Faster Than An F1: Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo Smashes Spa-Francorchamps Lap Record

The one-off Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo has just set a new outright lap record at Spa-Francorchamps.

With factory driver Neel Jani behind the wheel, the unrestrained and unrestricted 919 Hybrid Evo lapped the circuit in 1:14.770 minutes, a hefty 0.783 seconds quicker than the record-setting pole lap set by Lewis Hamilton at last year’s Belgian Grand Prix.

What’s equally remarkable about this time is that it is 12 seconds faster than the pole-setting lap set by the ‘regular’ 919 last year.

During the lap, Jani reached a top speed of 216.8 mph (359 km/h) and had an average speed of 152.6 mph (245.61 km/h). Remarkably, Porsche is apparently targeting an ultimate lap time of 1:36 minutes around the famed circuit.

This 919 makes current Formula 1 cars seem slow

The Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo started life as last year’s Le Mans-winning prototype. Free of technical regulations, its turbocharged V4 engine now delivers 720 hp and the hybrid system provides an additional 440 hp. A plethora of modifications have also seen downforce rise by 53 per cent over the ‘regular’ 919. All up, it produces more downforce than a Formula One car and weighs just under a ton with Jani on board.

Things won’t stop here for the 919 Hybrid Evo. The car will complete a ‘demo lap’ at the Nurburgring on May 12, make appearances at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Festival of Porsche in Brands Hatch, and later participate at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion in Laguna Seca in late September.

Speaking about the record lap, vice president of Porsche’s LMP1 program Fritz Enzinger said, “This was an absolute fantastic lap – an outstanding drivers’ performance from Neel and the result of great engineering. Today’s track record impressively proves the ultimate performance of the most innovative race car of its time. Our target was to show what the Porsche 919 Hybrid is able to do when we loosen the restrictions that normally come from the regulations.”

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  • Autoexperte
    • Not even comparable, while that concept was showing road legal supercar (like Valkyrie or Project One). The 919 Evo is simply an unrestricted 919 LMP cars, with more liberal aero, increase of horsepower and even lighter body.

  • Sadly due to restrictive Nurburgring owner safety regulations, they won’t allow full on time record attempt, shame I was hoping this car can beat Stefan Bellof record in 956.

    Also little bird told me that this car will gun for Goodwood Hillclimb overall record, which is held by Nick Heidfeld at 41,6 seconds in 99 Mclaren F1 car, no one hasn’t come close except Loeb in 208 T16 Pikes Peak on 44,5 and Olly Clark in time attack Subaru Impreza Gobstopper II at 44,5. I think this car could break the record.

    Last is that even the head 0f 919 development admit that this isn’t the car bestest performance, he said if only Porsche 919 development continues we would see an even faster 919. If only..

    • TheHake


    • DMax

      Which Nurburgring safety regulations? I’m pretty sure they’ve lifted speed limit a while ago. And the track will surely be closed for this run. Or was this confirmed by the Ring officials?

      • Not the speed limit but they have a banned of F1 cars there, last time an modern F1 go there was BMW Sauber for publicity reason. It’s been talked about in the community for days and as the Porsche press release suggest they won’t run this at full speed in Nurburgring.

  • Shahul Usman

    F1 cars this year will beat it.. way to do a track f1 cars wont do until after the summer break in a car that isn’t set to any limits or formula…(not meeting any requirements)… put a big old asterix..

    • TheHake

      And with F1 being boring as hell, that means a lot…

      • Shahul Usman

        I mean, did you watch the Bahrain GP? probably not… not a boring race at all…

        • Vassilis

          Haven’t you seen the new trend? Everyone says F1 is boring without actually watching the races.

          • Shahul Usman

            Yup, thats the “cool” thing to say these days.. F1 is boring, Liberty sucks.. fastest car series, not deregulated one-offs.. with the best drivers in the world, in the most prestigious tracks in the world… super boring..

  • Tumbi Mtika

    You know, these year’s Formula One cars haven’t raced at Spa yet, right?

  • smartacus

    F1 needs to move on to V4 engines
    and have a characteristic sound again

    • Vassilis

      Last time I heard a 919 it sounded much worse than a V6 F1 car. Also, the V6 noise has plenty of character. It’s just that it isn’t as loud as a V8 or a V10.

  • Adam Coats

    Just an FYI, the time should read 1:41.770.

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