2019 Mercedes GLS Drops Body Cladding, Looks Just Like We Thought It Would

The last time we saw a 2019 Mercedes GLS prototype, it was wearing heavy protective cladding over its front fascia, as well an improvised set of taillights to mask the production-ready ones.

Now, we’re happy to show you what the new GLS looks like without anything stuck on top of its natural form factor. At the same time, this marks the first occasion in which we get to see the cutouts of the new model’s headlights and taillights.

Hard to miss exterior design elements include the massive grille, LED headlights, curvaceous styling and pronounced fenders. The taillights look somewhat different than the ones on the all-new GLE, these ones possibly having a more rectangular design with rounded off edges.

Also, some of these prototypes appear to be wearing an AMG styling package, with one of them even rocking a set of massive black AMG wheels. Overall, the all-new GLS will likely be larger than its predecessor, yet also lighter, thanks to the German automaker’s MHA architecture.

The S-Class of SUVs

If you were to take a seat inside a well spec’d all-new GLS, it will probably feel as though you’re in an S-Class, at least when it comes to quality. Mercedes reportedly intends for the GLS to step up its “luxury game” and also be among the most technologically-advanced full-size SUVs in its segment.

With that in mind, expect it to come with two 12.3-inch displays, a new steering wheel (probably the same one as on the new G-Class), ambient lighting, the new MBUX infotainment system, plus a wide array of driver assistance systems that will keep you safe and even take driving responsibilities away from you, under certain circumstances.

Engine options should include both six and eight-cylinder units, with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant also likely. The flagship AMG model will probably feature a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, instead of the current model’s 5.5-liter engine, which means power output could grow from 585 PS (577 HP) to 612 PS (603 HP).

The all-new 2019 Mercedes GLS is likely to arrive in dealerships sometime next year, with the BMW X7 and the Range Rover in its sight.

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Photo Credits: CarPix / S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops

  • pjl35

    This looks miles ahead of the X7.

    • krusshall

      Both this and the X7 have similar shapes and greenhouses while the camouflage obscures any detailing that says BMW or M-B other than the grille treatments and in fact the grille treatments are the only way to tell which is which. Swap either grille onto the other and neither would look out of place.

      • pjl35

        Sure, Jan.

        • krusshall

          My bad. We know exactly what it looks like because all M-B does is recycle so it’s just a GLC put into a copier and enlarged x1.5.

  • Simone BM Sinigaglia

    i bet that we will see the led squared elements of tail light ,seen on the mercedes maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept, on the new gls and gle, not splitter in 3 elements but inside a single one

  • Ermal Morina

    It does look nice.

  • Merc1

    It’s going to be a looker.


  • Leconte Dave

    Where’s the GLS coupe now?

  • Chris Fame

    Even if BMW and MB come out with their 7-row seater at the same time. For some reason BMW still comes out looking dated. Glad they will get next gen interior, trims, switches etc. but it still seems dated compared to anything MB puts out.

  • CBV2020

    Those 5-stars are nasty! Definitely the choice if the vehicle’s fresher design is hard enough to carry such wheels.

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