Lexus To Stop Producing The GS For Europe In April

Lexus has confirmed that it will stop production of GS sedans for the European market in April.

AutoRAI claims to have received the news straight from the Japanese car manufacturer and asserts that a new-generation ES will effectively replace the GS throughout the Old Continent.

To those that have been following developments with the GS in recent months, this news shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As a matter of fact, reports surfaced in April 2017 indicating that Lexus didn’t intend on launching a next-gen GS and would instead replace it with an updated ES. Whereas the GS has rear-wheel drive underpinnings, the next ES will be based on the cheaper front-wheel drive architecture of the Camry.

Ending production for European examples therefore appears to be the first nail in the coffin for the GS.

While this is sad, it’s hard to deny that the GS and ES are far too similar to each other to co-exist in the Lexus range. Furthermore, the GS has never been able to rival its German competitors, despite being praised in GS F guise for its naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter V8 and impressive handling.

Furthermore, the all-new LS is a significant step above the current model, meaning it too has encroached on the GS’ market.

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  • U8INIT

    Bye wig!!!

    • Merc1

      Too funny.


  • PhilMcGraw

    I think that’s a huge loss considering the GS is one of the most reliable vehicles in the world today.

    I hope they at least keep the high end GS-F to separate itself as a premium sports sedan from the new ES.

    • Merc1

      Of course they won’t, the GS F is still a GS.


      • PhilMcGraw

        Doesn’t mean they still couldn’t offer it. In the same way Mercedes has the AMG 4 door coupe that is just simply a high end sports sedan, they could have a Lexus GSF sedan.

        There was already talk about the Lexus F branding turning into an AMG style brand and offering its own vehicles.

        • Merc1

          They won’t. Why would they offer the slowest selling variant of a car they’re no longer producing for a region, with a V8 no less, in Europe? Not going to happen.

          The AMG 4-door is a separate model, the GS F is not. It’s still a GS. GS doesn’t sell and it’s future is cloudy.


          • PhilMcGraw

            I wasn’t exactly saying for Europe. I know this article is talking about how they are halting production of the GS in Europe, but it largely implies that they are going to end up halting production in other regions as well due to the upcoming ES being a replacement for the GS.

            Also, again, I think you’re getting hung up on me saying they could continue producing the GS-F because you’re basically saying “it’s still a GS!” but they could call it the Lexus F Sedan for all I care. The point is, there could be a high performance sedan model that could still exist on it’s own without it needing to have a separate lower trim model for the masses. They could have the new ES model and then offer a high-performance sedan model (that would essentially be the GS-F but because you’re hung up on me saying that we can just call it the Lexus F).

          • Merc1

            Ok, wait on it lol. You don’t seem to understand that changing the name still doesn’t change what the “F” model is based on, the GS. That platform is going away. End of story. A ES based performance model is a joke.


          • bd0007

            Well, the platform isn’t exactly “going away” as Toyota is finishing development of the new Crown series.

            This has given hope to Lexus fans that there is still hope for the GS.

          • bd0007

            Why would they keep the GS-F (even if under another name), something that sells in very small nos. – if they are getting rid of the GS (any trim level) b/c it doesn’t sell well enough?

  • txsupra11


  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    RIP the Car that redefined Lexus

    • pcurve

      It sure did. I still remember the 2nd gen GS400 commercial. “Something wicked this way comes… the fastest automatic sedan in the world”.

      It’s a shame what Lexus did to GS. 3rd gen was solid, but forgotten. 4th gen was dead on arrival.

  • pcurve

    There’s still IS. Maybe they’ll fatten that up.

  • BlackPegasus

    That’s too bad. I was hoping the GS would morph into Lexus’ 4dr coupe variant that would challenge the Audi A7.

    • Buck

      Love that idea! What a shame

  • Buck

    Let’s face it GS was always too big to succeed in the European market. It was doomed from the start with Stiff competition from well established premium brands and now also large SUVs.
    The ES succeeds in the US because it delivers on what the majority of the buyers want ….buttery smooth comfort.

    • bd0007

      Why would the GS be “too big” to succeed in Europe when the 5 Series is 4.5″ longer and the E Class 3″ longer and both still manage to do well in Europe?

      Add to that, the ES is actually larger than the GS.

      • Buck

        IS is suited for the European market and ES is suited for the US market. There’s no room for the GS as majority would rather go for 5/E/A6/XF.

        • erly5

          That’s as maybe, but the GS was not too big to succeed in Europe! It’s styling was always a bit nondescript and held it back imo.

        • bd0007

          And the yet the larger 5 Series and E Class aren’t suited for the European or US market?

          The problem with the GS is that it’s just not competitive against the Germans, esp. when it comes to powertrains.

          It’s not like the IS sells well in Europe either.

  • Bash
  • domahman

    that’s because they made the gs a half-assed sedan. aggressive front with no power to back it up. sides and back looks like a regular car…no wheel arch. It’s like a flat chested girl with a mean face. It’s a still-born model. They didn’t follow through and was 1 generation late. Lexus is being cheap, careful, incomplete…etc. They failed and will fall futher if they keep shorting themselves.

  • Infinite1

    RIP GS, such a great sedan. Hopefully, Lexus brings the IS F back since the GS F will cease to exist. Maybe build an AWD ES F? That would be something but I doubt Lexus will do anything with the ES

  • Jason Panamera

    If it was supposed to be sport sedan then they should make it “4 door coupe” since early beginning.

    • Cobrajet

      The early ES was actually the “4 door coupe” Lexus had.

      • Jason Panamera

        By a look of it’s older generations ? Not for handling or overall sportiness.

  • SteersUright

    I LOVED the GS, much, much more than my 335i. It had a very sweet chassis and in its time, a gorgeous interior. My issue was, the 16mpg I was getting was a slap in the face from a car that could only do 0-60 in 5.6sec and which felt even slower.
    Toyota never gave this car the powertrains it deserved/needed to keep pace with the Germans. It was likely better made than any other sport sedan, but a 300hp V6 would never cut it outside of a base model. Also, the 8-speed auto, while very smooth, was lazy as hell, never downshifting on time or quick enough, and simply left you out in the cold when you really wanted to enjoy the GS350’s capable chassis. The GSF was ludicrously overpriced and still used the same lazy 8-speed auto. Plus a high revving, low torque V8 belongs in a light sports car, not a heavy sport sedan.

    That said, if Lexus has no GS or rear-drive sport sedan, as an enthusiast count me out of buying any Lexus. The only other great car they make is the RX if you need a high-riding minivan. I don’t. The LC is WAY too expensive, too big, too heavy and to me, goofy looking from some angles. The ES (a better Japanese Buick) is for grandparents, the LS is for wealthier grandparents, and their Land Cruiser based truck is an anachronism, charming, but totally out of sync with modern buyers. The NX is totally decent but hardly desirable with its lack of power, off-road nor on-road chops of any kind and only worth it on a cheap lease deal.

    Bye bye Lexus. You make boring cars that try to disguise themselves as exciting using ridiculous body work.

  • Sad (unsurprising) news.
    Maybe it’s the business side taking its toll (not enough units compared to other Lexuses), then again Europe is new territory for the FWD ES – maybe they offer it with AWD (a la Audi).
    I still remember when the ES was the “baby” Lexus next to the LS400, then it started growing… and growing and growing… it once had a sportier sibling in the IS sedan, but the growth hormones kept pumping and suddenly it was more massive than the GS, which, unlike the youthful IS, didn’t have much of a following… and like a cuckoo’s nest, the once-little ES is kicking out the once-bigger GS out of the tree.
    One minute of silence, please.

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