2019 Volkswagen Touareg Gets Dual-Screen Layout And More Tech Than Ever

Volkswagen has provided yet another glimpse into the new generation Touareg, which will be unveiled next month in China, and go on sale in June.

Taken around the Spanish town of Saragossa, the images reveal the SUV’s interior for the first time, and as promised, it gets digital instrumentation, 12-inches in size. The unit, which will provide drivers with all the necessary information right in front of them, is joined by a 15-inch display for the infotainment system and air conditioning control.

Both of them “are integrated into the instrument panel and appear as one surface“, as the automaker explains.

These latest teasers also reveal a dashboard inspired by the Arteon, ambient lighting, electrically operated seats with memory function, and several driving modes likely accessible via one of the two rotary dials (or perhaps both). Volkswagen says that the new Touareg also features “real wood and aluminum-applications” to enhance its luxury feeling.

Engineers tested the pre-series vehicles for a grand total of more than three million kilometers (1,864,000 miles) so far, in cold and hot regions, and have compared the SUV’s ability to steer “around extremely narrow bends” to that of “a Golf“.

This achievement comes courtesy of “a new stabilizing system” as well as rear-axle steering, which allows the rear wheels to turn in the opposite direction to the front ones at speeds under 37km/h (23mph). This also reduces the turning radius from the current model’s 12.20m (40.03ft) to 11.13m (35.51ft).

North American buyers won’t be getting the 2019 Volkswagen Touareg, and will have to settle for the more affordable Atlas. It also appears that the new SUV won’t go on sale in Japan either.

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  • Not offering this in the US is a massive fail by VW…

    • Andrewthecarguy

      I was thinking the same thing, but then again, I think the Atlas is more ‘car’ for the money and more suite to NA buyers: bigger sized and perfect for our needs. The Touareg is very European and does not get the love it deserves in America. Also, the Atlas is selling like HOT CAKES thus far, and hard to argue with value-wise.

      • Moveon Libtards

        Atlas is boring as hell. Wont outsell Jeep, Ford or GM SUVs ever.

      • Cobrajet

        Bigger except for the engines.

    • pjl35

      That’s what the Q7 is for. The Touareg was never a sales success here in the U.S. Not selling it here is actually a SMART move by VW.

      • According to the business journal, Automotive News Europe, 20% of previous generation Touareg sales were in the US…and they sold 500,000 of these things in total during its production run…so that argument is kinda silly…

        • pjl35

          which means 80% was elsewhere. once again, there is no need for such brand overlap when VW is meant to compete here with the mainstream brands, not luxury names.

          • Assuming margins between $5K – $10K per vehicle (typical for vehicles in this class), you are saying that $500 Million – $1 Billion in profits is nothing? That’s rich…

          • pjl35

            well clearly they’ve decided there is no business case for it here…so whine and cry about it all you want, but you’re out of luck.

          • We shall see…VAG constantly misjudges the US market…case-in-point, U.S. LWB, 7- Seat Tiguan <—answer to a question no one asked…

          • pjl35

            lol the only version of the Tiguan sold in the US is the LWB because the regular wheelbase was too small, just like the previous generation which was consistently criticized for its lack of space. so your point is…what?

          • If you have been keeping up with the news VW is already discounting the prices to move product…I can see why, the Honda CRV is running rings around it.

          • pjl35

            so your answer is for them to sell an overpriced crossover that starts at 50K? you just said they’re discounting to move product; which provides justification for NOT selling the next gen Touareg here.

          • To repeat and going back to my original point…VW continually misjudges the US market…there is a record of this…hint—>low sales…

          • pjl35

            you’re entirely proving my point. an example of them “continually” misjudging the US market is selling the Touareg here, just as it is an example of their record of law sales…hence the introduction of the Atlas to actually compete with the brands that VW is meant to compete with instead of going up against luxury marques which is Audi’s job. you probably want the Phaeton back too. keep talking in circles; there’s no way i can argue with stupid. Touareg isn’t coming; you’re screaming into a void and no one is listening.

          • I will say 2 words…US Passat…yeah there was no doubt Atlas will sell, even Mitsubishi’s new SUV is selling well…the question is, with the competition so stiff in these segments, how long will it last?…US Passat sold well initially, then fell off the cliff very rapidly…

          • Galaxium

            You’re a guy who thinks that he knows better than the executives at VW.

            The Touareg didn’t sell well. It had a premium price to it, and was still considered against non-luxury SUVs. You can stop trying to argue that the Touareg is for the US now.

          • pjl35

            The Touareg isn’t coming to the US. Fact. So you can say all you want, but that’s the truth of the matter.

    • Cobrajet

      Why can’t the Atlas just have been a lwb 3 row Toureag. Just like how the Mercedes GLS is to the GLE.

  • Bob

    AKA the new Audi Q7 AKA the new Bentley Bentayga.

  • Bob

    Honestly, I’m all for hiring people of various intellects but is VW management all functionally retarded? If they won’t send the US this but they’re happy to send crap like the US Spec Passat and the stupid Atlas, oh, and diesels designed to pollute of course, then they should leave the U.S. market.

    • Sébastien

      They mostly send what each market demands… cheap.

      • Moveon Libtards

        Except the U.S. is not demanding the Atlas. And how many Passats sold in the U.S. last year? Now look at the competitor sales same class.

        Enough said.

      • I guess that’s why M-B, BMW, Audi, Range Rover, Bentley, etc., sell tons of their SUVs here…/s

        • pjl35

          None of those brands compete with VW. VW competes with mainstream brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, etc.

        • Galaxium

          Nobody cross-shops between a VW and other European luxury brands in the US.

          Do you not know how the Phaeton went in the US?

          • Apple’s and Oranges…VW sold approximately 5K Phaetons vs 100K Touaregs…

          • Galaxium

            Nobody cross-shops between a Mercedes S-Class and VW Phaeton. That is why in the US, the S-Class has sold nearly 16,000 units for 2017 only.

            Nobody buys the VW Touareg. Nobody cross-shops that with any other luxury SUV. Yes, they sold a little over 100k units since 2003. That’s barely any sales on a yearly basis.

            Do you know how many units the BMW X5 sold? For the past 4 years, they’ve been selling around 50,000 units every year.

            Stop trying to argue. Nobody wants to buy the Touareg in the US because it’s a Volkswagen.

          • You prove my point. For VW US, 100K is a lot of sales for such a high-priced model…Total cars they sell in the US market represent less than 1% of all vehicles sold in the US…like I continue to say, VAG continually misunderstand the US market and the hideous looking Atlas won’t save them, if they continue to give us garbage…their U.S. Passat didn’t save them and neither will the new Tiguan…perhaps if they came out with these models 2 years ago, sure, but the competition has moved on…go to Edmunds and see the owner reviews of the new US Tiguan…it will be very enlightening for you…it’s the same ole VW dumping low quality products in America and think we are foolish to buy…

          • Galaxium

            Do you still not understand that consumers do not want luxury SUV prices for a Volkswagen?

            The VW Atlas has already sold around 30,000 units last year. They’re doing very well. It isn’t because VW is “misunderstanding” the market. The market rejected the Touareg.

            Every auto magazine listed “High starting price for a nonluxury brand” as a huge negative for the Touareg.

            The Acura MDX and Lexus RX, which come from luxury brands, were less expensive than the Touareg.

            Stop trying to argue.

          • Based on VW annual sales, they are a niche player in the US…30K sales…haha…wait until these unfortunate souls have the “VW Experience”…go to Edmunds and see the very negative reviews on dealer experience and serious quality issues on the US Tiguan…it’s worse than FCA…and their low quality is also affecting their Audi brand as well…

    • pjl35

      They aren’t selling it here for a reason. First being that it was never a big seller here.

      • Rocket

        It’s never been a big seller here because it’s always been overpriced here. Even the 2018 dinosaur has a higher starting price than the 3-row Q7. How does that make any sense?

        • Sébastien

          Maybe they sell you the q7 at loss, someting about making up for an image issue possibly

          • Rocket

            Audi has been steadily gaining marketshare for years. They don’t need to sell anything at a loss.

          • Sébastien

            Unless you’re the leader, selling at loss is actual how to gain marketshare

          • Rocket

            A stripper entry level model can be a loss leader, not a $50k SUV.

          • Sébastien

            If you price your great product at 50 while core or the market is at +60… Yes you might become leader

          • Rocket

            The Q7 isn’t underpriced, the Touareg is overpriced. Period.

    • Rocket

      VW does it because they don’t believe Americans are sophisticated enough for the good stuff.

  • Bash


  • Moveon Libtards

    Interior is just too plasticky for me. Dont like the feel when sitting in one.

  • There are some places in the US where driving an M-B, BMW, Audi or Range Rover SUV would be frowned upon, so for many, driving a Touareg would not raise those frowns…where I live, I see just as many Touaregs as Range Rovers…a few people I know that own them have a higher level of education, income and are car enthusiasts…

    • TrevP

      Completely agree. I have 3 people on my street that have one. Great cars. Quite popular in SLC, UT. I am not sure about the rest of the U.S, but they are everywhere here.

  • Karl

    Nothing special to see here folks as Volkswagen continues its relentless pursuit of boring design.

  • pjl35

    They tease the interior with a dual screen layout…in a pic that prevents you from seeing any of the screens? What geniuses…

  • TrevP

    Just bring it over to the U.S.

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