Ford Almost Stuffed A 13-Speed Transmission In The Ranger Raptor

The newly unveiled Ranger Raptor utilizes the same 10-speed automatic gearbox as the F-150 Raptor.

Co-developed with General Motors, the gearbox channels the 210hp (213PS) and 369lb-ft (500Nm) of torque produced by the 2.0-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine to both axles.

However, that wasn’t the brand’s first intention, as according to the Ford Asia Pacific transmission and driveline engineering manager, John Fallu, who spoke to CarAdvice, they looked at different gearboxes, including one with 13 speeds!

“We actually did simulations during the exhaustive testing process for the optimum number of gear ratios for a rear-wheel drive truck of this size and power… we looked at 7 speeds, 9 speeds, all the way up to 12 and 13 speeds, to see if – from a performance perspective and an efficiency perspective – what truly is the optimal design.”

Eventually, the automaker settled for the 10-speed auto, as it meets their refinement and performance benchmarks. Moreover, its gear shifting “isn’t perceptible”, added Fallu. “The torque converter is selected specifically for trying to meet – and improve – the launch performance of the engine, so as to meet customer expectations.”

In other related news, Ford still hasn’t decided whether it will bring the Ranger Raptor to the United States. However, if it finally arrives here, then the 2.0-liter diesel engine powering the international model will most probably be ditched in favor for a gasoline unit.

The most likely candidate appears to be the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, which currently powers the Edge ST, generating 335hp and 380lb-ft (514Nm) of torque.

By comparison, the larger F-150, in Raptor guise, has 450hp and 510lb-ft (691Nm) of torque from a 3.5-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine.

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  • Auto

    13 speed? Why? You can’t fix an 8 speed without replacing it, why do a 13 speed? that will be so expensive to fix!

  • kachuks

    Simulations?? So they don’t actually have a working model of it?

    • brn

      Computer simulation?

  • brn

    Again, whoring headline.

    They didn’t “almost” put a 13 speed in the Raptor. They “looked at” a variety of gears and that variety included a 13 speed. Chances are the 13 speed never stood a chance.

    • john1168

      Also, a 13 speed doesn’t exist so they would have to build a new transmission to accommodate 13 gears, unless the 10 speed is a modular and they can add or subtract gears as they please. Point being, it’ll cost a lot more money to r&d a new transmission on short notice.

  • Bash

    Good they didn’t.

  • flyfish

    Don’t care if they put a 4 to 18 speed auto in it. Are they going to put a 6 speed manual in it, or the non-raptor Ranger or the up coming Bronco?

    • Kagan

      18 speed manual!

      • Benjamin B.

        Only in commercial trucks

    • Benjamin B.

      Ford hasn’t said (or even confirmed) a work truck variant. I hope Ford offers the gasoline 2.5L or even 2L with a 6-speed manual or automatic. Where are all the base trucks/utes at?

  • Matt

    Ford is going to make a killing selling the Raptor grille to regular Ranger owners.

  • Benjamin B.

    Why not use the 2.3T from the Focus RS

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