The Maybach GLS Will Probably Look Something Like This (But Better)

Mercedes is hard at work developing an all-new GLS-Class sport-ute. But it won’t be all about the Benz. There’ll be AMG performance versions too, and we’re anticipating an ultra-luxurious Maybach variant as well.

In fact we’re expecting Daimler’s top new crossover to show up first as a Maybach concept. And when it does, it could look a little something like this.

Created by Nikita Aksyonov and shared on Behance, these renderings ostensibly show the current GLS, updated with fresh details, and some traits we’ve seen on other Mercedes-Maybach models. Just look at the grille, the wheels, and all that chrome – not to mention the Double-M badges that designate Maybach Motorenbau (as the brand was known before being subsumed into Mercedes-Benz). It all looks familiar from Maybach’s takes on the S-Class sedan, S-Class cabrio, and G-Class landaulet.

We’re anticipating that the concept and the production model to look more significantly different from the existing GLS, and better resolved than these speculative renderings. The current model launched as the second-generation GL in 2012, and relaunched with a facelift (and the extra letter on its name) in 2016.

While the new Mercedes-Benz GLS will have to fend off advancements from the forthcoming new BMW X7, the Maybach version will be positioned further up-market to better take on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. It’ll also have to tangle with the likes of the Range Rover SVAutobiography and Bentley Bentayga in the rapidly escalating battle for the very pinnacle of the luxury SUV marketplace, where even the top versions of Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Lexus LX, and Infiniti QX80 will have trouble keeping up.

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  • Carmelo Van Cabboi

    The only this missing is the dead!

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      At least two coffins can fit in there!

      • Finkployd

        it’s actually a seven coffiner

    • Dr Strangefinger

      Wow, another station wagon.

    • Bo Hanan

      It’s so ugly I thought it was a Chinese knock-off of itself.

    • CBV2020

      And the Critique of The Year Award nominees are,

      Carmelo Van Cabboi…

  • Christian

    You know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it! So I said it….No big deal, I like it… But it still somewhat racxist..

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    It will not look something like this… if its better!!

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    This Phoroshop already looks DATED.

  • Bob

    Stop posting bad photoshops like they’re actual news.

    • CBV2020

      You must admit the enjoyment of trashing renders before going after manufactures, designers and CEOs?

  • Treble99

    Looks like a Ssangyong Rodius from the back. Absolutely hideous!!

  • OD. LP

    Looks like a fancier Buick Enclave… Please, no… Just no

  • erly5

    Hopefully won’t look anything like that!


    looks like ssangyong

  • salamOOn

    whoah… second crappy photoshopped “design” in a day…. great. zero skill, zero effort.

  • Dr Strangefinger

    I’m with you on this. However, there will be a ton of sweet SUV models selling for 30 cents on the $ if/when petrol prices spike.

  • Jp

    No thanks

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    OMG no it won’t. Why do you all publish these garbage renders?


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    Wow Ssangyong is stepping up its game !

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    Russian market only.

  • Cap’n Crunchberries

    Finally. A Hyundai Genesis suv.

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