Cupra e-Racer Is The World’s First EV Touring Car

SEAT’s recently launched Cupra performance brand has its eyes on the future of motorsport with this concept car, simply called e-Racer.

Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show, its name basically speaks for itself: it’s a fully electric racer, with 408PS (402hp) continuous power, and a peak of up to 680PS (670hp).

Presented by SEAT’s head honcho Luca de Meo in a video conference, the new Cupra e-Racer is described as “a true motorsport car” and “the first 100 percent electric racing touring car in the world”.

The zero-emission racer appears to build upon the Leon Cupra TCR, to which it adds massive front and rear bumpers, new hood and grille, wide fenders, and a gigantic rear wing. The whole concept is finished in white, features several carbon fiber parts, and sits on new wheels.

And since it’s aimed at motorsport, zooming in on the two images released by SEAT reveals a roll cage inside, likely joined by a stripped out interior and a bucket seat on the driver’s side, to keep the weight as low as possible.

In Geneva, the Cupra e-Racer will sit alongside other premieres from the Cupra brand, including the new Cupra Ateca, with its 300PS (296hp), AWD, and 7-speed DSG gearbox. The Leon R ST, which uses the same powertrain as the compact SUV, will also be present at the event, alongside the 5-door Leon FR that debuts the 1.5-liter TSI engine, with 150PS (148hp).

SEAT will also premiere their new Digital Cockpit, soon to be launched on the Cupra Ateca, Leon Cupra R ST, Leon FR, and Arona, and will remind visitors that they will be the first automaker to integrate the Shazam music-recognition service into its cars.


  • Six_Tymes

    very cool

  • Hoe

    When will VW give Seat the freedom it gave to other VAG brands?
    It could perfectly complement Audi and Porsche in the lower part of the market, like a sportier Suzuki

    • Where have you been? Seat is always considered as bargain VAG. The old Leon Cupra is like poor man’s GTI. But now they are equally as expensive as Golf so I felt they kinda lost the way.

      • Hoe

        Sharing panels to cut development costs is what you call freedom?
        Leon Cupra as expensive as Golf GTI, where exactly in the universe?

        • Sharing panels? you mean platform? it’s a common things, and it’s not like you have the same rebadged products. Each brand in VW is distinct.

          Where exactly have you been mate? Just grab a copy of Autocar and compare the price to yourself…

          • Hoe

            Sharing panels means sharing panels, why do you talk about platforms?
            Go out to the real world to showrooms, forget about the media.

          • I don’t see the problem with it? Cars shares parts.

            And you talk about going to real showrooms when you confused about how much Leon are priced?

          • Hoe

            Listen one thing, I do not want to sound stupid, nobody cares where you see problems. Seat has never been given the freedom to develop a consistent range of models, being the most limited brand of VAG.
            For sure I am confused, you must be the cleverest in your country or something..

            Now do not reply to me as your first did and let people express their thoughts (as long as they do not offend). The world is free and big dude

          • “Consistent range of models” define that please? Look at Seat line up, beside occasional venture such as Exeo and Mii, their range has been consistent, and now they venture to SUV and look at the sales figure. It’s rising. So yeah you just say “oh VAG don’t give them freedom” freedom to do what exactly? at least if you want to make an argument. You put it through rather than leave breadcrumbs.

            And yeah this is how the world works, you make a voice, you explain to people and others put up their arguments, and I’m not the one who start it, you’re the one that telling me to go back to showroom.

        • Vassilis

          All VAG brands share components mate, that doesn’t say much. The freedom is that the Leon Cupra is quicker and a nicer car to drive than the GTI while being significantly cheaper spec for spec. It depends on the market but here in Greece the Cupra is about 10k cheaper than the GTI. The base one only needs 1-2 extras while the base GTI doesn’t have many of the things the Leon has.

          • Hoe

            Freedom is to give the single frame grill to Audi when VW took it from Volvo, to empower the brand.
            Freedom would be allowing Seat to have developed the cars it once had.

          • Vassilis

            Cars such as which? The current SEATs are the best they’ve ever made and some of them are among the best in their segment.

          • Hoe

            Hahahahahahahaha and ha
            Modern examples: 20v20, Bolero, IBL, and much others not disclosed to the general pubic.
            I miss a C sedan, a D sedan, real coupes, cabriolets,
            As a sport brand, they should design more modern looking cars (Arona and Ateca are good cars but they do not look very inspiring).

          • You surely live in cave for the past few years? Ateca is culmination of 20v20 and IBX. Not to mention with their success, Seat would make larger 7 seater SUV in the future.

            You mention saloon? Remember Exeo? on paper it sounds great. An A4 that is much cheaper to run, buy and yet possess the same quality. But it didn’t sell. And now you want them again?

            Seat has been a money pit for VAG for the past decade, therefore they need to concentrate to a car that they can actually sell. Or otherwise VAG might canned it all together.

            Seat is never a sport brand, they are the cheap and affordable brand below and sometimes interwoven with Skoda. And their design is a bit conservative but it’s not exactly boring.

          • Hoe

            Were other VAG brands sport brands? Audi? VW? Skoda? Super sports, no? Now you will talk about Audi Quattro, glorious days, bla bla bla.
            Audi was a luxury brand? ouh yes, I forgot people going for Audi instead of MB or BMW.
            Just check the investment of all VAG brands, and you will realise.
            You are mixing opinions, which are respectable, with facts.

          • So what is a “sport” brand then. It’s a fact that Seat is an entry level brand in the VAG groups.

            Oh well just look at the sales, you were talking about mixing opinion and yet you put your opinions regarding Audi. And I see where you going, derailing conversation to distract the fact that you can’t back up your arguments about Seat.

          • Hoe

            So Audi is a sport brand? No, it has never been, and it is not an opinion, it is history.
            How did it become what it is today?
            Because VW put the money!
            So Set has been intentionally sacrificed.
            You are the only one derailing and keeping this non sense of yours going on and on.
            I already told you not to reply to me and to respect, but I see it is difficult for you.
            Nothing else to add to your stupid comments without base.

          • Lol YOU the one who keep bringing Audi into it, We were talking about Seat. And you accused me of derailing.

            Look sweety, that’s the way the world works, you make an argument of a subjects. Give me a *proof* on how VAG pour money and give Audi “freedom”. All of those is based on your opinion. Without being backed by proper data.

            And well you know someone is desperate when they start calling out names and curses. People can guess which one is the trolls sweety.

          • Vassilis

            So you want SEAT to waste money building cars that won’t sell. They can’t afford to do that. Design is subjective but I think they have some good looking models.

          • Hoe

            I said in one of my comments:
            “Modern examples: 20v20, Bolero, IBL, and much others not disclosed to the general pubic.”

            Others not disclosed to the general public… means cars created by Seat’s design department for internal review which never received the green light for production.

          • Vassilis

            Generally, concepts cars are there to study a design language, not necessarily to be produced exactly the same way. I don’t expect SEAT to make coupes, roadsters etc because if they do they’ll be in massive trouble financially. Those are loss-making cars. They’re not in a position to take such risks.

          • Hoe

            Audi TT, Audi Pikes Peak, VW Sport Coupe, VW MNC, VW T-Roc, Škoda Vision S, Škoda Vision C, etc, all show cars which did it into production, for example.
            Show cars, (concept cars are meant for investigation – design or not, but not only -, most of the times not shown to the general public) are just to display future o non future models depending on marketing team intentions.
            Nobody expected Audi to rival MB, at all, but money well used can make wonderful things.

          • Vassilis

            Most of those cars though aren’t in daring segments. Those that are belong to companies with a lot of money that can take risks. SEAT currently covers all the segments that sell well. We need to be rational with our expectations.

          • I agree, the current Ateca is example of so called “freedom” that other guy keeps ranting about. And that’s my current gripe with Seat, now Cupra is as expensive as VW. Kinda missing the point that made Seat great.

          • Vassilis

            Is it though? Spec for spec the Cupra is indeed only 1,000 GBP cheaper than the GTI in the UK but it’s a significantly quicker car. For me, the alternative in the Golf range (and the overall better car) is the R and that’s 5,000 more expensive.

          • I see your point there, and not to mention if we play with options for GTI, you can get almost 10 grand more. But yeah this thing is no longer for budget enthusiast is it?

  • So Seat makes a car for category that do not exist yet… But hey who knows, with current electric craze, manufacturer needs place to promote it, and it sounds much better than Formula E.

    Also it might be the first electric touring car, but the Model S EGT can be considered the first one, and also the I-Pace support race car.

  • LeStori

    So the sound of road noise and the occasional screaching of tyres is supposed to get you excited enough to watch “scalex” cars running around a track. F1 viewers complained about the lack of exciting engine noise with the current hybrid engines to the point where they artificially enhance engine sounds. Whilst EVs may be quiet road cars they are not likely to be exciting race cars.

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