Ram’s Super Bowl Ads Featured Martin Luther King Jr And Vikings

Well, the Super Bowl is over and beyond the game itself and an energetic performance by Justin Timberlake, dozens of corporations produced a wide variety of commercials that aired during the telecast.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles produced five commercials for this year’s Super Bowl, two of which were aimed at promoting Ram Trucks, in particular the new 1500.

The first, entitled ‘Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | Built to Serve’, has already caused some controversy. The advertisement features voiceover from Martin Luther King, Jr’s ‘The Drum Major Instinct’ sermon. Unsurprisingly, many aren’t pleased Ram has used this text as a way to sell its vehicles, with the scrolling through various U.S. heroes, from firefighters, football players, and teachers.

A quick look at the comments section reveals all you need to know about what people think of the commercial.

As for the second, it’s dubbed ‘Icelandic Vikings | We Will Rock You’, and depicts a hoard of Vikings using a Ram 1500 to drive through a desolate tundra and tow a huge Viking ship. This commercial isn’t controversial like the first and perhaps more likely to actually sell a few trucks.

Did you tune into this year’s Super Bowl? What was your favorite commercial?


  • Michael Smith

    This is proof on just how easily people nowadays get offended. It is a motivational speech for which is meant to uplift people and unite people. If you are calling this racial then maybe you need to take a deeper look into your soul.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      Or maybe you don’t understand what he stood for and who he fought for. People like you didn’t need people to fight for them just to be legally deemed a human being. To you he made nice speeches. But for people like me fought for my future and child’s future so to see one of his speeches wasted on a truck commercial that has nothing to do with anything is absurd and distasteful. Be happy that you’ll never understand.

      • brn

        “People like you”. What do you mean exactly? Slavery still exists in the world today. There are more white slaves than black slaves. The word “slave” came from “Slav”, which was short for Slavic, white slaves.

        Enough with the “people like you” and “people like me” garbage. Let’s look forward together and make this world a better place. It’s what MLK would have wanted.

        • Stigasawuswrecks

          Where did these white slaves come from and where were they in America? I don’t remember segregation and Jim Crow laws against whites. And the term slave existed for thousthou of years.

  • Six_Tymes

    Martin Luther King J, he is so missed. As far as Vikings go, they were murderers who plundered at will. Pretty much the complete opposite of what Martin Luther King J stood for.

    just imagine how many marketing meetings, and the many people involved to produce this, who is the ad agency I wonder that thought of this trash.

  • Six Thousand Times

    In poor taste, I thought.

    • Six_Tymes

      yep, it sure was.

  • TheBelltower

    All that, just to sell some ugly tractors.

  • SgtBeavis

    The Vikings ad was pretty damn funny. However the MLK ad tells me that FCA’s marketing team is totally tone deaf to society. It’s not wrong to use one of MLK’s sermons, especially one that powerful, but the product placement and the end message just seemed crass and exploitative of the message to me. I think just a few changes could change my mind on that but it’s a missed opportunity.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I think it’s good for Dr. King’s voice to be put on an ad that millions of people will see, and therefore hear. I promise you that the average person, myself included, would not have spent our time looking for and listening to this speech if it wasn’t put front and center on an ad. I only wish for more uniting ads like this, not less.

  • Michelin

    Next time message, instead vikings, FCA could recalls Cristoforo Colombo and America discovery …. or Amerigo Vespucci, to rimember two cores of company.

  • Pat

    Compared to all the other commercials that commemorated the 50th anniversary of MLK’s speech, it was the best

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      It was terrible and completely lost what MLK and others fought for.

      • MarketAndChurch

        While we’re currently a divided nation, Dr. King would be proud of an united America. That’s kind of what this ad is trying to do, to commemorate a sense of peoplehood and unity, celebrating values we all share as a people. You forget that he was a Christian pastor, this is a beautiful sermon that shouldn’t be off limits just because you want to keep Dr. King a political tool.

        • Stigasawuswrecks

          And you may have forgotten or have never heard of the MLK that spoke out against white supremacy and its unjust capitalistic society.

  • kachuks

    This begs the question… what else offended the snowflake’s this SB?

    We now need to keep track of these things during any and all major media or civic events.

    • Enter Ranting

      You strike me as the kind of person who DOESN’T keep track of what offends people.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Beautiful. I prefer Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge ads, they usually do a good job of giving the product they’re selling an American soul.

  • Anthony James

    I think it’s a bit tone deaf to use MLK, being synonymous with liberation of slaves to then end with the message “built to serve”. Are they insinuating that this truck is like a slave? It’s not about being offended or being a “snowflake” but instead the question is: Why did they play in this grey area when the message is so unclear?

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