Audi Q8 Looks Poised To Make BMW X6 Owners Nervous

Audi continues to put the final touches on its edgy Q8 crossover and as these spy shots indicate, BMW X6 owners may soon start regretting their choice of SUV.

First unveiled in concept guise, the Audi Q8 will be slightly longer, wider, and shorter than both the X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. Thanks to this long, low-slung profile, the Q8 looks seriously impressive, especially on the streets of Warsaw, Poland, as snapped by Carscoops reader Marcin Laudan.

As previous spy shots have confirmed, the production-spec Q8 will bear an uncanny resemblance to the concept. Consequently, the front end will be dominated by an expansive grille and a set of sharp headlights that’ll strike fear into other luxury crossovers.

Interestingly, Audi decided to premiere the Q8 Concept with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This package consisted of a 328 hp 3.0-liter TFSI powertrain and an electric motor providing an additional 100 kW and 330 Nm of torque.

At this stage, it remains unclear if this hybrid system will be an option for the production car. Either way, we know that customers will have a selection of petrol and diesel engines at their disposal.

Audi has yet to confirm a launch date for the Q8 but we should definitely see it in the flesh this year.

Hat tip to Marcin Laudan!

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  • Honda NSX-R

    I’d say it’ll make Urus customers nervous too, just look how similar it looks.

    • Miknik

      I have the feeling the two could be a simple case of reskin (like A7 and Bentley Bentyaga), as similar as they look. VAG should be ashamed of that kind of unimaginative reuse of design at this price point. A Seat Ateca(Skoda Karoq is one thing, but at 10 times their price, it’s a different case….

      • I think to say it was the same car or simply a way of reskin is a bit over exaggerated. I keep banging on about this, on how VAG cars feels different in one brand to another. Like Up!/Citigo/Mii. You expect them to be the same but they are different.

        • Miknik

          I’m sorry, but I really can’t tell the up triplets apart much, though in that segment, it’s fine, nearly everyone does it, e.g. Toyota/PSA triplets are reskins as well (even though more extensive, at least the Toyota), or Smart and Renault Twingo;
          However the Bentyaga is in flesh so obviously a reskinned Audi that it hurts (together with the ugly detailing), considering the price you pay that is inexcusable IMO. And this looks exactly like the Urus form the rear (with generally very similar proportions and detailing), and A Lambo should never look like an Audi, but now it will….

          • Well they are essentially the same car, but they drive differently, priced differently and somehow one is more reliable than others (Citigo btw).

            So far journalists think it drives brilliantly and for the design is up for people to choose, and beside we had this argument with Bentley Continental GT, it’s been a great GT and people don’t go around in pitchfork and saying it’s Audi or Porsche. Like from what I see, when it comes to VAG there are extreme prejudice.

          • europeon

            I haven’t driven any of them, but I find it really hard to believe they drive differently. The budget is too tight for such a budget car to fiddle with anything but the outer panels and some interior trim pieces to make significant handling differences.
            As for the reliability differences is even harder to believe such a thing, all three cars being made on the same factory, on the same assembly line, by the same workers.

          • I only ever drive base Up! so I can’t confirm it either, I just read the review by magazine like Autocar and Car. You can actually tuned the suspensions, engine and chassis to create unique dynamics for each cars, that’s they key of VAG success with same platform on multiple cars.

            And for the reliability, It comes straight from Auto Express, for reliability there are a lot of external factors but they do notice that those cars has different attrition rates somehow.

      • europeon

        I think you mean Q7, not A7. It would be great to have a smaller four-door Bentley on the A7 tho.
        But back on the topic, VAG will get away with it, people are too busy picking on a Chrysler-based window switch that FCA decided to put in a Maserati.

    • Bo Hanan

      Nothing new tail lights and 4 rings won’t fix. Bam! New car.

  • Kaisuke971

    Nice big quad exhaust, possibly the SQ8 ?

  • seriously

    wow so it looks like a big Audi Q2, not sure how this makes anyone nervous it just looks like a big standard issue hatchback

  • lagunas3ca

    No, I’m not nervous at all. X6 will have been out for 10 years now this April and will continue dominating performance-wise. However, to be thrilled to see what the Q8 will bring is an understatement. At least BMW and Mercedes can design a coupe style SUV without adding those ugly spoilers that have become so generic looking. I would say the Model X 1-ups both the X6M and GLE 63 S Coupe in terms of aerodynamics as it has the active lower spoiler. Good to see the quad exhaust (looking at you TheHake).


    this one or urus?

    • donald seymour


    • Honda NSX-R


  • Leconte Dave

    Same designer for the Urus?

  • StrangerGP

    but Urus had its debut already, why the camo

  • kenny the pig

    Longer, wider, and shorter?

    • I think they meant “shorter” as in lower height, not as in reduced length, which is correct – blame the English language 😉

      Other than that, to me this Q8 looks just like a bigger Q3.

  • Nordschleife

    The rear end looks the best. It’s like a diet Urus. The Urus without the fluff but the same great taste.

  • KidRed

    It looks great, from what I can make out.

  • Matthew Raworth

    Oooh, this looks dangerously like the Urus. I know they’re practically the same car but the Urus will lose its exclusivity if they look the same.

  • Sebastien

    Another pricey Pontiac Aztek

    Seriously, the BMW X6 is the ugliest vehicle ever created. It’s ‘cool’ only because of has a BMW logo. Stop copying this style.

    • TheHake

      For you maybe. Not for all. I like the X6.

    • DMJ

      That style – that I dont like – sells well in Middle East and Russia. In Europe sells really well to drug dealers, night club owners and football players. So why stop a cash cow?

  • Pat won

    So Toyota was working with BMW for the Supra/Z4 replacements

    Is Toyota now working with Audi for Q8/Venza as well?

  • Timothy Gough

    They think they are clever. VW Group already had this Q8 design and decided to use it to launch the Lamborghini Urus. Now that that is done, they’re now about to bring out the Q8 itself. Re-skinning/re-badging at its finest.

  • “the Audi Q8 will be slightly longer, wider, and shorter than both the X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE” Ha?

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