2018 Jeep Wrangler Gets A Quick Overview By Consumer Reports

Having been in production with minor changes since 2006, the Jeep Wrangler needed a replacement badly, so FCA launched a new generation earlier this year.

And they seemed to have received the message when it comes to its exterior design: keep its boxy shape and modernize it throughout. So, as a result, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler is all-new, but retains its classic styling that made it famous.

Inside, things look a lot more modern than before, not only in design, but in tech features, including the infotainment system. Most buttons are easy to operate, but the center-positioned window switches are a pain, as the driver needs to stretch to reach them. On the positive side, the seats are wide and accommodating, and the cargo space is adequate.

Consumer Reports recently bought their own Wrangler, a Sahara model, powered by the 285hp 3.6-liter V6 engine, which works together with an eight-speed automatic transmission, and they took it out and revealed their first impressions.

As expected, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler is very potent off the beaten path, but not that pleasant to live with on the road. Moreover, the wind noise coming into the cabin on the highway is said to be “overwhelming” and the ride is quite stiff.

CR promises to come back with more on the SUV once they start putting miles on it, but for now,  see what else they had to say about it in the video that follows.


  • Vanishing Boy

    So what do CR wants in a Wrangler!? A CUV with a Prius drivetrain!? GOD!

    • khc

      They’re not saying what they want in a Wrangler. As always, they’re simply warning those who don’t truly intend to take it off-road that they may be happier with a more typical CUV/SUV. It shouldn’t be that difficult to understand (unless you’re highly-biased against the publication).

      • BGM

        Exactly and I for one I’m thankful. I’ve caught myself looking at the Wrangler as a possible future purchase. However, the wind and road noise bit is something I’m not willing to live with and thanks to this video now I know!

    • Mr Mister

      Actually that would’ve been a very interesting way to update the Wrangler. Electric motors and regenerative braking would be great for quite a few off roading styles. Quietly driving along in nature enjoying scenic views would be great.

      It’d be expensive, but a modern Land Rover Defender with the Jaguar C-X75 concept drivetrain would make for an incredible off roader. Make the canopy with integrated solar panels, and a pop up tent (with a special HVAC tube so you can get A/C or heat) and camp in luxury. Include some camera mounts (maybe even a telescope so you can get some great star gazing away from light pollution), integrate a spotlight that could double as a projector. Maybe they could serve as mobile production office for movies and documentaries (think BBC, Nat Geo, for nature stuff). And let rich people buy them for playthings. Maybe lease them so they can get R&D data in exchange for cheaper access for independent content creators can afford to use them.

  • Dr Strangefingger

    After everything that’s been revealed about CR, does anyone really respect their opinion?

    • Vanishing Boy

      CR can be taken as an alternative source to fan forums on vehicles too boring to establish its own fanbase. All of their data comes from their subscribers. And their lab testing is pretty neat!

      • Dr Strangefingger

        I strongly disagree. Perhaps do some research on CR’s past methods and you’ll question all things CR as I do. It’s not opinion, rather fact. They have yet to regain even a modicum of my respect.

        There’s nothing NEAT about those scumbags.

        • Bash

          Would you tell me more about those facts? or guide me to a link or an article about that, i would like to know more about that.

        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          Scumbags? What?

          They literally purchase all of their vehicles with their own money, user surveys are statistically sound research data, some of their drivers actually enjoy fun cars, they give good advice.

          How are they scumbags???

  • Mr Hahn

    The JL is a massive improvement over the outdated JK. Not sure what CR is smoking.

    • Mr Mister

      I didn’t notice them disputing that in the video, its just they still find it to be lacking in everyday use compared to other modern SUVs built without the extra baggage that tailoring to Wrangler fans comes with.

    • FoxJ30

      That’s like saying that the Queen Mary 2 is a massive improvement over the Titanic – sure, it’s much more comfortable and safer, but it doesn’t change the fact that for the vast majority of people, flying to England will be a much more practical choice.

      The Wrangler is great at what it’s designed to do – and that isn’t cruising on the highway for hours on end.

  • SteersUright

    CR has a knack for finding and placing the least charismatic human beings on earth as their presenters.

  • Craig

    My 83 year old mom thinks the noise is ‘overwhelming’ too. The Jeep Wrangler just isn’t made for some people.

  • Wayne

    Hmm. WW2 Jeep with a 2018 price tag. Incredible that everyone still wants one of these. I had a 2017 model and could not wait to get out of it!!

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