Lotus SUV Set To Use Volvo Underpinnings

It may be viewed as automotive sacrilege to some but Lotus is serious about producing an SUV and will make the most of Geely’s resources in bringing it to life.

Autocar reports that Lotus will look to rival the Maserati Levante and Porsche Macan with the model and wants it to be the best handling vehicle in its class.

Forming the basis of the model will be parts from the SPA platform underpinning the Volvo XC90 and XC60. Although the use of such components will limit the Lotus SUV to four cylinder engines, the vehicle will weigh less than two tonnes and the British brand has a knack for extracting serious power from small engines. Consequently, a peak figure exceeding 400 hp is a certainty.

Speaking of the vehicle’s handling prowess, Lotus chief executive Jean Marc Gales said, “It will go round bends like nothing else in its segment. If we fail on that we fail the project.”

The SUV’s platform won’t be the only thing it shares with Volvo. Numerous electric equipment from the Swedish brand will find its way into the Lotus, including its touchscreen infotainment system.

The majority of production will be done in China but Gales said he’d love to see the UK also building the SUV. However, Gales confirmed he wants “to know what happens after Brexit” before finalizing a second production location.

A launch for the Lotus SUV within the next four years is tipped.

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  • Bash

    And obviously to have a Porsche fist impression.

  • Marty

    They have the tech, now they just need a design identity.
    Today’s kit car look is lightyears behind the Esprit or even the Elan from the 90’s.

  • Autoexperte

    not bad

  • Honda NSX-R

    Seems like the self driving tech from the Volvo could make it to the Lotus as well

  • TrevP

    Front = Jag
    Back = Ferrari

    To me at least anyways.

  • LouInPA

    When Geely owns both, cross pollination.

  • Ruel Lewis

    I don’t think i can take much more of this.

  • I know everyone here hates SUV, but I don’t mind if they done it properly, Volvo architecture and parts is a solid base and we know what Lotus can do (That said Aston has poached Matt Becker, hopefully that won’t affect Lotus much).

    And this will be a big seller in Asia, I guarantee.

    • Timothy Gough

      Volvo is front wheel drive and designed for safety and architecture, not performance. Lotus is meant to be a performance brand. There is no way they’ll make a top performance car from that Volvo platform. Unless, the Lotus guy actually means Polestar platform rather than Volvo platform.

      • webuser.my

        Correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t the Polestar 1 is still based of Volvo’s SPA?

        • Timothy Gough

          Actually, it isn’t. Polestar’s platform is completely new, different and is RWD based with inclusion of AWD options. Body parts/panels, electronics, gadgetry etc will be shared with Volvo but that’s about it.

          • “the Polestar 1 is based upon Volvo’s Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA)” That’s from Polestar official site. Do the research first.

      • You can say that to MQB of VW and did they make a crappy performance siblings out of it? I think you haven’t keep up with automotive engineering, platform is essential yes but with tuning, parts and set up. You can make a good car out of them.

        • Timothy Gough

          Of course they can be tuned to make a good driving fwd car but Lotus is not known for that. They’re known for making very lightweight racy performance sports cars based primarily on rear wheel drive. The Volvo platform, no matter how heavily they tune it, will not be suitable and will not let the car drive like a Lotus. It will be like Porsche deciding to use Volkswagen’s or Skoda’s fwd platform for its 718s or 911s. Won’t work.

          • “make a good driving fwd car but Lotus is not known for that” Proton Satria GTI, Dodge Spirit R/T and Volvo 480. That’s enough example for you.

            Your comparison is invalid because you compare SUV to Sportscar like 911. SPA platform is suitable enough and this car is meant to be up against Macan.

          • D3X

            Oh and at the end we are talking about a Crossover -SUV. It will never ever perform like a 911, not even a Macan or a Cayenne. So I have no clue what his point is…

          • Yep that is why Timothy is stuck in his own world, not to mention I doubt he is sort of person who can afford these kind of cars.

      • D3X

        AWD. Designed and tuned by Polestar / Cyan Racing do fantastically well. Look it up.

        • Timothy Gough

          Polestar has developed a new rear wheel drive platform that is for their cars and is completely different to Volvo’s fwd.

          • D3X

            No clue what you’re even talking about. Polestar is Volvo. There is no RWD Volvo / Polestar platform in their production cars.

          • Yep he seems to be high and didn’t look up for information.

  • eb110americana

    Right? The Alfa Stelvio is basically a Giulia on stilts, that’s how it set the Nurburgring record. How is something based off a FWD architecture designed for safety and luxury benchmarks not the LAST choice for a light performance crossover? I hope they succeed, but cannot envision how.

    • D3X

      Funny that both Volvo and Alfa is mentioned in this thread. Volvo with the Polestar grabbed 7:51 in 2017 setting the fastest 4-DR lap (kept it secret) at the Nurburgring, until Porsche beat it, then Alfa Smashed it afterwards. Either way, the Volvo underpinnings seemed fine, with an added Lotus handling, it would be interesting! Who are we kidding though? It’s an SUV, I’m more interested what this Lotus + Volvo would bring to the table in terms of Sports cars & Coupes.

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