Lynk&Co’s Competition Is Uber, Not Other Car Companies Says Boss

As Lynk&Co prepares to launch in Europe, the company’s CEO said that they see ride-sharing firms such as Uber as their main competition rather than other car firms.

Lynk&Co , a new car company owned by Geely, targets a young urban audience with its electrified models, mainly through a subscription-based service.

Lynk&Co CEO Allain Visser said to Autocar during the reveal of their new 02 crossover that their target audience is “people who don’t want to own cars. Plenty of people love cars, but don’t want to own one.”

Selling cars to an audience that doesn’t want cars is a rather challenging task but Visser appears confident in Lync&Co’s ability to lure such a group of people. “We’ve done so much research to see that this will work and that people will go for this model. All the information is that it’s a pretty resounding yes.

“We don’t see our competitors as Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi; we see them as the likes of Uber. We are going to be competitive for a millennial that takes an Uber every day to go into the city to work.

“Of course, if you ask our engineers they’ll say our competitors are Lexus and Audi, from a technology point of view. But from a brand point of view, it’s beyond the car industry.”

Lynk&Co’s subscription programs will range from one to 36 months at fixed costs. The plan is to run the subscriptions in cycles, with cars to be reconditioned before offered again at a lower cost.

Subscribers will also be able to share their vehicle with other Lynk&Co subscribers via a mobile application and a dedicated button in the car. Lynk&Co keys will be able to unlock shared cars. That will allow subscribers to lower the cost of ownership, as well as find another Lynk&Co car to drive while they’re away from home.

Sales of Lynk&Co models have already started in China, with the first cars to reach European roads by 2020 and the US market following shortly after. The new company aims to have on offer a full range of models in all markets by 2023.

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  • Dr Strangefingger

    Just because they say it, doesn’t make it true.

    • Bash

      True that, But this is what they like to think.

  • Jay

    lol but why Uber? I’d have said Lyft unless they are trying to out corrupt them.

  • 31/12/2999

    Is a good car and good looking car.

  • brn

    “Plenty of people love cars, but don’t want to own one.”

    Define “plenty”. Seems like a pretty small demographic to me.