Ford Still Chasing Parties Involved In 2017 GT Mecum Auction Sale

Remember that silver 2017 Ford GT that was auctioned for an eye-watering $1.8 million back in May? Back then we were told that Ford tried to block the auction, the court however denied the company’s temporary restraining order, allowing the auction to proceed.

Both Ford and Mecum didn’t gave away further details on the matter at the time, but now we get to learn that Ford is still seeking damages from both the auction house and the supercar’s previous (but not original) owner, Michael J. Flynn of Florida-based Hollywood Wheels.

According to Fox News, Flynn bought the car from the original owner, John W. Miller, for $1.1 million on May 11. Flynn then assigned Mecum to auction the silver 2017 GT, with the auction house advertising on their site on May 15 that it would go under the hammer on May 19.

Ford filed a motion for a temporary restraining order on May 17, seeking to remove the car from the auction and arguing that selling it might cause “irreparable harm” to the company’s reputation and the integrity of the GT application process.

On May 18, the court rejected Ford’s motion, with Judge Heather Welch in Indiana saying that “Ford’s claim rests entirely on its theory that Mecum tortuously interfered with the contract between Miller and Ford” but it has not presented any evidence that Miller is still the current legal owner. “Mecum, on the other hand, presented evidence that Mike Flynn purchased the 2017 Ford GT from Miller.”

Since Flynn was the true legal owner of the car, “Ford will not reasonably be able to show that Mecum tortuously interfered with a contract between Miller and Ford based on the current designations.”

The litigation will continue on August 17 with the initial attorney conference.

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  • Rob Banks

    Ford executives, plz pull your heads out of your own rear ends. The agreed to terms at the pos was nothing more than them having the foresight to promote an industry marketing strategy. Owners of other, more reputable/desirable brands, like Ferrari which this car was a blatant ripoff of, make no such demands! I hate everything about the overrated gt, particularly this on going feud, because everything about it from the design to it’s engineering barely belongs to Ford. They’re in no position to stake such claims over intellectual property that was never theirs to begin with.

    • Dude

      Who does it belong to then?

      • Smith

        Who gives a sh!t

    • Six_Tymes

      that was the most drivel i’v read in a long time.

      • Rob Banks

        Not when you consider that this gt was based on the 2005 gt, which was a reversed engineered ferrari 360. Also, ford had no prob borrowing design cues from both the nissan 2020s rear and the nsx’s integrated c pilar side scoop.

    • blue adidas

      Jeezus man, did one run over your child?

    • rodriguez256

      Overrated? Hmmm

      • Smith

        Totally over rated. The car is a FORD!

        • rodriguez256

          How did this overrated Ford win beat other high profile cars at LeMans?

          • Rob Banks

            How many decades ago? Ps… and to give credit where credit is due, it wasnt so much ford as it was the ingenuity and know how of one man by the name of Carroll Shelby

          • rodriguez256

            I’m talking about recently not decades ago. The latest Ford GT won at LeMans.

          • Rob Banks

            That 1, 2, 3 handicapped race? Ironic isn’t it? Everyone knows that was a farce.

    • Smith

      Agree with you 100%. It’s a FORD, no better than a Mustang and people are stupid enough to be treated like sh!t with the selection process and the demands they make, only an idiot would be so stupid. Buy a Ferrari or Aston Martin or a real sports car, like a Porsche and be treated like a God instead of like a low life.I would never consider Ford worthy of selecting me to buy their sh!t and I would never participate in such a debacle, it is insulting and who wants that, it’s a FORD!

      • rodriguez256

        People get pissed at people that buy cars and garage them instead of enjoying and driving them. Ford comes out with a process to try to stop that and people flipping them for profit. And Ford is stupid for that? I’d take the Ford GT over any car you’d suggest is better. Btw I love Mustangs, my favorite car but this GT is far better than a Stang.

  • Gary Ackerman

    Car is back on the Mecum block in Monterey so the story is still being written

  • Six_Tymes

    Did buyers sign an agreement or is this based on verbal?

    • rodriguez256

      I believe you have to sign.

  • Bo Hanan

    Ford needs to get over itself. It’s got better things to do, like worry about the new “mid-engined (V8) Corvette.

    • charlotteharry57

      Or fussing about the next new F-150. Happens every other year, so 2020…ALL NEW. Again.

  • brn

    Still a fine looking automobile.

    • Smith

      This rear 3/4 shot really shows how ugly this car is. The proportions are all out of scale. Really ugly and worthless! Its a FORD! Thats all.

      • brn

        You’re a lot of fun.

      • Eagle By Singer

        You really hate Ford, don’t you?

  • Smith

    It’s a Ford, people. Who would be stupid enough to pay the ridiculous high price for a Ford sportscar, little better than a Mustang, and then be told if Ford thinks you are good enough to own one, WOW, you have to be really stupid, it’s a Ford! Wake up, it is a FORD!

    • Vassilis

      a. It’s not simply a ford. It’s a Ford GT. b. It’s much, much better than the best Mustang. It’s on another level. Obviously it isn’t worth 1.8 million or even 1.1 but it is a bloody great car.

    • paulgdeaton

      And you are a Smith… just a Smith. That is more common and unremarkable as a Ford…

  • An Existing Person

    Ford is just ridiculous at this point. Also, I wouldn’t pay a thing for such a boring spec as this is.

    • rodriguez256

      Boring spec? Funny how race car drivers enjoy the hell out of this car buy for you the specs are boring. Just goes to show how specs don’t beat an actual drivers experience.

      • An Existing Person

        Try reading my comment next time buddy, it helps to be literate. Never did I mention it drove terribly, because I’m sure it’s fun as hell, just that if I were to purchase a car of this caliber it would be in something unique.

        • rodriguez256

          So you’re saying you’re sure it’s fun as hell but it’s a boring spec? This car ain’t unique? How do?

          • Eagle By Singer

            In his defence, i believe he is just talking about the grey on grey colour, not the actual car. Personally, that colour choice really ruins it for me.

  • Pretty sure private sales is deemed illegal as well, but seriously this is very stupid things to do, and Ford didn’t even hesitate to bring this to public.

  • Mudd

    Ford has really lost its way. Stop bullying people around and focus on the damned company.

  • bhambadboy1

    Who really cares about this other than Ford? It still can’t do ANYTHING (accelerate, corner or brake) better than $115K Corvette Z06.

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