Mercedes Could Create GLG SUV To Rival Range Rover Sport

If you didn’t think it was possible for Mercedes-Benz‘s fleet of SUVs and crossovers to grow even further, you’re in for a shock as a brand new model dubbed the GLG could also be in the works.

German publication Auto Bild is behind this new report and asserts that the GLG has yet to be given the green light for production or even given an internal project name. However, it is claimed that Mercedes-Benz will make the model, as it’s mastered the art of producing new body styles for little money and continues to sell SUVs in record numbers.

Apparently, the GLG will be based around the GLE and targeted squarely at the Range Rover Sport. As a result, it will be slightly more off-road focused than some other SUVs from the car manufacturer but still offer adequate levels of performance.

In the vehicle’s attempt to rival the Range Rover Sport, Merc may fit height-adjustable air suspension as standard, equip the vehicle with three locking differentials, and develop a special off-road technology package.

The next-generation GLE on which the GLG will be based won’t launch until 2020, so the vehicle is probably at least four or five years away. That’s if it is green-lighted for production, of course.

If reports of a new off-road-focused Mercedes-Benz SUV sound familiar, that’s because they are. Alongside the GLG in question, Mercedes is working on a ‘baby G-Class’ dubbed the GLB. This model has been spied testing on multiple occasions and will offer the brand’s customers yet another SUV to choose from.

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  • charlotteharry57

    I’m sure they will. It’ll be the new German luxury vehicle of the week at some point.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      It’s probably because the new X5 grew in size again which will make the GLE look outclassed. It is interesting how some rival vehicles llok smaller or larger than each other. I don’t think the right answer is a GLG tho. Just need 2 wheel bases for the GLE, which China is going to get a langversion anyway…

  • Doodz

    So, the GLuG. Nice…

  • Belthronding

    range over sport rival? isn’t it supposed to be GLE?

    • Sybill Julian

      yeah, weird.
      since evoque = GLC, now vellar = GLE, vogue = GLS. so sport will be GLG rival

      • Kash

        actually it’s GLA/Evoque, Velar/GLC, Sport/GLE but the Sport has the 3rd row while the GLE doesn’t, and GLS/Vogue but the GLS has the 3rd row but the Vogue doesn’t. At least going off class and dimensions of the vehicles that’s how they align, pricepoint on the other hand is another story because all the LR’s start well above their Merc competitors.

        The GLG is just gonna essentially be a GLE with a 3rd row. If it actually is called the GLG I’ll be amazed. More likely they’ll just end up giving the new GLE an optional 3rd row like the Sport has (I think it’s still optional)

  • driv3r

    Well not every manufacturer needs to present direct competitors to other cars. As always, AutoBild is a bit dreamy about things at any manufacturer. I don’t see any gap in the Merc SUV lineup. The GLE has always been pretty offroad-based with the best offroad-capabilities besides a Range Rover (Sport). Far better than any X5 or Q7.
    I don’t see the business case for a GLG.

    The Range Rover Sport doesn’t have a third row. The only LR that has one is the LR Discovery.
    The complete LR line-up is more or less pointed at the gaps between the vehicle sizes of the Germans. Evoque fits between GLA and GLC, Velar sits between GLC and GLE and the Sport comes as a GLE Competitor whereas the classic Range Rover sits at the end of the GLE range and goes into GLS regions.

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    Honestly GLG & GLE coupe will surely eat from each other sales if this is true

    Because honestly the sport GLE with more capabilities is already here and named GLE coupe

    So they hopefully will change its name to GLG from GLE coupe instead of building intersections in all of the lineup

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