Aznom Atulux Is A $263k Coachbuilt RAM That Doesn’t Know If It’s A Truck, SUV Or Sedan

The crossover coupe craze appears to be giving way to a new crossover sedan trend as Mercedes introduced the odd-looking Vision Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept at Auto China last month.

The latest segment bender is the Aznom Atulux which is being billed as a luxury sedan which is based on the Ram 1500. Measuring nearly six meters (19.6 feet) long, the Atulux has a traditional Ram front fascia but the crew cab has nearly doubled in size. The extra room enabled the company to install an additional sunroof as well as a more accommodating passenger compartment.

While the exterior styling will likely draw some strange looks, the four-seat interior is truly impressive as virtually every surface is covered by full-grain nubuck leather, Alcantara upholstery or wood trim. The rear passenger compartment gets most of the attention and it features a nautical-inspired center console which is constructed out of steamed bleached oak.

Besides looking fantastic, the center console houses whiskey glasses, champagne flutes and a Nespresso machine which automatically rises from the console. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the console also has a refrigerator which can hold a number of champagne bottles.

Rear seat passenger can do more than drink to relax as the Atulux has two 17-inch LED displays for watching television or DVDs. The monitors can also be used to play an X-Box which is hidden in the center console. Those gaming sessions will likely be pretty loud as the model has a 1200 watt sound system with ten speakers and a subwoofer.

As part of the transformation from truck to luxury sedan, Aznom installed additional sound deadening material and an air suspension for a more comfortable ride. The brakes have also been upgraded as the discs now measure 420mm (16.5-inches) front and 380mm (15-inches) rear.

Aznom is currently accepting orders and customers will be able to customize the model by selecting from an assortment of different leather and wood options. In the specification shown here, the model costs €220,000 ($263,130) before taxes.


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  • IFDU

    Laugh now, this will considered the “reinvention of the sedan” in the near future lol.

    • Six_Tymes

      GM already did this, and did sell well for its first two plus years… Cadillac also had a version of GM’s Avalanche. The point, this design is not original at all.

      • IFDU

        Replace the traditional tailgate of the pickup with a sedan truck “lift” then BOOM! new segment! (also I’m just poking fun, with all the crossovers and sedan doom going on).

  • Six_Tymes
    • Matt

      I don’t see the similarities? One has been converted into a sedan, the other is just a regular crew cab with a ‘sports bar’.

      • Burnermovement

        Exactly. One is literally a Suburban with the roof cut-out, and the other is a pickup converted into a XL limo.

  • Dr Strangefingger

    A new automotive model segment… I’ll bet Ford has a whole line of these mish-mash vehicles that are not sedans ready to hit the lots.

  • donald seymour

    Thanks Mercedes-Benz. Thanks a lot.

  • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

    The Garfield Show already did this. Remember the white limo that everyone uses

  • Honda NSX-R

    I’ll just take a Quad Cab Ram 1500 and save the $200,000 or so, thank you very much.


  • Is it available with PS4 instead?

    • LWOAP

      No, because just like with the Xbox, there’s no reason to buy this thing.

      Bazing!…..I’ll let myself out now.

      • Same here, this is a ridiculous as the Chinese SUV thing that cost $3 millions that we saw few weeks ago.

  • Erzhik

    For that price tag, they could’ve at least used custom xbox controllers. Instead they used one controller that was included with the console and one white that’s always on sale.

  • ChrisInIL

    Coachbuilt and Ram. Those are two words I never expected to see together in a sentence.

  • Callanish

    Who are they kidding with that price tag. I don’t know whether to laugh at it or laugh more at the sucker who would pay that kind of money for this monstrosity.

  • RDS Alphard

    Interior is actually nice!

  • tseventy6

    Oh boy, I remember these things from when I lived in Paraguay in the 90’s.
    I found them beeing quite nice in those days, looks weird now though.

    • Ilbirs

      Transformed fullsize trucks were such a craze in the 1980s to mid 1990s’ Brazil to a point that Ford and GM, that made the vehicles that originated them, had an option of unfinished chassis like what Cadillac used to sell in U.S. These chassis consisted on the frame itself, the drivetrain and some essential parts of the body (firewall, A pillars etc.) and weren’t painted and had only the preparation to receive the color the firm wanted. So at that time you could also buy a brand new transformed truck to serve as your everyday car in one of those oddities that just a closed market could bring to you as you didn’t have proper premium rides available. Yes, if you wanted you didn’t have to buy a production vehicle and them give it to a firm to transform. Fiberglass was a popular material at that time but the thing got so improved that the best ones used steel to make the bodies possible.

      Considering that Brazil is a continent-sized country to a point that is bigger than U.S. in contiguous area (U.S. surpasses Brazil if you add Alaska) but doesn’t have its population as evenly spread as the American, this means that most of the people live near the coastal line and the far you go west, more isolated are the cities and less density you have. This means that people living in these more isolated places value a lot readily available parts and dealers that are near them, being no surprise that, despite the newcomers, what we call the Big Four (GM, VW, Fiat and Ford) still play a very important role here due to all investment made to reach some of the most isolated places in Brazil. GM and Ford, as they started local assembly by making commercial vehicles instead of passenger cars, had to have their networks more spread than others due to the fact that someone driving a heavy truck in, for example, Mato Grosso state (which borders Paraguay), would go away from a brand that didn’t offer them easily available maintenance. This reflected also in a wide use of third-part diesel engines, like Perkins (later Maxion) and MWM. Perkins used to be used by GM and Ford preferred the MWM ones. Both these engines still have today a good array of brand new parts for them still being made, as these things almost live forever. If you wanted the Otto way, no problems, as the inline-six Chevy and the Ford of the same configuration were very known by any mechanic.
      All this meant that there were previous conditions for the craze that took Brazil in the 1980s and first half of the 1990s and had some reflexes in Paraguay, specially considering how many Brazilian cars were there at that time. When the imports arrived in Brazilian soil, people started realizing how odd were those fullsize trucks and suddenly their value dropped and the transformation firms started to close their doors or change their businesses, most of them going to commercial truck equipments and others applying that knowledge in transforming these commercial trucks (like putting a cubicle sleeper into a small COE, for example). Brazilian-made fullsize trucks ceased their existence in part because they were eclipsed by the compact trucks, that began to be assembled here in 1995, when GM released the first S10. When the last F250 rolled out of the assembly line, the sole fullsize available to Brazilians is the RAM 2500 imported from Mexico and sold by an astronomical value despite the trade deal between the two countries.
      Newer transformed fullsize trucks still exist today, but in very small numbers. Their safe haven is the countryside, where there’s still some use for them in rural areas or people that want the easy maintenance of Cummins engines, that became the prevailing brand of powerplants straight from the shelf and more associated to commercial trucks. As said before, the compact trucks took the place of the fullsize ones, as the automakers realized that not only they could have more profit with less raw materials being used but also due to the fact that they became so bloated to a point that their main difference to a fullsize one is width, something that also affects U.S. today.

  • Imjus Sayin

    The rebirth of the American Sedan. 2020 New Models such as the Ram 300, Ram Avenger, F150 Taurus, Ranger Fusion, are just around the corner. Chrysleri and Ford better hurry before Toyota releases the Tundra Camry, Tacoma Corolla, and Nissan Titan Maxima Platinum, Frontier Altima King Cab….Oh my word…can you imagine a Honda Ridgeline Accord Sport Hybrid????

  • Marc Gruben

    This is a textbook example of financial Darwinism – it is morally wrong to allow a fool to keep his money

  • Status

    See the finish nail heads and smell the carpenters glue!

  • Stephen G

    This is a logical response to how terrible today’s cars are to live with.

  • Lucy Senna

    oh boy, you here! haha~

    that’s true, and we can’t forget the rigid hood.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    Doug DeMuro needs to see this… 😉

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