2019 BMW Z4 Interior Uncovered, Has New Audi-Like Digital Instrument Cluster

BMW unveiled the Z4 concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance last year and the model is continuing its slow march to production.

Spy photographers recently caught up with the model and they managed to get a revealing look at the interior. As you can see, the roadster has been equipped with a new digital instrument cluster which was recently previewed at BMW’s Digital Day event.

While the display doesn’t appear to be fully functional, the finished product will have a large central display area that can show useful information such as navigation data. It is flanked by a speedometer on the left as well as a tachometer on the right. The display is customizable and can show an assortment of other information such as the oil temperature and current fuel economy rating.

Besides the digital instrument cluster, there’s an upgraded infotainment system which runs on a new operating system. While the display is turned off in these photos, BMW has previously said the new operating system is more intuitive and has a clearer layout.

Users will be able to access the infotainment system through touch, voice and gesture controls as well as the traditional iDrive controller. The system is also more customizable and will anticipate the needs of the driver.

Below the infotainment system is two air vents which are surrounded by black trim and new switchgear. The model also has dedicated audio controls which provide easy access to commonly used functions.

Other notable features include a stubby gear selector and a small storage compartment which houses a USB port and what appears to be a wireless smartphone charger.

Reader films new Z4 near its production location

Recently caught by Konrad Fürdank and passed onto us by his friend Steven, this prototype was caught on video while traveling near Graz, Austria. This is certainly an interesting location as the city is home to a Magna Steyr manufacturing plant. Reports have suggested the company would be building the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra so it isn’t too surprising that models would be testing in and around the city.

We’ve seen countless spy photos of the Z4 over the past few months and the latest footage gives us an extended look at the car’s rear end which features slim taillights and a dual exhaust system. The model is also slated to have a sporty front bumper with a wide twin kidney grille and sweptback headlights.

What engines will power it?

Engine options remain unconfirmed but Europe is slated to receive an entry-level variant with a four-cylinder that produces 197 PS (195 hp / 145 kW) and 320 Nm (236 lb-ft) of torque. In North America, we can expect a slightly more powerful base model with a four-cylinder engine developing around 250 hp (186 kW / 253 PS). Rumors have also suggested there will be a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder engine with outputs of approximately 335 PS (246 kW / 330 hp) and 385 PS (283 kW / 380 hp).

The BMW Z4 is expected to be unveiled this summer before being shown at the Paris Motor Show in October.

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Image credits CarPix for Carscoops

  • WG

    The interior is still meh.

    • Bo Hanan

      Same steering wheel as new Supra.

      • RDS Alphard

        Go compare them, it’s actually different.

  • no25

    and the interior still looks like every other BMW’s interior for the past decade. next.

    • kachuks

      Imagine if the guys who do BMW interiors worked with the guys who do Audi exteriors?

  • salamOOn

    this newly styled bmw interior is even worse than current one….

  • LeStori

    A car for young men, women etc. Any male over 40 need not apply. Unless you have a full set of hair and had a few face lifts. Even than you will be laughed at . A coupe is for the over 40s male. Oops no coupe…
    Must admit, however, if that is actually the interior, I am not sure the young males or even the females will want it. Looks like boredom city.

  • Jay

    i love the hot shitty takes on BMW interiors… if you haven’t sat in a new one then you have no clue. I like MBs interior in general but their UX infotainment is sad and not a joy or easy to use, like one giant screen across with super confusing use… . Audis got a nice digital cockpit but the rest is so damn chunky.

    • SteersUright

      Audi has set the bar so high lately its truly hard to be impressed by much else. This interior and most BMW’s are good enough, but they’ve never been very stylish rather focusing on good ergonomics and understated design. Nowadays, though, Audi interiors are the one’s to beat and this Z4 surely won’t be the one to do it.

      • Jay

        if you say so. I see long slabs everywhere on new a4s, a5s… i dont know what great design that is. Their component designs are something else and I will give you that, from that dash, to the HVAC dials… but how they are put together is not pleasant. The upcoming a6 is all screens now… I design for this space and hate that use of it. In a car that’s ridiculous and again, they do it with huge bezels, and slabs surrounding it. Seeing pictures vs sitting in these cars and using the functions are something else. I’d rather function and design go by logic and intuition. I just think Audis ergonomics are too chunky where BMW is still ok with some smaller designs that take intuition over you needing to see it in plain view. Pictures and videos dont do any car justice and actually make some look better in comparison. Audis get away with this always. Benz has the nicest “interior” by far over all but not easiest or inspiring infotainment even if the component surround it has gotten better.

  • PK

    “Has New Audi-Like Digital Instrument Cluster”. Why does that sound like an insult????

  • Nordschleife

    I haven’t seen it in full but the current one is better. I actually think the current Z4 interior is one of their more evocatively styled interiors.

  • Charles Lane

    That is pure garbage. Glad to hang on my e89 35is a bit longer and trade to a P-car instead.

  • Yilmaz Yasar

    What an ugly m steering wheel

  • iea96

    That gear lever area looks a bit cluttered

  • SteersUright

    I LOVE classic round gauges in sports cars that remind me of a fine watch. Mazda nailed it in some recent concept. That said, right next to that, I love me a giant infotainment screen somewhere with fully modern tech and features.

  • Kagan

    Manual please!

  • Vassilis

    I wonder, will the E85 Z4 remain the best ever after this is released?

  • Major Lee Gassole

    Now we know what the Supra’s interior is going to look like.

    • lagunas3ca

      Not quite.

  • Nut Donut

    BMW starts to be ugly. Unforunatelly quality lacks also.

  • Enter Ranting

    YES! Real gauges impart a sense of precision and craftsmanship. Screens display gimmicky video game graphics. I look at screens all day – they’re not interesting or advanced. I want beautifully crafted physical gauges in my expensive luxury car.

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