This Honda NSX Looks Like It Belongs On The Super GT Grid

Though it’s made in the US, the Acura NSX is rightfully claimed as one of its own by the legions of fans in Japan (where it’s sold as a Honda). The owner of this particular example, though, has taken it even further.

Photographed at what looks like Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market (or some other bazaar in Japan), this hybrid supercar looks like it belongs more on the starting grid for the country’s Super GT championship. (Honda does, after all, field several race-spec NSX-GTs in the series’ top GT500 class.)

Despite appearances to the contrary, this is a road-going car – albeit just barely from the looks of it. The supercar features a full Liberty Walk body kit, giving it a wider stance, a meaner demeanor, and enough aero enhancement to make an air force fighter jet blush – especially decked out all in black like this. It’s dropped down to the tarmac on a custom air suspension, and fitted with a set of Forgiato Maglia ECL alloys, similarly blacked out with a matte finish and deep-dish silver rims.

No word on whether there’ve been any enhancements to the powertrain, but then we’re not sure the NSX really needs it. As it is, the car leaves Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, with an advanced 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, coupled to three electric motors and a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission. The sum total of all those motors (gasoline and electric) working in unison is 573 horsepower and 476 lb-ft of torque, delivering a 0-60 time quoted at 3.1 seconds and a top speed in excess of 190 mph.

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  • alexxx


  • Bo Hanan

    I see a big Civic Coupe. It doesn’t look exotic enough.

    • SteersUright

      I know exactly what you mean. From some angles and with regards to much of the NSX’s detailing, I see too much of the same. Overall though, the silhouette is quite stunning. Too bad about the Civic-esque interior, tail-lights, Acura beak, etc… For such a long gestation period, Acura shamefully, really dropped the ball on the little details that should’ve taken this supercar over the top. “Half-ass” should be their new corporate slogan.

  • Bash

    It looks like it belongs to me!

  • Chad L

    it looks really dumb and an insult to the designers

  • Infinite1

    Awesome car

  • Krisnadi Imam

    Aside from the squashed looks of it… damn… kinda hot… should have left the factory looking like this instead.

    Call it Acura Type R ( the R stands for Rice )

    Real rice from the rice cooker.

    • Ehhhh… maybe if you are 12 years old.

      And idk why you even used the ricer term. It’s degrading you know.

      • Krisnadi Imam

        Some ppl likes the over the top designs tho. Some ppl thinks ricer style are cool as well.

        What im try to say is if they want to do something then do it all the way, if they want to go all out gundam style, then so be it, if they want all flowing n organic, then sure.

        But please dont do try to please everyone, because its not going to happen.

        Hey, even veneno sells, then who are we to judge?

        Im sure if acura made the NSX that way, some ppl will definitely hate its looks, some will definitely finding it to their liking, someone might not even care about how it looks. But no one will call acura a coward for not sticking to their ideals whatever it may be.

        at least the nsx will have a coherent styling… the current one seems to reflects how the designer, engineers, accountant and feminist have been battling over it.

        Btw, ricer is not degrading term IMHO, just like rat or squashed its just a term for a style. if there is connotation associated with that, lets just say i’m not aware of it.

        • Well I’m just stating my opinion, people says something, other people reply. You seems offended by it though.

          And well need to check up on that, ricer IS derogatory term. It start it out as a racial slur to Asian American but in car world refers to fast and furious wanna be who drives their car as if in the movie.

          And the style that you meant is called Slammed, idk why you even get the ricer as a modification style. And as I said in terms of style, ricer is derogatory as well, it refers to import car that is modified in terms of look cheaply with big wings, sticker but zero in engine.

  • Well it does feel like GT500 cars, but really not my cup of tea.

    And didn’t Tsukiji got closed down already?

  • Oh good, because believe me I didn’t mean to attack you, and well when I say unless you are 12 years old. Doesn’t mean I literally said you were. It’s a common phrase in here, like the type of cars that certain age would like.

    And it doesn’t mean you are childish, and definitely not judging character, I think it’s more cultural differences regarding internet language.

    And also about ricer, no it’s totally wrong conception, ricer is derogatory, I advice you to drop the usage, my mates in RX club would be pissed off if they heard you using that words.

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