Would You Rather Have A Volvo XC40 Over The Larger XC60?

It would appear that questions of the style “Volvo’s XC40 or XC60?” are becoming harder to answer as the years go by and automakers keep building subcompact models that truly excel with regards to practicality while offering very similar space.

The Volvo XC40 is one such car. Relatively small on the outside, spacious on the inside, frugal, well-built and techy. The XC40 is also the reigning 2018 European car of the year, as well as Lara Croft’s new ride in the latest Tomb Raider movie. Now all it needs is an entourage.

Park it next to an XC60 and you’ll need to fill out the backseat with three adults in order to crown the latter as a decisive winner, according to Carwow. Although, the XC60’s size does come in handy in more ways than just one.

For example, it feels “more substantial and solid” to drive, which in turn will make road trips more comfortable. It’s pretty much the classic way in which larger cars tend to one-up smaller ones.

As for overall quality, the interior of the XC40 is indeed a little more simplistic than the XC60’s, as the latter does a good job at mirroring the XC90 flagship. This means less scratchy plastics, a more sophisticated atmosphere and improved comfort.

In the end, if you’re trying to decide which one to buy and you’ve got a bag full of money on you, the XC40 will be the cheaper alternative. If you’re going for a monthly payment plan however, you might find that the XC60 is the better value option – but this depends on a series of factors.

Do you really need that extra bit of room? That’s probably the main question you should ask yourself when it comes to these two crossovers. If not, then maybe you’ll be just as happy in the smaller, and a bit quirky, Volvo XC40.


  • Gustavo Adriano

    None, I woud rather have the V60 😀

    • Marek Andrzejak

      Good answer. Mine was exactly the same after read the head of article.

  • LeStori

    A question along the lines of “Would you like would you like a punch in the head or a quick kick to the testicles”.

    A no brainer. Neither.

    • BlackPegasus

      Damn… are they that bad?

      • TheHake

        They are certainly not. Since one won the World Car of the Year and the other the European Car of the Year.

    • james.

      Head punch please.

  • Gustavo Adriano

    I saw both cars in the event of Volvo Ocean Race in my city, they are amazing car (mainly the XC60 of course). But, is very weird how that “c” column of the XC40 make the car interior seems tight.

    • General. Koofta

      Hey Gustavo! I was there also (Newport) I was so impressed with Volvo overall. The tech specialist sold me on the XC60 with the mild hybrid.. wishbone suspension, 400 hp 472 lb torque, self parking,European delivery (in time for Euro 2020) and most important to me. active antiwhiplash technology. It’s better looking than any of the german SUVs…by the way I hate SUVs but giving in to the join us or die reality. I like to see the horizon once in a while when I am driving and prefer not to be completely blinded by SUV headlights riding on my ass in my A4.

      • Gustavo Adriano

        Hi mate @general_koofta:disqus , actually I am from Itajaí (one city before yours) haha, it was an amzing event by the way (I even worked as a Volunteer). About the XC60, it is a amazing car and I agree with everything you said. Cheers!

        • joeybuttafucco

          yes indeed! If I was a rich man; I would shoot over to the Hague for the final after watching Brazil win the final in the Cup!!!! but hten I wouldn’t be looking at Volvos then, but Porsches!

  • YourMotherRaisedYouBetter

    V90 CrossCountry

  • Nordschleife

    Maybe because of age I think the XC40 is more to my liking. It’s a little more jazzy to me. Especially the white with the black roof. I think it’s more to my taste.

  • BlackPegasus

    You were just waiting for the opportunity to post that weren’t you? 😄

  • ErnieB

    V60 is the one!

  • TheHake

    I agree

  • TheHake

    I’d have the XC40

  • uS’gedlemba

    V60 here as well!

  • Vassilis

    The XC60. It looks better.

  • Tostik

    Volvo just announced there are 80,000 pre-orders for the XC40, and there will be production increases at Ghent and in China for the unexpected demand.

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