the sedan later.

    • 2sfhim

      Starting price would be more than $40K since $40K is the price (converted from €) of the current gen.

      • dtd

        You are right. If Peugeot wants to sell it from$40K, they’d better make it 240hp or more.

  • Six Thousand Times


  • Everything else is beautiful except for the Tears.. not my cuppa_tea

  • Taegon Lewis

    I see, a lot of my favorite design elements from previous 500-badged sedans; in, the current 508’s exterior. [Ex. The current 508’s black trimming, in the trunk, is a homage towards; the 1987-1997 405. And, the front fascia, is a homage towards: the 1968 504. Yes, I had help from Wikipedia…]

    And, I love it! Especially, the fang-like/“streaming-tears” LEDs.

    (Interior, though; I don’t care. Especially, the steering wheel; it’s too clunky-looking.)

    Great job, Peugeot!

  • Krisnadi Imam

    Estate please!

  • dtd

    I agree.

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