Citroen Says Its New C5 Will Reinvent The Sedan Segment

Citroen is making some bold claims for the next-generation C5, going as far as saying it will reinvent the sedan segment.

While many automakers are shifting all of their focus to SUVs and crossovers, the French brand believes that any credible auto manufacturer needs to be present in all main sectors of the automotive market. However, in a world where SUVs are currently the vehicles which consumers lust after, a change is definitely needed.

“The classic saloon is nearly dead in Europe,” Citroen’s product director Xavier Peugeot said. “We need to reinvent it and make it as modern and attractive as the SUV segment. We’ll see SUV design ‘codes’ expand to other segments. We try to motivate our designers. If your saloon is classical or traditional, I’m afraid you are in trouble,” he told Top Gear.

One key way which Citroen will overhaul the sedan is with a punchy design that takes inspiration from the head-turning CXperience concept.

“We don’t want to be a niche manufacturer. But we don’t want to be an SUV player only. To be credible you have to do small cars, large cars and SUVs,” Citroen boss Linda Jackson said while acknowledging the declining demand for sedans.

According to Xavier Peugeot, the sedan of the future could make autonomy its selling point, while SUVs remain the popular choice as a traditional family car.

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  • Ilbirs

    Considering that Citroën ditched the hydropneumatic suspension, I’m still trying to figure out how the Double Chevron brand will reinvent the sedan segment. With something that replaces this famed system, will this new C5 be able to:

    1) Vary its ride height by just touching a button or a knob?

    2) Ride on three wheels in case of a tire puncture or, worse, losing a wheel?

    3) Whitstand lateral accelerations that would be expected for supercars instead of a regular passenger car?

    As can be seen, I’m only restricted to what that discontinued suspension was able to do and trying to understand what PSA has to offer that will reinvent the segment. In broader terms, we could also ask if a new C5 will counter the bloating trend that affected all segments. Something smaller than the previous C5 but roomier inside than this, maybe evoking even if a bit those rational dimensions found in the Xantia, would be a very interesting reinvention of the D segment.
    Citroën can surprise us in another way, as it’s expected for the lineup of this brand to be strange and a huge disappointment when a model is too conventional, but I’m guessing that we’ll only have something fancy styled that in practice offers at most the Advanced Comfort pack that we already saw in other models, something that can’t really replace the hydropneumatic suspension and doesn’t offer all that was possible for that. Maybe we’re seeing something like those real estate advertisements that try to convince us that a crappy apartment is a new lifestyle instead of a cramped cubicle with some space saving measures to look a bit less like a cubicle.

    • Six Thousand Times

      An all-electronic system, perhaps?

  • Belthronding Tinuviel

    citroen totally is out of sedan business in Europe,it is highly expected to challange vw group sedans because they can. putting some fancy citroen stuff and make it again seems a good start.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    It’s an original concept. I even like part of it. The truth is nobody will buy that car. Citroen should try to take the place of a brand like Saab, building smart cars with decent performances with market originality but without overdoing in the field of design. They can build cars. But their designs are simply too “original” to be understood by most drivers and its brand is really something for a very niche type of customer.

  • Carenthusiast

    Yes, they might! But will they sell enough to beat the tough competitors out there?

    • They probably won’t but you have to admire that they strive for the impossible.


    I have last gen C5, please Citroen dont make it cactus’ish like all new Citroens, make it like Metropolis with hybrid power train and its gonna be a 💣 in this segment

  • d’Aforde

    Nissan reinvented the sedan with the Maxima and turned it into a monstrosity that looks like a flattened Murano. Manufacturers don’t need to reinvent the sedan. It is what it is: four doors, a hood, and a trunk. What they need to do is give them power and make them fun to drive, and not just in the “sports” versions. They can make an A7 knockoff, too.

    • Cobrajet

      They can “reinvent” it, use RWD again, like Kia is doing with their Stinger.

  • Vassilis

    SUVs need to die forever.

    • no25

      what a stupid comment

      • Vassilis

        Why? They offer absolutely nothing of essence. They aren’t sporty, their predominantly limited off road capabilities are never utilised and you can get the practicality from an estate. People buy them because they’re big and imposing on the road.

  • IFDU

    It seems as though it already started. A few companies have already whipped up the idea of adding the liftback to sedans. BMW 4-series GranCoupe, Buick Regal became liftback, VW Arteon is a liftback and the KIA Stinger is a liftback. The only way to reinvent the segment is to give it the appeal and practicality of an SUV/Crossover and it could sell.

    I see more 4 GC than the sedans and 2 door coupes now almost.

    Will sedans turn into liftbacks?…stay tuned lol.

  • Shtekeris

    CITROEN does seem like a company with lots of creative and cool ideas, but just not something you usually buy. Like, you appreciate the design, but would buy something else.

  • Six_Tymes

    one of the best design teams on the planet

  • And by reinvent the segment do they mean, they expect to sell none of them?

  • Blanka Li

    God-almighty please build this thing and bring it to the states.

  • Six Thousand Times

    First, that concept looks fabulous so they have a good start. And as long as they have given up trying to out-German the Germans…

  • Six Thousand Times

    That’s an old one! I remember Lotus playing with active suspension back in the 1980s. Technology has advanced to the point this ought to be doable on a car the size and cost of a C5/C6 no matter where it sits in PSA’s hierarchy.

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