BMW’s Designworks Studio Is Designing These Sleek Charging Stations For Ionity

Instead of each installing their own, several of the world’s largest automakers are teaming up to develop a joint network of rapid electric-vehicle charging stations across Europe. But with each participating automaker having its own designers on hand, who would they pick to design the stations?

The answer is Designworks, BMW’s quasi-independent design studio. It’s now working with Ionity (as the joint venture is called) to design the charging station architecture, the charger pylons themselves, and the entire digital interaction concept. And this is what they’ll look like.

“For selection of the design partner, our criteria included a comprehensive understanding of future mobility as well as experience outside of the automotive industry, competence in both analog and digital interfaces, pronounced intercultural expertise, and the ability to develop concepts with a view to future contexts,” said Ionity CEO Michael Hajesch.

“In creating the first Pan-European HPC network, we are looking to give electromobility a boost toward a breakthrough in Europe. Design, with the tremendous potential it has to reach people and influence them in a positive manner, is a key factor for us here.”

A joint initiative between BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, and Ford, Ionity aims to install 400 high-power charging stations along major highways across Europe by the end of 2020. Each station will feature up to six chargers. And they’ll be spaced at a distance of about 120 kilometers (75 miles) from each other. So an electric vehicle with at least that much range will be able to leapfrog from one to the other along its route, eliminating range anxiety and opening up Europe’s highway network for electric vehicles to criss-cross the continent.

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  • Here is the problem. Tesla currently has 1,229 superchargers around the world, and many more under construction. These guys are planning 400 by the end of 2020? Sorry but that will not cut it. People talk about Tesla not making profit, well here is your answer. There is something called long term investment. On the bright side these chargers look awesome.

    • Dr Bjorn Von Strangefingger

      Not only just making a profit, but losing multi-million daily. And the losses are only increasing, as are competitive models. Like it or not, they no longer control their own destiny (said Darth Vader while sipping a Corona ).

      • Wonder why the investors are not listening to you…

        • Iberian Rekluse

          Enron investors ‘believed’ as well…

    • Status

      You think CCS has fewer charging stations that Tesla’s proprietary charging stations? There’s over 1000 CCS charging stations in Germany alone.

      • You must be joking right? You are comparing mostly 20kWh slow chargers with Teslas 150kWh superchargers. Have fun charging your car for 2 days before you can continue your trip. Tesla built a supercharger network, that’s what the European brands need to urgently do as well – as you can read it from the article above. Problem is the timeline and the number of chargers.

        • LWOAP

          No every company doesn’t need their own supercharger network. What would make more sense is to have a series of charging stations that every EV can use regardless of make and model .

        • Status

          This was never about speed, this was about charging units by volume….as you were droning on about in your initial post.

          Way to move goal posts to suit you.

          • Of course it’s about speed. A rapid charger are way more expensive to install than simple 20kWh chargers. That’s why all the big brands are hesitant, and that’s why Tesla has such a massive lead (I wish they wouldn’t, competition needs to level). What’s the purpose of road side chargers if not to have a quick 15-20mins stop and be able to go another few hundred km’s?

          • Status

            Nope. You said “Tesla currently has 1,229 superchargers around the world, and many more under construction.” You never once mentioned anything about speed until I pointed out that CCS, by chargers alone, was more numerous.

            Charging speed still isn’t at issue here, and never was.

  • Dr Bjorn Von Strangefingger

    Clean electricity… generated mostly via petroleum, coal and nuclear (wind, hydro, solar to a tiny percent). I smell a shell game here…

    • Spreading the usual propaganda I see. Even the worst energy mix (e.g.: Poland) translates to much less pollution if ICE would be replaced by electric cars.

      • Dr Bjorn Von Strangefingger

        Hope and parroting other peoples’ lies is a a horrible strategy.

        • Silimarina

          “Hope and parroting other peoples’ lies is a a horrible strategy” says the guy that is full of it

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