Kia Stinger GT Vs New Holden Commodore VXR: Can They Win Local V8 Enthusiasts?

With Holden calling the new 2018 Commodore VXR a “more than worthy” successor to the outgoing (V8-powered, rear-wheel drive) SS, seeing how it stacks up to something inherently sporty like the Kia Stinger GT should be very interesting.

Aussie buyers really love their sporty sedans, and the new Commodore VXR – which, as you know, is GM’s Australian version of the American Buick Regal (GS) and the European Opel Insignia, definitely has some big shoes to fill. The car in question is was a top-spec version, priced at $55,990 AUD, whereas the Stinger is a bit more expensive, at $59,990 AUD.

The Kia’s higher price tag is easily justifiable if you look at the two cars’ performance figures. While the all-wheel drive Commodore VXR uses a 3.6-liter V6 with 235 kW (315 HP) and 381 Nm (281 lb-ft) of torque, the rear-drive Stinger’s 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 churns out 272 kW (365 HP) and 510 Nm (376 lb-ft) of torque – quite a sizable difference.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Stinger that has the upper hand when it comes to performance, not just in a straight line but in the corners as well. The VXR is less exciting to drive but at least it offers more room for rear seat passengers as well as superior boot space.

You can watch Motoring’s review of the two sports sedans and find out who wins this duel in the video that follows.



    It’s sad how the Commodore is just a rebadged Opel. Then again, there were some Holdens that were also rebadged and sold as Chevys, Pontiacs and Vauxhalls.

    • Bash

      Yeah, Thats GM way! same goes to chevys, GMCs and Cadillacs.

    • Alex

      The Commodore started out as a re-worked Opel. Even the name Commodore comes from Opel and isn’t a Holden-invention. They have never been as original as folks make them out to be, especially here in Australia.

      • Miknik

        Indeed. The original Commodore was an Opel Commodore with a bigger engine (reworked heavy duty suspension as well); Pretty much what this is.

        • LeStori

          Widened body etc etc. It was once an Opel.

          • Miknik

            Not the original. Only after the 3rd generation was the body actually bigger.

  • Eagle By Singer

    What would win, a rebadged Opel, or a Fantastic car from a company that 5 years ago I would ever mention when talking about great cars.

    I’ll take the Stinger.

    • LeStori

      Whilst I would not buy a Holden or a Kia as they are not the type of cars I buy, the Kia Stinger is the new “Holden V8”.

      • Eagle By Singer

        Only, I feel, better.

        They’re also the types of cars I wouldn’t buy

  • Stormie

    Be interesting to see what the next Gen Commodore is post Opel, given GM have offloaded Opel/Vauxhall brands to PSA (Citroen-Peugot). Daewoo Commodore?
    Stinger for me.

    • Alex

      It will be whatever platform GM is building their US and imported Euro sedans around, with sorta a local face. Under the skin the cars will be American, whether thats good or bad I dont know.

      • Matt

        Gm Chassis seems to be great & fun to drive. i don’t have too much experience with the newer v6’s but from what i read they seem to be good & has been good in terms of performance & reliability (though no replacement for the na v8 ls/lt engines) transmitions i think are from zf with gm doing slight tweaking. I’ve always liked & felt gms cars that either were from holden or vice versa & other cars with the faces of its non US cars look better inside & out as American car interiors have been its achilles heel.

  • LeStori

    With a widened body, reworked supension, different engines. Yeah an Opel… once
    Having looked at the new “Commodore VXR, it is a Mondeo/Mazda 6 competitor. Aimed at a totally different market. It looks “effeminate” without the good looks of something like an Alfa Romeo Giulia which is of similar size to the new Commodore. It will sell ok but it is not exactly a Holden V8.

  • LeStori

    Thought it was Toyota. They are the major car seller in Australia. A country that enjoys driving “white goods”.

  • LeStori

    The Opel aka Holden VXR is a Ford Mondeo competitor. The old Holden V8s were a RWD 5 seater family car with a big V8. Chalk and cheese.

  • Thando_Gqabaza

    Aussies love big V8s but your speed limits are so low? Where do you drive them ? ( or is it just for show )

  • SteersUright

    The Stinger definitely has a chance being rear-drive (or AWD) and with a big torquey engine. The GM product, well, please…

  • bd0007

    More like Toyota, Mazda and Hyundai.

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