Gumpert Lives On With Aiways RG Nathalie Fuel Cell

While Apollo Automobili, the company created from the ashes of Gumpert, continues to make teenagers weak at the knees with the Intensa Emozione, Roland Gumpert has been busy working on his latest automotive venture. This is the result.

The result of a partnership between Gumpert and Chinese electric startup Aiways, the RG Nathalie is an impressive sports car that utilizes an advanced electric powertrain and has looks reminiscent of the Audi Sport Quattro Concept.

Powering the vehicle, named after one of Gumpert’s daughters, are four electric motors. However, rather than receiving their juice from a battery, the RG Nathalie instead uses a hydrogen fuel cell stack. Things don’t stop there.

Aware of the lack of hydrogen fueling stations around the world, Gumpert and Aiways have implemented a methanol reformer. This system takes in methanol and can split it into carbon dioxide which is released into the air while hydrogen is funneled into the fuel cell.

A unique take on the sports car of the future

With this setup, the RG Nathalie will reportedly accelerate to 62 mph (100 km/h) in a rapid 2.5 seconds and continue through to a 186 mph (300 km/h) top speed. What’s more, the car will reportedly travel 370 miles (595 km) when driven fast and over 700 miles (1126 km) when operated more conservatively.

Unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, this particular show car is finished in an attractive shade of purple. The front fascia incorporates sharp lines, large air intakes, and upper headlights similar to those from the track-only Aston Martin Vulcan. Swing around to the sides and you’ll notice matte black wheels and an angular roof. At the rear, the RG Nathalie comes equipped with LED taillights and additional lights where air vents would traditionally sit.

Aiways intends on commencing deliveries of the model in 2019 and has yet to specify pricing. However, considering all the technology crammed into the sports car, we know it won’t be cheap.

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    We can add Gumpert to the growing list of companies collaborating, or being outright purchased in some cases, with Chinese firms to produce sports cars, concepts, and/or EVs. China is really starting to take off now.

    • DMax

      We better start learning Chinese I guess.

    • Autoexperte

      they have money, because of their protectionism

    • Not once, but Roland Gumpert fell on the Chinese twice!

  • NupeSquare7

    Side profile is very Nissan GT-R – ish. Overall an OK clean design….. But it doesn’t evoke any desire to want one. At least for me.

  • fabri99

    Well, it’s early to judge, but I’m definitely not getting… an Intensa Emozione here. For the time being, Apollo Automobili > Gumpert.

    • Apollo IE is a mess, design wise and philosophy.

      • fabri99

        What’s wrong with it? I don’t know much about it, I’ve read nice words about that thing. And a Ferrari V12 is definitely promising…

        • Well the only nice word so far comes because of the design (depending who you ask) and the engine that it has.

          But for me the car has zero philosophy of what it want to be, for me looks like the type of cars that were meant to just get the “wow” like the Lykan.

          Beside I don’t get why the Chinese owners of Apollo (nee Gumpert) ditch all the manufacturing facilities, the Apollo platform and turns into MAT in Italy to design basically a turn key supercar. Without any design philosophy of old Gumpert.

          I guess the rant is getting long. So sorry about that.

          • fabri99

            Don’t be. You may be right, after all a vast majority of these new “supercars” makers are just smoke. I guess only time will tell, but I’m more open to give this a chance than I was with the Lykan. We’ll see… 😉

          • Fair enough yes, but to be fair I will wait until there is some review rather than just a video of the car revving in some Monaco street.

            But so far this car feels like more for the show, and what’s with the inconsistency. They said the car was supposed to be track only, but now we got two car in Hong Kong and in Europe wearing license plate.

  • SteersUright

    Wait, aren’t we trying NOT to emit more carbon dioxide into the air by going electric?


  • ” continues to make teenagers weak at the knees with the Intensa Emozione”

    I can’t stop laughing at this.

    • LWOAP

      If there was a museum for misfits and rejects of the automotive world, this would have spot in it.

      • Oh my God, that’s like my kind of museum. If I’m a billionaire I need to make that and gather all the prototype/failed cars from around the world.

        Ughh…. that means I need to get Keating Bolt, TranStar Dagger GT and Lyons LM2 Streamliner.

  • Not like being pessimistic, but how long until Roland Gumpert get kicked from this company? Beware of the Chinese.

  • Vassilis

    Not bad.

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