Bugatti Veyron RWD Conversion Is Beyond Crazy, Yet Ideal For Donuts

Remember the folks from Royalty Exotic Cars that decided to perform an oil change on a Bugatti Veyron by themselves to avoid a $21,000 bill?

Well, they’re back, and their latest stunt makes the previous one look like child’s play.

Company CEO Houston Crosta decided to perform a rear-wheel-drive conversion on his Veyron, something he proudly claims hadn’t been done on a Bugatti before.

Why would anyone want to turn a Veyron from a well-behaved, all-wheel drive hypercar into a tail-happy monster? Well, in Crosta’s own words, the answer is because it is “slow,” given the extra weight of the AWD system. His Veyron tips the scales at 4,230 lbs (1,919 kg), and the owner believes that’s why a McLaren 720S beats it in a drag race, despite the added traction given by the all-wheel-drive system.

Anyway, as you can imagine, the RWD conversion of a Veyron isn’t a job for an amateur mechanic, as it involves the removal of the front differential (a $20,000 part) and the front driveshafts. To reach these parts, one must first detach the front wheels, rotors, calipers and brake pads.

However, compared to the oil change, the RWD conversion was a walk in the park for these guys, as their video proves. After all work was done, Crosta took the Veyron out for a slow drive and was surprised to see there were no warning lights in the dashboard. He claimed the steering felt a lot lighter after the mod, and the turning radius was significantly smaller.

He then proceeded to do some donuts, something the 1,000+ HP, RWD Bugatti turned out to be very capable at.

We’re love to hear your thoughts about this crazy mod, but before you start typing, here’s a comment from Paul Hanswursten on YouTube. “Wasted 20k Box for a senseless YouTube video? Love this madman. But when he ever sells this this would be the cheapest Bugatti of all time.” Do you agree?

  • Leconte Dave

    10k each wheel ?

  • Craig

    I just don’t understand WHY people would be so excited over smoking tires. I guess they haven’t bought many. PLUS… that smoke most be cancer causing.

  • Julien Lachemoi

    I’m curious to know how deep it affects the car, because I don’t think a tighter turning radius and a lighter steering wheel is all it did. The traction will be lowered, the balance changed and overall the way the car behave at high speed.

    • Jds65

      a lot less traction off the line but also a lot less understeer on throttle and off throttle. Also, way more oversteer.Traction control will always be blinking when trying to pull out of corners lol.He probably should mess with the suspension, like make them softer in the front cause front is lighter now.I can see someone whos just mad and loves raw rwd power for fun doing this conversion but to do it to out-drag another car is just…

  • justin j

    Did he say how much weight was removed? Plus he didn’t convert anything he just removed components and can put them back on at any time. I just hope he covered hole in transfer case. Dirt will get in there and fluid will leak out.

  • David Doyle

    Lol he covers up his watch with a Bugatti logo but we all know it’s an expensive as shit Hublot

  • karmat

    Pretty awesome.

  • Six_Tymes

    How much weight did it lose?

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    horrible! blasphemy! also it was a horrible ‘mansory’ conversion to begin with…

  • Well 720S beat it because that car was 10 years younger than the Veyron, beside the weight also counter balances the stability at high speed, also not much of a detail for the conversion, and whether this would be permanent or for some youtube Video.

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