Is This The Bugatti Divo That’s Testing At The Nurburgring?

Last week, Bugatti announced that it will launch a hardcore limited edition hypercar called Divo, and now a mysterious prototype was spotted testing at the Nurburgring.

Putting one and one together makes us believe that this Chiron-based prototype is indeed the Divo, but with no official confirmation, that’s just an educated guess.

Simply looking at the pictures shared by DCNCars on Instagram doesn’t reveal much, as the bumpers on both ends appear to be identical to the ones used on the Chiron and the only visible changes are the different headlamps and taillights.

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If this is indeed the Bugatti Divo, then it should feature more visual updates when it premieres next month at Pebble Beach. The Molsheim-based company said that “its dynamic character will be underlined by a new, strong design language”, as the hypercar wants “to thrill people throughout the world”.

Alongside the updated styling, the new Bugatti will be lighter and more agile than the current Chiron. And, of course, the extreme hypercar will come with an equally extreme price tag: €5 million (excluding tax) in Europe, or $5.82 million at today’s exchange rates.

Bugatti will only make 40 units of the Divo, but they haven’t announced whether these are part of the 500-example production run of the Chiron, or if it will be considered a standalone model.

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  • Doodez

    Is there no other test track in Europe other than this overplayed boring Wal-Mart of tracks called the Nurburgring??? Please, no more stories about anything Nurburgring!!!

    I know, how about a story of a manufacturer that doesn’t test on the Nurburgring. Now that would be interesting.

    • Perry F. Bruns

      I don’t think Dacia tests there.

    • Mr. EP9

      Considering no other track haves what the Nordschleife can offer, they use it as a bench mark. It’s annoying, true, but that’s to be expected.

      • Brent Morrison

        And we know that owners of these vehicles are going to race it there…. Right.

        • KenjiK

          And we also know owners of these vehicules are going to race them at all…. Right.

      • Well I once speak privately with Porsche engineer, he admits that Nurburgring is nothing but a marketing exercise, if you do a Nurburgring set up, you would get a rather uncomfortable cars.

        And why manufacturer still testing there? They test everywhere, it’s just spy photographer tend to hang out in certain places,

    • roy

      Ladies and gentlemen we have James May amongst us here….. Jokes apart I kind of agree with you

    • Beelzaboot teriaksun

      I bet you’d rather every manufacturer tested their vehicle only on the drag strips, 1320 or BUST , right ?

      You ignorant sob don’t really understand the complexity of the Ring. It’s a mix of endurance( distance ) , straight lines ( speed ) and corners ( handling ). Go back to driving in a straight line, bud

  • Big Black Duck

    This is not worth it at all…I’d rather by the McLaren Senna


    • donald seymour

      No, but there are suckers willing to cough up the money. And I’m one of them.

      • exeptor

        Great comment.

      • GO FOR IT.

    • Big Black Duck

      No point paying for this garbage…now if it looked like the Vision GT concept…then may be

  • Shelby GT500

    They said that Divo will have all-new bodywork. Well, that may be the mule or that’s new Chiron Super Sport

  • fabri99

    Mmmh… I still don’t really get the Chiron. It just doesn’t look that much different from a Veyron, it doesn’t make you go wow. It’s nothing we haven’t seen already (while the Veyron brought unprecedented performance for a road-legal car) and I really wouldn’t spend millions on a car like this, especially considering what similarly priced cars can do (McLaren Senna, for starters).


      • fabri99

        It’s not just the looks… The Veyron was different from anything we had already seen and its performance was mind-blowing. The Chiron has great performance, but it doesn’t achieve anything that other cars cannot. It doesn’t really have anything innovative and as a result it isn’t getting as much media coverage as the Veyron did. I expected more of Bugatti, to be honest.

        • Big Black Duck

          Totally agree you with you on that one…engineering aside…its the lack of attention to detail for such an important and expensive car that bothers me.

    • If you believe the rumor, Chiron is, in essence the so called “SuperVeyron” the supposedly limited edition Veyron to celebrate their last production. But VW decided to spin them off as “new” model and basically to extend the already proven Veyron platform.

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