2019 BMW Z4: Stop Guessing What The New Roadster Will Look Like, This Is It

As BMW gears up for the official reveal of the new Z4 Roadster, a series of patent images allegedly showing the full production version of the new open-top two-seater sports car has found its way online.

This is the first time we can clearly see what the brand new Z4 will look like. As expected, the production version borrows heavily from last year’s Z4 Concept which served as a preview.

According to these patent images -first shown by Autoweek.nl– the new Z4 will retain the classic long nose-short rear proportions and soft top, with the cabin sitting closer to the rear axle and the front end dominated by BMW’s wide kidney grille.

BMW recently revealed a few details about the upcoming new Z4, mentioning that the range-topping version will be the M40i. The fastest derivative of the new Bavarian roadster -at least initially- will be powered by a new “extremely powerful” six-cylinder engine. The most recent reports talk about a twin-turbo 3.0-liter unit making between 360hp and 380hp.

The upcoming BMW Z4 M40i will also feature a lowered sports suspension with electronically controlled dampers, along with a new front axle and a locking rear differential. BMW promises that the new Z4 will be a “purebred roadster”. It will interesting to see if the new Bavarian Z will finally become a true Porsche Boxster rival, given that the chassis was co-developed with Toyota as it’s also going to be used in the new Supra.

“The high level of body stiffness and the very rigid suspension attachment provide the perfect basis for a set-up that guarantees the performance qualities of a genuine sports car in terms of steering precision as well as longitudinal and transverse acceleration,” said BMW’s suspension guru Jon vas As a week ago.

The new 2019 BMW Z4 is expected to be revealed this summer and make its public debut at the Paris Motor Show this fall.

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  • wintergraan

    Nice rims!

    • Spyder Hole Fantome

      Yeah, rims are wicked sweet!

    • Six Thousand Times

      Bonneville racer.

  • Spyder Hole Fantome

    Looks like a Mazda.

    • D3X

      Fiat Roadster!!

      • DR.FUNK

        I’m seeing some SLK Kompressor throwback cues.
        BMW remixes Mercedes.

  • Jp

    I will try not to play the impossible game stating that either BMW does something different and it’s an insult to its history, or it’s too predictable and thus bland and uninspired.

    I am not sure whether I like it or not. It has a bit of a bland feeling but that might be because the rims are not there. I notice that the hood is way shorter than it used to be (think of first gen Z4), and overall it looks like a much smaller car, more nibble (perhaps like an Miata) to me. In conclusion, I’m really looking forward to see the official photos.

    • Knarck

      We are seeing it as telephoto perspective where the volumes feel non 3 dimensional. These patent images try to objectively show graphics and proportion that are unique to this car in case its ripped off in another design. Can’t wait to see the official photos as well with the proper lens and high contrast paint to show a feel closer to reality

  • Dennis James

    Hopefully I’m wrong, but looking at the front overhang this doesn’t look like it can take a longitudinal 6-cylinder engine, more like a 2-liter transverse one…

    • Six Thousand Times

      That front overhang thing would matter if it were FWD. Since this car is RWD, the critical dimension is aft of the front “axle.”

  • Tinky-Winky

    It has lost some of the sharpness compared to concept but hopefully in metal it will look much better. At least the large side air scoop is still there, something that usually doesn’t live past concept phase.

    • ErnieB

      Looks nothing like the awesome concept.. they really watered down.. meh

      • Kaisuke971

        This is a 3D model of the base version, it’s the furthest the car will be from the concept. Wait for the M40i

      • Alfa Giulia QV

        They rarely look like concept. The same will most likely be true for the M8 Gran Coupe.

  • Hoe

    Why that bland thing?

  • iea96

    Yikes. That’s super generic.

    • wintergraan

      What exactly makes it look “super generic”? I’m just curious 🙂

      • iea96

        Take the kidney grille off and you will not be able to tell if it’s a Mazda, a Lotus, or whatever else.

        • wintergraan

          That’s not a very strong argument in my eyes, because the same applies for most cars and brands 🙂 I’m glad that BMW has finally come up with a new design theme and tries to differentiate their cars even further.

          • iea96

            I’m not saying it doesn’t. Almost every car on the market looks generic these days. But I was expecting more from this model, maybe because it was hyped so much. BMW is clearly trying to find something new in terms of design. This is easy to spot in the new X5 and this Z4.

          • wintergraan

            I can see your point, but these monochromatic, computer-generated pictures don’t do the car’s design justice. It doesn’t even have rims 😀
            I think we should wait for the first official pictures to surface.

          • iea96

            Yeah you’re right. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see it in flesh 😀

  • Adilos Nave

    The headlights make it look like a Beverly Hills housewife after a eye-lift procedure.

  • Bo Hanan
    • Honda NSX-R

      You say that like that’s a bad thing 😛

      • Bo Hanan

        I was being ironic. It looks *nothing* like the show car. (rolls eyes)

        • Honda NSX-R

          It looks exactly like the show car, it’s just a hell of a lot blander

          • Bo Hanan

            Say you.

  • Yishay


  • Six Thousand Times

    Not as radical as the concept to be sure but a looker nonetheless.

  • Tim Brace

    The shape from the back is surprizingly like a Boxster.

  • haudit

    The proportions are incredibly stubby compared to its predecessor. It’s especially noticeable in the side profile. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/30ae397b3d2e268b1a7ecf9a1e7857467a7a3a7121bfba2b82fead80a5a0aec5.jpg

    • wintergraan

      Sure, but the old Z4 was way too long and heavy. I think BMW made the right decision reducing the overall dimensions and the weight of the car.

      • Kaisuke971

        This is a bigger car, but because it has gained more width than lenght and the wheelbase has been reduced, it looks more compact (and according to the prototype reviews drive like a smaller car too)

        • wintergraan

          Interesting, i didn’t expect it to be longer than the current Z4. Thanks for the clarification 🙂
          Hopefully it will shed some weight.

          • Kaisuke971

            I’ve seen that the car was up to 50kg lighter ? But i not sure if that was 35is vs M40i specifically or across the range. Anyway most of that is due to the soft top (the previous gen had a very heavy hard top), i’d have expected more tbh but then again they might have added some kit (the M40i for example has the M Diff) for better handling and stuff.

      • haudit

        Way too long? It’s 4.3m, or roughly the size of a Ford Focus. There’s no reason to believe the new Z4 will be an appreciably smaller car, although I have no doubt it will be substantially lighter.

        • wintergraan

          Maybe I was exaggerating a little bit 🙂 But considering that the Z4 is supposed to be a nimble roadster, it’s actually quite large and heavy. The first generation for example was just a tad longer than 4 meters.
          Therefore I’m kinda disappointed that BMW made the new car even longer and reportedly reduced its weight only by a few kilos.

  • LJ

    It’s looks a bit, dare I say, Bangle-ish?


    mercedes doors?

  • Autoexperte

    Toyota Supra looks probably better than the Z4

  • Harry Nimmergut

    Also underwhelmed. All this time waiting…for this?

  • Knotmyrealname

    No fanx.

  • Vassilis

    It’s not bad but it isn’t great either, is it…

  • fabri99

    I’m…not impressed. Overall it looks really rather bland. Sure, it’s not ugly and you cannot ask BMW for something original, but a roadster should nevertheless be aggressive and sharp-looking, and this isn’t. Hopefully it’s just the patent images that spoil the looks.

  • Elmediterraneo

    Line up :
    Z4 20i 4 cylinder 184 PS
    Z4 30i 4 cylinder 252 PS
    Z4 M40i 6 cylinder 385 PS

  • Jay

    stop writing terrible inaccurate titles, this is what your credibility will look like. Like wtf are you kidding dude, what a terrible headline. look at these comments that are judging based on this. You guys are getting really bad this whole auto journo thing. geebus.

  • sidewaysspin

    Doesn’t look that good after all.

  • Balcis

    doesn’t look original.

  • SteersUright

    When did BMW and Mercedes forget how to make attractive headlights? They used to have some of the best looking in the biz. Now they’re all ovoid and odd looking making their cars look a bit dumb up front.

  • SteersUright

    Overall, a mess. I cant imagine this selling well. At least the current, dynamically challenged Z4 is a beauty. These little roadsters are all about looks! Poor BMW cant design a handsome car anymore.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Looks like an SLK in some parts, like a Porsche Boxter in others (especially in the back). The huge air scoop on the side looks like that of an old Hyundai coupè…Na.

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