Mark Wahlberg Buys Chevrolet Dealership In Ohio

Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg is ready to add cars to his wide portfolio of businesses, having teamed up with longtime Chevy dealer Jay Feldman in order to buy a Chevrolet dealership in Columbus, Ohio.

According to Automotive News, Wahlberg and Feldman bought Bobby Layman Chevrolet, and immediately renamed it Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet. The terms of the transaction however remain unknown.

“It was a dealership that came up that had a great facility, that had a great reputation,” said Feldman. “It’s in Ohio, where Mark and, of course, myself are invested in another business.”

Apparently, Wahlberg and Feldman were looking to buy a car dealership together since early last year and Feldman stated that they learned about this recent opportunity from Tim Lamb Group, an advisory firm.

The dealership measures 70,000-square feet and sits on 15.5 acres. It has a two-story showroom and as many as 50 service stalls. Right now, there are about 100 employees, which will reportedly be retained, although the dealership will look to hire more sales reps and service technicians in the future.

“I am continuously looking for ways to innovate my brand and engage in businesses I am passionate about,” said Wahlberg in a statement. “i love cars, and the chance to work with an experienced, proven dealer-operator like Jay and represent an iconic brand like Chevrolet inspired me to get involved.”

Wahlberg apparently will be an active participant within the business.

“It’s not a naming rights deal. We’re partners,” said Feldman. “Mark is very involved in his businesses, whether it’s AQUAhydrate or Performance Inspired. I mean, he is like the ultimate entrepreneur and a workaholic. He plans on being [at the dealership] on a regular basis.”

  • donald seymour

    Ummm okay, I guess.

  • Doodez

    Free Teddy Bear with every sale… is what I’m hearing.

  • Craig

    Ever since I learned of Mark literally blinding a man – hearing of his ‘successes’ and ‘acquisitions’ only serves to piss me off.

    • James Denz

      LOL, Wahlberg was 16 years old at the time and did NOT almost blind the man.

      • Craig

        Fine. But Wahlberg thought he did. And even though he’s worth $225,000,000 never gave a cent to the man he attacked. Find out what else he did by checking out his Wikipedia page. I’ll give you a hint… “In August 1992, then 21-year-old Wahlberg fractured the jaw of a neighbor in an unprovoked attack. Court documents state that in 1992, Wahlberg, ‘without provocation or cause, viciously and repeatedly kicked’ a man named Robert D. Crehan in the face and jaw while another man named Derek McCall held Crehan down on the ground.” But gosh. He was only 21. Right?

        • James Denz

          He was definitely a real shithead in his youth with a slew of aggressive attacks on innocent people. He admits he made lots of mistakes in his youth. Whether he’s truly sorry is not apparent. He says he no longer lives in guilt.

          • Enter Ranting

            He no longer lives in guilt because he’s a total shithead. Screw Mark Wahlberg and all his endeavors.

  • Doodez

    He seems intent on Transforming his future income streams.

  • Soooo there will be new reality show based on them like Wahlburgers? Any related pun name for that tv show?

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