Mercedes-AMG Already Considering Another Bespoke Model

Hot on the heels of unveiling the Mercedes-AMG GT four-door range at the Geneva Motor Show, AMG boss Tobias Moers has revealed that another bespoke AMG model is already being considered.

Unlike all AMG models from the past, the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car and four door are the only two not to be based around standard Mercedes-Benz models (excluding the Project One). According to Moers, they might not be the last.

The performance brand has yet to indicate what form a possible new model could take but it’s entirely possible it could be a small sports car, potentially one to rival the Porsche Boxster and Cayman, Autocar asserts.

The AMG brand is in the midst of a huge expansion

The closest thing Mercedes buyers can get to a Cayman/Boxster alternative is the AMG SLC 43. Despite being impressively fast and enjoyable to drive, it lacks the inherent balance of the mid-engine Porsche siblings and simply isn’t as desirable.

While Moers failed to say whether or not such a vehicle is on the cards, he did rule out the possibility of a bespoke AMG SUV.

“There was a clear space in the market for the four-door GT but we already have many excellent AMG SUV derivatives and it makes no sense to steal from them just so we can make our own car,” he said.

If you were in Moers’ position, what new AMG model would you introduce?

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  • PK

    what’s a bespoke?

    • Elpatore

      it means “made to order or for a specific task” in this sense think how the Rolls Royce Phantom is bespoke to Rolls Royce because only Rolls Royce uses its platform while the Ghost is not because it is based on a BMW platform.

    • Not sure if this a real question or sarcasm.


    possibly SLC replacement

    • Read the news properly, AMG were meant to complement Mercedes NOT replacing it.


    I’d introduce a model that actually looked like a 4 door AMG GT and not just a midly warmed CLS with an E Class interior. But aside from all that, I would introduce a mid engined two seater that would compete with the Boxster, the Cayman and the Alpine A110. If it all works out, then later on a larger version with a new V12 to compete with the Aventador.

    • LWOAP for head of AMG.

    • Bob

      Like a baby Project One? That’d be cool, Aston’s doing that too but against the 720S, 488 and Huracan, not 718 and A110. Either position would be cool although I can’t see them doing that for some reason.

  • Shahul Usman

    Suvs sell.. that being said..suv’s are the devil.. I vote small under $80k sports car

  • Elpatore

    It could be interesting from the to develop a very simple yet capable sports car, with the A45 engine and maybe… a hardcore electrified version?

  • Honda NSX-R

    An AMG built Cayman competitor? Sign me up!

  • Never really fan of AMG but I would love to see Cayman rivals.

    That said. how many engine builder does AMG employed to head this expansion? Remember in early 2000s when they said AMGs were special because their engine is handbuild by one craftsman?

  • Bob

    I’d like to see either a proper AMG SLS successor to sit slightly above the GT and be much faster and hardcore or a 718 competitor which is what everyone else is wanting by the looks of it.

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