2018 Mazda6 Priced From $21,950 In The U.S., 250HP Turbo Starts At $29,200

Set to go on sale next month across the nation, the facelifted Mazda6 sedan has an MSRP of $21,950, or just $5 more than the previous iteration.

Standard gear includes dual-zone climate control, keyless entry & go, infotainment system, Bluetooth, reversing camera, cruise control and six-speaker audio system. Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Smart city Brake Support, LED lighting units on both ends and 17-inch alloy wheels, are offered at no extra cost, too.

The 2018 Mazda6 can be specced furthermore with the i-ActivSense package, on the six-speed automatic transmission versions, which costs $625. This adds adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, lane-departure warning, dusk-sensing headlights and automatic windshield wipers.

Priced from $25,700, the updated Mazda6 Touring benefits from all of the features of the four-door Sport, to which it adds 19-inch wheels, leatherette seating surfaces, six-way power-driver’s seat, heated front seats, power moonroof and the six-speed automatic gearbox.

The Grand Touring grade can be had from $29,200 and brings Bose sound system, SiriusXM satellite radio, navigation system, auto-dimming interior and side mirrors, heated side mirrors and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Leather-trimmed seats with electric adjustment at the front, heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, ventilated front seats, rear lip spoiler, different wheels and others are offered as standard on the Grand Touring Reserve. This has a starting price of $31,700.

The most expensive model is the Signature, which adds Nappa leather, wood accents, seven-inch TFT, 360-degree camera system, frameless rearview mirror and gunmetal-colored grille.

Depending on the selected model, two engines power the 2018 Mazda6. The first one is a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter unit, with 187hp (190PS) and 186lb-ft (252Nm) of torque, and the second one, fitted on Gran Touring versions, is a new turbocharged 2.5-liter with up to 250hp (254PS) and 310lb-ft (420Nm) of torque on premium fuel.

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  • Harry_Wild

    Mazda finally gave it up and put a turbo 2.5L into their top level models. Mazda6 Signature is a bargain for only $35K! Will have to stop by my local Mazda for a test drive in June? I think the japanese like to roll out their trim and engine model in stages now! Mazda6 Signature will be the last model to be release.

    • Bullitt2605

      I really like the 6, I test drove one a few years ago. It is a bit cramped in the back seat but it’s one of the best looking sedans out there.

      • Christian

        ” It is a bit cramped in the back seat ” That is so American to say, isn’t it?

        • SteersUright

          Thinking you’re better than everyone is so European, isnt it?

          • Christian

            Thinking? Smh. We know. :O*)

          • Bullitt2605

            Go back to your tide pods.

        • JBM0866

          Only if people in other countries are short, or don’t have legs at all. “Cramped” doesn’t always have to mean elbow room..leg/headroom is a pretty universal thing if you’re human. Come to think of it, I’m not sure people outside the U.S. qualify as such. Hmm..

    • Christian

      no….AND in return we don’t get the 2,5 Turbo…Still stuck with the 2,5 sucking sucking air engine…

  • Kyle Newberry

    Wow, that’s actually cheaper than I was expecting for the turbo!

    • brn

      But more expensive than the competition.

  • Leconte Dave

    If only it was rwd with a awd option 🙁

    • Kyle Newberry

      I’d say give a year or two.

      • Rocket

        RWD 6? Never gonna happen.

        • Kyle Newberry

          It might. If they continue to move upstream like Volvo. They could do a RWD option.

          • Rocket

            They don’t have a platform, and neither does Toyota, their closest partner. They made a huge investment in the modular transverse architecture. They couldn’t afford to start from scratch even if they wanted to.

          • Kyle Newberry

            I think the AWD will happen in a year or two. After it comes to the new 3? (A 2.5T AWD 3 Hatch, sign me up!)

            I think it wouldn’t be that difficult to put it on the Supra platform, or simply modify the existing Miata platform. Remember the RX8 was built on a modified Miata platform. I still know it is a longshot, but of all the auto manufactures Mazda is the one who usually comes up with those surprises.

            Although, I am of the belief that making the majority of cars FWD has made our population worst drivers in the US.

          • Obsequious Lickspittle

            Who exactly, is your population?

          • Rocket

            The RX-8 was small — far shorter and narrower than the 6.

            The Supra platform isn’t Toyota’s to donate. Mazda will need to take that up with BMW.

          • Kyle Newberry

            It was co-developed. They don’t need permission to share anymore than they need Subaru’s to share the 86. And as JBM said, they already have multiple Lexus chassis to use.

          • Rocket

            No, it wasn’t. It was styled by Toyota, but engineered by BMW. And again, there is no way Toyota will allow Mazda to use a RWD Lexus platform to compete against the Camry. But more to the point, Mazda has expressed no interest in converting any of their volume models to RWD. They’re struggling to move cars as it is. Increasing costs while decreasing both passenger space and efficiency is not a recipe for increasing profits.

          • Craiggger

            Look for mazda to join up with alfa for a larger sports car chassis.

          • JBM0866

            Toyota certainly does have RWD platforms, (they’re called Lexus and/or the 86) but I doubt they make a RWD car for us plebs who don’t want a small sports car or overpriced luxury brand with a predator face.

          • JBM0866

            Only if they engineer a new platform, pretty sure Mazda abandoned RWD back in the 90’s..

  • Kagan

    It starts at 40000$ in eu!

    • Christian

      you can’t get the engine in Europe ???Did you vote for britexit too?

      • Kagan

        Go to sleep you snowed in ameri.

    • Jason Panamera

      A ye. It’s crazy price, dunno why so high.

      • Kagan

        We are robbed!

  • Harry Nimmergut

    Being a Sirius XM admitted junkie (hey, the car mfrs got me hooked), I would NEVER consider any Mazda. While most mfrs make you step up one level from base to get SXM, Mazda consistently makes you go to the top, or one level below. No thanks.

    • Kyle Newberry

      I literally don’t know why XM is so “amazing”. We had it on our Direct TV in the upper 900’s and used while cleaning. Rather just listen to Sports Radio. or Spotify. I just find all the music stations to be not that better than normal radio stations. Plus, most all of the radio stations today have the ability to listen online anywhere through an app or website from your phone.

      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        The only people I know who still use Sirius are of 50+ Boomer age.

        The sound quality is absolute shit since it is so compressed, we’re talking lower than 64kbps. It can make even the best system sound terrible. You can stream whatever you want from your smartphone to your vehicle, you’re already paying for data, and the quality is much higher.

        There is literally no point to have Sirius anymore.

    • JBM0866

      Exact opposite for me. I like the idea of satellite radio and gladly take the 2-3 month trial that comes with a new car, but no way I’m paying for the horribly compressed, tinny sound sat radio makes. Guess it would be good if you’re a traveling salesman or retired to full time RV’ing or something, but otherwise, thanks but no thanks.

      • brn

        Agreed. The sound quality of satellite radio borders on the offensive. Even though there are tons of channels, the variety is disappointing as well. I’m glad that Harry likes it, but it’s not for me.

        It’s also odd that you need to option out a Mazda to get it. For many other brands, it’s on the base models.

  • willhaven

    That rear-end is so….bland.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      I think it’s got a mighty-fine ass.

  • Blanka Li

    Gawdammit bring back the wagon!

    • willhaven

      Wagon looks better than the sedan. I’d love to get my hands on one.

  • Nordschleife

    Proud of Mazda for continually updating the car and keeping the turbo reasonable.

  • Sean

    Android Auto? Apple Carplay? I love my 2016 Mazda 6 but hate the fact I was told Android Auto would be available in 2017, and I’m still waiting.

  • DarkMarmot

    Gonna have to wait another year to trade my ’14 6 till they offer A DAMN 6 SPEED MANUAL, WITH THE TURBO! What the hell. I suppose they need to design a new transmission to handle 300lbs of torque but why wouldn’t you coincide that with the turbo release. Ughhh. Do it, and take my money already!

  • Joe E

    It was very “Old GM” of Mazda to release this generation of Mazda6 basically half-baked, then adding options, new engines, and refinements to get it to a great place….just as it approaches the end of its lifecycle. Imagine if it debuted in this form — I think it would have made much more of a splash.

    • Nordschleife

      I agree with you but I also feel that they may not have had the money to do these thing in the beginning that is why i applaud them for the continual updates vs. waiting until the next car to add them.

  • SteersUright

    Was beautiful when it first came out, now the Mazda 6 is just a handsome older looking sedan. Needs major styling updates, especially in the lighting and in the rear in particular as well as some interior tech updates to be truly current and competitive. Just look at all the tech inside the new Accord, along with its massive infotainment screens.

    Lastly, really hopeful that the chassis dynamics were seriously tweaked to keep up with the new 250hp engine, providing this engine proves to be halfway decent in this “sports” sedan. If its reasonably powerful and handles really well, at $35k it will truly be a standout in the marketplace. I’d like to have seen the highest performance version get some enhance bodywork and much nicer and more serious looking wheels, but that just me nitpicking.

  • JBM0866

    Well it’s about damn time Mazda added an engine choice with a little grunt! I don’t know how they expected to fully compete with Honda and Toyota which offer either a V6 or blown 4cyl. Of course most Camry sales will be a naturally aspirated inline 4, but even Honda’s base 1.5l turbo provides more torque than Mazda’s top end non turbo 2.5. I really want to see this 250hp turbo in the Mazda 3 as well…with a manual. Oh, and when is the 6 wagon going on sale?

  • Karl

    Thank you Mazda for designing such an elegant car. The interior is quite simple yet refreshing at once. Mazda is indeed the new king of cool..

  • alexxx

    It’s a bargain…


  • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

    Extremly cheap, the 250 hp are cheaper than a 105 hp mazda 3 in norway :-O

  • Six_Tymes


  • Six_Tymes

    Oh how I wish they sold the wagon in the US. BUT i’m sure it wouldn’t sell. Since the Suv craze is still in full swing.

  • Vassilis

    Ahhh it should have been a 2.0 litre.

  • Bill Nguyen

    Does it still ride stiff as a board? Wish there was more info about suspension tuning.. Mazdas have gotten a bit softer with the CX-5 and CX-9, I wonder if the 6 has a new suspension setup?

  • Craiggger

    Handles like a heavy 6. I quite enjoy pushing it

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