Don’t Park One Of These 50,000 BMWs, Minis, Or Rolls-Royces Indoors Until The Water Pump’s Replaced

The BMW Group is having trouble with the water pumps overheating on a wide variety of vehicles. Not only BMWs, but Minis and Rolls-Royces, too. So it’s recalling nearly 50,000 of them in the United States. And probably even more in other markets.

The problem affects certain 5 Series sedans and Gran Turismos, 6 Series coupes and convertibles, 7 Series sedans, and X5 and X6 crossovers. Also included are a variety of Mini coupes, roadsters, convertibles, Clubman wagons, and Countryman crossovers. And the Rolls-Royce Ghost as well.

Between all the various bodystyles and powertrain combinations, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists no fewer than 69 different models affected. They range from the 2007 through 2012 model years, depending on the model in question. And they include hybrids and JCW and M performance models as well as more conventional versions.

That’s a heck of a variety of vehicles, with a whole heck of a lot of different engines. Vehicles as small and (relatively) inexpensive as the Mini coupe with its little four-cylinder engine and as large and costly as the Ghost with its big twin-turbo V12.

Fixing the problem will necessitate replacing the troublesome electric auxiliary water pumps. If they’re not replaced, they could overheat and potentially start a fire. Apparently the manufacturer doesn’t have the parts it needs to recall all the vehicles just yet, so the recall process isn’t expected to get underway until next month. In the meantime, BMW is advising owners against parking their vehicles indoors. Apparently the fire risk is that real, and nobody wants their garages and houses to catch fire if their vehicles do.

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  • Salih Ahzem

    I don’t seem to recall there is this problem with the European versions of the vehicles affected. How come the U.S. is usually where it all gets problematic with BMWs while there are more of them in Europe and with far less problem? Is it BMW don’t care about its Euro customers or screws American ones?

    • Almost all BMW SUVs are manufactured in the US and are exported globally, so my guess is that until they are pressed by other country goverments, they won’t do it…VW’s Dieselgate is a perfect example…US consumers were generously compensated, however EU owners were left on their own…

      • That is not true, VW did recalls in EU, but unlike the US where they offered buyback scheme due to settlement with US Authorities, in EU many of those diesels were simply get recall.

        • Like I said, they were left on their own…the recalls in the EU resulted in lower performing diesel cars and reduced fuel efficiency…owners were not compensated for this loss. In the US, owners were compensated for both factors (financial losses and recalls)…

          • Fair enough, funny thing is that I don’t really heard that from my European friends, either they aren’t aware of it or that VW had enough brand loyalty.

          • Well you haven’t been reading you on what’s going on in GB, or because of Brexit, you are excluding them?

    • Daniela Wolf

      The truth is that US costumers and EU costumers buy slightly different cars.
      Cars for the US market are produced on “special” belts – just so u know that.^^

  • Hot Twink

    So the Rolls-Royce uses the same pump as a Mini? Oh for shame!

    • LeStori

      Its an auxillary electric pump. not the main one. This could mean it is the same pump or that a component in the electric pumps manufacture is common. Of course if it is the same pump, it could be viwed the opposite way. A Mini gets a Rolls Royce auxilary pump. Now that sounds better…

    • I’m still surprised on how common petrolheads got shocked with a relatively mundane cars sharing part with hundreds grand car.

      • Hot Twink

        Indeed. They all share parts at some point. Some parts are designed and manufactured in-house, but the majority are outsourced.

  • Christian

    aaaAAhhhh shiit….

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