Is The 2019 VW Touareg The People’s Bentley Bentayga?

There is more than one way to view the all-new 2019 VW Touareg. For example, since it uses the same platform as some of the VW Group’s poshest SUVs, you might be inclined to look at it as an affordable Bentley Bentayga.

At the same time, you shouldn’t get your expectations to sky rocket, especially with regards to interior quality, which the all-new Touareg has plenty of, according to Carwow, yet certainly not on the same level as the previously mentioned Bentley, nor a Porsche Cayenne or even an Audi Q7 for that matter.

Lower quality “scratchy” plastic was found in certain places around the cabin, like on the edges of the center console, on the door pockets and the glove box. Other than that, there are no complaints in this review, especially once the focus turns to the massive central touchscreen display – which is great, aside from one or two ergonomics issues.

On the open road, the Touareg feels “surprisingly agile”, says the reviewer. Still, if you do decide to take it off-road, it will probably not handle itself as well as a Land Rover Discovery or a Toyota Land Cruiser.

As for the 3.0-liter V6 TDI diesel engine, it provides the SUV with plenty of punch in a straight line, although the gearbox can be a bit slow to respond, as demonstrated on-video.


  • Merc1

    Just when it becomes a real event, they pull it from the U.S market. They should reconsider that position.


    • JustAThought

      Think that may be due to pricing issues….
      The USA is a competitively priced car /SUV market. Many Euro brands cost less in the US than Europe.
      Subcompacts cost from “Camry” money in Europe.

      If VW did bring this and other models to the USA, VW would want to sell it for the Euro price plus shipping plus import duties (currently 2.5% – but Trump wants to bring it in line to what the EU charges – to 10%). Would you still buy it…? Many Americans wouldn’t.

      Then again if you really wanted one you could import one personally? IMO it would not worth the cost.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Well, the People’s Audi Q7 at the very least. But like the People’s car, it should be sold everywhere, not just the markets they aren’t pissed off at, at the moment.

    • LWOAP

      So I was right, they do hold a grudge against the US.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        With the grip of a 3 year old and his binkie. They are no doubt pissed at the US market but it started after about 2012 or so. The diesel scandal just sealed the deal with the heavy penalty the US imposed.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Most dealers have no idea and most car salesmen are clueless.

  • jon4uu

    Meh, they can keep this maintenance/reliability nightmare on their side of the pond.

  • Autoexperte

    ugly car IMO

  • Matthew Boyd

    Might want to bring this to the states to clean up the mess VW left…Or will it take away from the Q7 sales..? Marc Lichte might also want to refresh the Q7 as soon as possible to bring wandering eyes off the Touareg.

  • JL T0x

    VW needs a more powerful V6 or turbo-V6 for the US market. I wouldn’t be happy with a 2020 Touareg Atmosphere with an gas engine that’s not even making 300hp. I like that it’s longer/wider/lower, but the engine options have got to improve for such a heavy vehicle.

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