Looking For A Stylish Compact Estate? Try The Renault Megane Sport Tourer

In Europe, estate cars come in all sizes. You can get them small, compact or mid-size, from premium and non-premium automakers alike.

Take Renault, for example. In most markets, they will even sell you a Clio Estate, though if you need more room you can always opt for the Megane Sport Tourer or the larger Talisman Grandtour.

In this review however, Carbuyer takes an in-depth look at the Megane Sport Tourer, a car they consider to be a very impressive all-rounder, and quite good looking too, if you happen to fancy the 5-door hatchback layout.

Moving past its appearance, the Megane Sport Tourer offers as much as 1,504 liters (53.1 cu.ft) of cargo room if you fold the rear seats. Do that, and Renault claims you’ll have the longest load area in the segment.

The interior is relatively roomy, although two adults will fit better in the rear seat than three, has decent quality materials, and more than decent standard features. The car tested here was the GT Nav version, which features sports seats, GT Line badges and a sporty styling kit, all of which come with a steep price tag, namely £28,000.

Powered by the automaker’s TCe 205 unit, the test car hits 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.4 seconds, although most buyers won’t be needing that much power and might want to consider lesser versions.

  • Bash

    Estates are so much better in so many ways, than Crossovers.


    Now make an RS version of it.

  • Christian Wimmer

    Agreed. This is hot.

    I love the current Renault styling language when it comes to their hatches, sedans and wagons. Their MPVs not so much…

    • Matt

      Their MPV’s have the same styling language though? The Scenic looks fantastic IMO

      • Christian Wimmer

        Yes, but I feel it does not translate that well onto their MPVs. The new Scenic, however, does look decent.

  • Incog Nito

    Dear Renault,
    Instead of putting some unneccessary features to show the megane is very well equipped, try making a proper-working, stable and reacting gearbox. Your EDC sucks!

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