These Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini And Audi R8 Chinese Clones Will Cost You As Little As $5,000

Are you tired of waiting for an electric supercar? Do you feel like Bugatti should bring its prices down a bit? Is Lamborghini’s thirst for fuel the only thing that keeps you from putting down an order? If the answer is yes to all of the above, then we’ve got news for you.

There’s a car company in China (where else?) that offers the car of your dreams, sort of. Shandong Fengde offers a range of supercar clones fitted with electric powertrains. Before you rush into placing an order however, learn that these Chinese replicas are slightly slower than the real deal.

Shandong Fengde specializes in producing LSEVs or Low Speed Electric Vehicles which in China can be operated without actually requiring a driver’s license. Their top speed is limited to 37mph (60km/h) which makes them ideal for city use but not much else. Actually that sounds a lot like how the average owner uses a supercar anyway.


Bugatti Chiron Mini EV Clone

This gem right here is the P8 and is an unapologetic ripoff of the Bugatti Chiron, in case you were still wondering. The front end features the horse-shoe grille, a fake one since this an electric car, the sides incorporate the C-shaped line while the rear tries to give the impression of an engine hiding underneath the panel. It even has massive dual fake exhausts, so pretty much no one will notice that you’re not driving the real thing.

Powering this beauty is a 4000-watt electric motor, which translates into 5.3hp, so drag racing real supercars best be avoided if you don’t want to blow your cover. Also to be avoided is traveling more than 93 miles at a time, because that’s how far a full charge will last you. In all seriousness, the driving range is not that bad if you think about it. As for the price, you can become a proud, fake-Chiron EV owner for around $6,000 (37,888 Chinese Yuan). Order more than 10 of these babies together and Shandong Fengde will drop the price to $5,000 (31,999 Chinese Yuan).

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Lamborghini Gallardo Mini EV Clone

Is the Chiron too much for you? Then take a look at this wedged-shaped masterpiece. Order one in black and people will think that Bruce Wayne is in town. Ok, we’ll admit that the plastic wood trim inside does mess with the illusion a bit but as long as no one takes a peek inside, you’re good to go.

A similarly powerful electric motor with its wannabe-Bugatti sibling means that traffic light grands prix are not recommended. As you would expect, this “Lamborghini” is a bit cheaper than the “Bugatti”, with prices starting at around $5,300 (33,800 Chinese Yuan).

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Audi R8 Mini EV Clone

Want something less shouty but undeniably cool? Is Tony Stark better than Batman? You get the idea. Same chassis, same electric powertrain but different looks.

Judging by the photos, there’s less fake wood to write about and the two-tone seats try their best Audi impression. The electric “Audi R8” starts from around $5,500 (34,999 Chinese Yuan).

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