Horacio Pagani Takes His $17-Million Zonda Barchetta Up The Goodwood Hill

The Pagani Zonda is arguably the jewel of the supercar/hypercar world and one of these cars that appeared to never leave production, with the term here used loosely as this is Pagani we’re talking about.

We’ve said goodbye to the Zonda many times but this appears to really be the end, with the Zonda HP Barchetta; a roofless version of the ultimate 760-Series Zonda to put it simply.

Spectators of the Goodwood Festival of Speed had the chance to witness Horacio Pagani driving the final Zonda up the hill, filling their ears with melodic V12 noises.

Pagani said that it will build just three examples of the Zonda Barchetta, with the one seen here being Horacio’s personal car. The remaining two are rumored to be priced at between $15 million to $17 million each, which really tells just how desirable the Zonda remains to this day.

With a car like this, everything is a highlight; from the naturally aspirated 7.3-liter engine to the manual transmission, and from the central air scoop hanging between the seats to the chopped windscreen, wherever you look there’s always something to point and admire.

We must admit that we could do without the rear-wheel covers but since we are not the ones paying the bill, it’s OK. It still remains a striking car to look at, even at an age where more powerful hybrid monsters fight for our attention.

Because the Pagani Zonda will always be more art than any other hypercar out there.


  • RunningLogan

    That price is insane. I don’t understand why anyone would pay so much for one. You could get three unique Ferraris, custom made to your exact specifications for less than that.

    • willhaven

      My guess is that these cars are treated as works of art and their owners believe they will actually appreciate in value. Hard to understand the mindset of someone willing to drop over $2 million on a newer supercar…

    • Brent Morrison

      But they won’t carry as much prestige as this Zonda

      • Jay D

        exactly plus its about having things others can’t have.17 mil to people that buy these things is simply like buying another watch.

    • raikkonen

      I completely agree.

      The problem too is that the brand has zero historical significance in regards to racing, as almost all of prestige brands do, with the exception of Lamborghini.

      Not to mention Pagani doesn’t even engineer and build their own engines, which are supplied by Mercedes.

      A tough sell indeed…

      • willhaven

        The McLaren F1 V12 wasn’t engineered in-house either and it’s one of the most desirable cars on earth.

        • raikkonen

          Again, the difference being McLaren’s storied racing history…

          • willhaven

            Do you know who Horacio Pagani is?

      • “The problem too is that the brand has zero historical significance in regards to racing, as almost all of prestige brands do, with the exception of Lamborghini.”

        Lamborghini and Racing? Lol either you joking or you need to learn more.

        Does a good car need to have engine of it’s own? No, it’s on how you package the whole car into an experience.

        • raikkonen

          Do you understand the phrase “with the exception of….”?????????

    • David Doyle

      If you read…it’s his personal car.

  • Julien Lachemoi

    When I remember that the first Zonda was about 300k$, I’m laughing.

  • lagunas3ca

    I’d rather watch the LaFerrari Aperta behind him.

  • exeptor

    Is this a financial web site now, because I see an article for investors and not car enthusiasts. Not mentioning that a “mass production” Zonda F roadster looks miles better (IMHO).

    • David Doyle

      They’re just reporting on the price of a one off Zonda??? And it’s not like any investor could get their hands on the car anyway seeing as it’s Horacio’s personal car.

    • Lol yeah, and I agree. The old Zonda looks more clean and nicer to me, especially C12.

  • David Doyle

    Bruh is it even car people on this site anymore or just poorly informed trolls commenting on poorly written articles

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