2020 Kia Telluride: Everything We Know On The Full-Size SUV

Kia has made leaps and bounds over what used to be a pretty mediocre brand in the distant past. Today, the South Korean-based automaker offers a full range of quality offerings from the overseas Ceed compact to the sporty Stinger sedan and the luxurious K900.

So where to now for Hyundai’s sister brand? Remember the muscular Telluride concept from the 2016 Detroit Motor Show? Well, it’s coming to production and recent spy-shots suggest it’ll closely follow the concept’s appearance. So let’s delve further.

A muscular, squared exterior

Inevitably, when most cars reach production, very seldom do the translate well from their original concept car. The Telluride (name yet to be confirmed) is no exception, although some subtle design cues have made the cut.

Kia Telluride Concept from 2016

The concept’s squared, muscular front has been retained, albeit with a widened grille and headlamps pushed far into the corners. Side-on, the look is rather generic, although the subtle footing of chrome on the b-pillars is a unique element.

Out back, the Telluride features a clamshell-style, upright tailgate, vertical LED tail lamps and polished dual exhaust tips.

Classy and practical accommodation in three rows

Positioned above its Sorento sibling, the three-row Telluride will have ample room for up to 8 passengers in base trims, while a seven seat layout with more comfortable second-row captain’s chairs is likely to be offered on higher-end versions. All models will offer flexible seating configurations, abundant storage holders for items, plenty of cup holders and USB ports. In other words, everything you’d expect from a vehicle that wants to be as practical as a minivan but with a much more adventurous design.

However, the biggest talking point will be its luxurious cabin presentation; think German meets Korean in terms of design and materials. We hope the concept’s massive panoramic roof carries over, as does the large, Mercedes-style instrument and infotainment screens.

Kia Telluride Concept dashboard

Speaking of the latter, Kia’s UVO system will offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Wi-Fi connectivity, navigation, remote start and ambient lighting control. Expect a suite of driver assistance features such as AEB (autonomous emergency breaking), forward collision alert, 360-degree camera, lane keeping aid, pedestrian detection and blind spot monitoring.

Under The Hood

The concept that appeared at Detroit used a 400 HP hybrid powertrain, combining a 270 HP 3.5-litre V6 with a 130 HP electric motor. We may see this later down the track, but not at launch.

There are conflicting reports on whether the Telluride will be based on a stretched Sorento platform, or the luxurious K900’s underpinnings. If it’s the latter, it’ll give the large SUV access to Kia’s potent 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 that’s pumping out 365 HP and 376 lb-ft of torque. Another possibility is an updated version of the Sorento’s naturally aspirated 3.3-liter V6 producing more than the current motor’s 290 HP and 252 lb-ft. Power will be sent to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission and offer torque vectoring.

Markets, rivals and release date

North America will be the Telluride’s primary market, however Kia Europe’s chief designer, Gregory Guillaume, hasn’t ruled out it being sold in other countries including Russia.

VW Atlas R-Line

Its main competitors will be the Volkswagen Atlas, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Durango, Honda Pilot, Subaru Ascent and Hyundai’s stablemate, the upcoming Palisade large SUV.

We expect the production version of the Telluride to debut before the end of the year, with sales starting in early 2019.

Would Kia’s large SUV be on your family shopping list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

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  • Dr Strangefingger

    Great looking SUV. Definitely one to consider next time I’m in the market.

    • Galaxium

      I don’t think there will be a 2.0T.

      Even for Hyundai’s Santa Fe, the only engine it had was the 290hp V6 engine. I imagine that this may get an ever larger engine since this is even bigger.

    • bd0007

      No 2.0T, but its replacement, the 2.5T is a possibility, if only used in a hybrid configuration.

  • ProtectOurHeritage

    This looks like it’ll be far more desirable than what Volkswagen has to offer.

    • Iberian Rekluse

      So much better than vw.

      • Mr Hahn

        The atlas is awful and very bland looking like all VW’s except the golf. Their styling is so bland.

  • aaronbbrown

    The concept looked great, let’s see how it compares to the production version.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      That’s where I’m at.
      Being 2 YEARS away, I am worried that too much will happen in Automotivedom that will either render it pointless and cause it to die like the Borrego or it will not look the part. Hoping neither, KIA deserves more.

  • FactChecker90803

    Telluride will ride on a front-drive-based platform with a transverse engine layout just like the concept. Hyundai and Kia’s new HTRAC all-wheel-drive system for front-drive-based vehicles, which recently made its debut in the 2019 Santa Fe

    • Raul

      And the tucson

  • MarketAndChurch

    I personally can’t see this being more successful than the Dodge Durango.

    • no25

      Because the Durango is SOOOOO successful. lmao pls.

      • MarketAndChurch

        That’s my point…

        • no25

          but this will actually sell…

      • Mr Hahn

        Durango is outdated like the ancient Grand Cherokee.

    • Nordschleife

      I think the Durango looks pretty good though.

      • dumblikeyou2

        It’s a bit on the white trash side of SUVs. And by a bit, I mean, it’s a white trash SUV totally.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      it will take another 10 years for KIA to shake the lesser-than-the-Japanese image. Hyundai is there but now has new ambitions with Genesis. Another 10 years for that.

  • Autoexperte
    • Andrewthecarguy

      You forgot the Highlander and Pathfinder.
      People thought the KIA minivan, Sedona, could not stack up against the perennial market holders, but it did and is still considered one of the best vans you can buy.

      • Autoexperte

        and Hyundai Santa Fe, Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Equinox

        I don’t like it that they bring only a monkey gasser and cheater as competitor

        • brn

          All of which are mid-sized. Why does CS insist on calling the Kia a full size?

          • Autoexperte

            Yes and the mentioned competitor Atlas is also mid-size

            competitors in the full-size segment are Chevrolet Tahoe, Land Rover Discovery and so on

        • Andrewthecarguy

          Not Equinox…Traverse.

    • Mr Hahn

      The Honda Pilot looks awful. The Subaru Ascent looks awesome. I’ve seen it in person,amazing looking SUV!

  • Harry Nimmergut

    Front end looks only a mother could love, if the guesstimate above comes true. And, knowing H-K’s lately luxury-vehicle pricing strategy, it’ll be 10 large above the competition because low-end versions will be next to impossible to find PLUS…wait for it…here come rising gas prices and a likely ’19 or ’20 recession and you have the bad timing of the last attempt at this market all over again.

  • no25

    This is going to look so good even for a KIA! Can’t wait to see the actual production model – hope the render is accurate!

  • Paul

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them with another hit on their hands given their recent success rate.

  • bd0007

    There is NO conflict as to the orientation of the platform; it’s a FWD platform.

    The confusion is over the head of Kia product planning having stated that they were mulling a K900-based CUV, but something like that would still be a few years away.

    Apparently, the grille and headlights have undergone a revision from the concept (a good thing as they both needed it; hope they have done away with the recessed headlights).

    The greenhouse (in particular, the rear panel) looks awful compared to the concept; looks like the Pilot’s which is soft and ungainly.

  • sidewaysspin

    It may look good but it’s still a KIA, and designwise I just see another clone of the Volvo XC90.

    • Raul

      I don’t see that anywhere.

  • Bash

    This looks fine tbh.

  • Jawohl

    Almost as ugly as Stinger

  • Bash

    The concept has a better face than the render.

  • klowik

    The front facia looks like it’s from the 70s…..it just doesn’t match the body,, was the design assigned to someone who has no sense of aesthetic?

  • dumblikeyou2

    It has an oddly similar feel to the Cullinan, but a much better name that doesn’t sound like a venereal disease.

  • Six_Tymes

    The Concept is so perfectly unique, I hope they didn’t change it… but most likely they did. The red render above sucks.

  • Huge Dom

    Disappointed that the styling doesn’t seem better than existing competitors now like Volkswagen Atlas, Honda Pilot, Subaru Ascent. Styling has been a tool for Kia to compete in tight markets, I feel they will have to fight without this round and it will be tough since by the time this comes out, the others will be in mid cycle updates already.

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    The renderings design changed enough that it makes the entire thing look sloppy. Lets hope Kia doesn’t F**k it up.

  • B Cuz

    KIA Teluride very tasty styling.

  • Darryl Johnson

    I don’t like the back of the finished product, it looks like the pilot, they should have stuck more closely to the concept to be honest. Also, I hope it gets a better name than Telluride, I think it should be Borrego or Mohave.

  • Richard Alexander

    Kia is making a full size SUV.
    Mid engine Corvette is coming.
    Massive financial bubble.
    Is this 2018 or 2008?
    The Matrix had run out of ideas.

  • schnittz

    Kia/Hyundai? No thank you!

    • Raul

      you’re still in the 90s? Get out and live in the new age.

  • Tobias Schreyer

    This will for sure be one of the greatest Kias ever, BUT, it
    will again come at the worst time possible. Just like the Borrego a couple of
    years ago.

    When this vehicle hits the roads in its production form, gas
    prices will be at the all time high (or very likely much higher than now) which
    may hurt the sales badly.

    That’s why Kia HAS to offer a plug-in version right from the
    start. In this case, they can avoid crashing sales due to the low mileage and
    higher gas prices.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    Not bad! Hopefully it turns out to be a toned-down version of the concept however when we get to see the final; product…

  • Scott Ryu

    Hopefully the production version of the 2020 Telluride Resurrects the Borrego Nameplate, which was vanished in 2009.

  • Six_Tymes

    For once, just once, cant a car company Match production with their own concept, and i don’t want to hear about bean counters, i am aware, they have enough coin to produce a suv to look exactly like this fantastic concept, this is one of those times they should do just that. As usual It will end up being close, but not exact.

    • pcurve

      LC500. Even though I think it’s a bargain, I have yet to seen one on road

  • Mr Hahn

    This makes the Borrego look bland. Borrego wasn’t bad but it was launched at the wrong time.

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