Mercedes Tipped To Discontinue The AMG SL65 Next Month

If you’ve been hemming and hawing over the prospect of buying a Mercedes-AMG SL65, you’d better make your mind up soon. Because according to the latest, the model is about to be discontinued.

The flagship of Mercedes‘ roadster range, the SL65 packs Affalterbach’s 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12. It produces a huge 604 horsepower (450 kW) and an even more impressive 738 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) of torque).

It’s the same engine that powers the S65 (sedan, coupe, and convertible), the Maybach S650 (sedan and convertible), and the AMG G65 and Maybach G650 Landaulet versions of the previous G-Class. (It also serves as the basis for the engines in the Aston Martin DB11 and Pagani Huayra.)

So far, we’ve yet to see the engine slotted into the new G-Wagen. And we may never again. The word on the street is that only models being sold in Maybach spec will retain the engine. That could include the new G, as well as the forthcoming new GLS. But unless the ultra-luxe division plans a version of the next SL roadster, the SL65 may go the way of the dodo.

We may not have to mourn its departure too much, though, as the next SL is tipped to get a high-output hybrid powertrain like the one we saw in the AMG GT four-door concept. Tipped to carry the 73 designation, the new family of hybrids could kick out a solid 800 horsepower.

In the meantime, MB Passion reports that production of the current Mercedes-AMG SL65 roadster will wrap up at the end of next month. With the SL600 having been discontinued with the previous R230 generation in 2009, that means there’ll soon be one less twelve-cylinder convertible on the market.

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  • Charles Lane

    Rest in peace V12

  • Elmediterraneo

    This engined engine needed to be killed or replaced since a couple of years now.
    No direct injection, no twin-scroll turbochargers, no variable valvetiming, 20 year old 3 valve per cylinder design which was already ditched by Mercedes 10 years ago on the 6 and 8 cylinder engines, turbo-lag,
    And then new 640 hp version of the V8 on the GT 63S completely destroys the V12 in every aspect on a much more cheaper model. But hopefully the V12 will replaced by the future 73 models which will feature a 800 hp hybrid V8.


      Wasn’t the M120 in certain ways technically more advanced (the valves for instance 4 per cylinder)? I mean this engine was bornout of the M137 which had been designed to fit into the small engine bay of the W220.

      • Elmediterraneo

        I’m sure that the M120 was a masterpiece of engineering when it was introduced in 1991 but since the facelifited W220 generation on the early 2000’s nothing has changed technically. Here’s the the configuations of all versions of the V12.

        S600 W140 1991-1998 : M120 V12 6.0 liter 48 valve DOHC 408 hp

        S600 W220 1999-2002 : M137 V12 5.8 liter 36 valve SOHC 367 hp
        S600 W220 Facelift 2002-2005 : M275 V12 5.5 liter twin-turbo 36 valve SOHC 500 hp
        S65 AMG W220 : 2003-2005 : AMG M275 V12 6.0 liter 36 valve SOHC 612 hp

        S600 W221 2006-2013 : M275 V12 5.5 liter twin-turbo 36 valve SOHC 517 hp
        S65 AMG W221 : 2006-2013 : AMG M275 V12 6.0 liter 36 valve SOHC 612 hp

        S600 W222 Since 2013 : M279 V12 6.0 liter twin-turbo 36 valve SOHC 530 hp
        AMG S65 W222 : Since 2013 : M279 V12 6.0 liter 36 valve SOHC 630 hp

        To make things simpler I didn’t include the special AMG models which were sold exclusively by AMG and weren’t part of the official Mercedes-Benz line-up. Those models were :
        S70 AMG W140 : M120 V12 7.0 liter 500 hp
        S73 AMG W140 : M120 V12 7.3 liter 525 hp (Pagani Zonda’s engine)
        S63 AMG W220 : M137 V12 6.3 liter 445 hp

        • MRCLKBLACK

          You can go deaper, I know that much (maybe not all that data out of my head like Wikipedia). I know at least which engines are from the same “family”.
          Also you make it sound like if the M137 and M120 are the same engine? To my understanding the cylinders are far closer, so everything was tightly designed to fit into the W220. Meaning it’s a different block (the way I see it). Having such a tight block also meant a far worse design for the cylinder head right? DOHC to SOHC and also less valves.
          Sooo…sry, if I’m sounding grumpy, as english is not my native language

    • Christian Wimmer

      I’ve driven this engine in a CL600 V12 Biturbo. There is actually no noticeable turbo lag. The response is quite instantaneous.

      The 3-valve technology was quite clever at the time as it allowed the catalytic converter to reach its operating temperature quicker.

      The durability of this motor is quite good. There is a businessman in Luxembourg who had a Maybach 57S with over one million kilometers proving that the basic block, mechanicals etc. of this engine are well engineered.

  • Infinite1

    Aging engine design and with new Turbo V8s and the likes, more power can be had for less weight.

    • Elmediterraneo

      Right the V8 was introduced in 2014 on the C63 and AMG GT starting at 476 hp and since that it makes now 640 hp on the GT 63 S 4 door. A monster of sound and efficiency and already known as the best V8 of the industry. Even Aston Martin’s own and brand new V12 is biting the ground against the less powerful V8 on the DB11.

  • FunctionForm

    This iteration of the SL needed to be sent to the scrapyard a long time ago. The SL and SLK have completely lost sight of what an SL should be.

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