BMW X2 Subjected To The Moose Test – How Did It Fare?

BMW hasn’t completely ditched rear-wheel drive platforms, but buying a (relatively) affordable Bimmer these days means having to make do with FWD.

The 2-Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer MPVs are built on a front-wheel platform, and so does the second generation X1. And since the X2 shares its underpinnings with the X1, it too is either front- or, on higher specs, all-wheel drive.

This means that, in base form, BMW’s compact coupe SUV will understeer when pushed to the limit. Which might sound off-putting for BMW aficionados, yet for the majority of its prospective buyers is entirely irrelevant.

Watch: BMW X2 Review – Is This The Mini X6 We Were Hoping For?

In any case, we are curious how it performs at the ‘moose test’. This replicates what happens to a vehicle when it tries to avoid an unexpected object in front of them, and over the years, it has claimed many ‘victims’, with Munich’s arch rival being the one that made it famous.

But how does the X2 handle in such a scenario? Not that bad, to sum it up, at speeds of up to 73 km/h (45 mph), at least, but at 77 km/h (48 mph) it did knock a cone down and couldn’t get back in its lane quick enough.

So, it’s not flawless, but at least its drivers will be able to avoid an obstacle without the vehicle tipping over.

  • Bo Hanan

    Clumsy styling.

  • Galaxium

    I strangely still like the X2. I think the front looks sporty and youthful, but the back looks a bit too basic.

    • Mill0048

      Me too. I really like the look of it and I also like the controversial C/D pillar badge.

  • Hot Twink

    It looks like it already hit a Moose with that ugly front end…

    • Six_Tymes


  • Kash

    I like the X2 more than the X1, i feel no shame about this, and I have to wonder how fun a full fledged X2 M would be…

  • Ilbirs

    One of the complaints about the X2 in the video is about excessive understeering preventing from moose testing in higher speeds. This makes me imagine how this car would behave if it was a proper Bimmer (RWD or RWD-derived AWD and 50-50 in weight distribution).

    • Eric

      For 10-15 years all RWD Bmw (except M) understeer generously…

  • smartacus

    it understeered like a pig.
    on another site, i saw the X2 Moose Test video
    juxtaposed to the GLA Moose Test video.

    The GLA rotates that back end a bit
    thereby mitigating most understeer.

  • Miknik

    Damn that’s 1990ies levels of under steer. Yes, it is safe, but remember this when reviewers, flown to a 5 star location in the sun to test the Bimmer will tell you how go kart like it handles and how much fun you can have at the limit….

  • Matt

    Yes it understeers. Even a RWD car would understeer in that scenario in that surface.

    So what’s the alternative? A more playful rear end, not suitable for the market the X2 is aimed at.

  • Scott Blakula

    on a side note, the X2 looks much better without the plastic cladding that’s on all X2’s in the US

  • drc

    I just did an event with BMW (BMW Ultimate Driving Experience) and they furnished us with X2’s in a competitive autocross. I won FTD (Fasted Time of Day) out of roughly 180 participants and normally drive a Porsche 911, so here’s my thoughts on the X2: It’s very capable, but lacks the refinement or road-holding of the X4. Body roll is OK, transition is good however its clear this chassis is not performance-based. Understeer is not severe. DSC is aggressive on the vehicle (we were not allowed to disengage it) and will come into play well before you run out of car and tires. It’s a bit cramped inside, especially the back seat. I think its a great entry-level BMW for a crossover buyer, much more fun and an upgrade to an X1, not as nice as an X4. 99% of its owners will never exceed its capability.


    german quality ..!

    • Matt

      What does that even imply?

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