Peterbilt Truck Trades Road For Water, Becomes Pontoon Boat

Peterbilt has been selling trucks since the late 1930s, but we’re willing to bet none of them have been well-equipped to go on water. For some people, apparently that’s an issue.

Whoever built this half truck, half pontoon boat behemoth is clearly a fan of getting out on the lake, cracking open a few cold ones and relaxing under the sun. We should mention that we found the picture on a subreddit called Redneckengineering. Draw your own conclusions from that.

Now, as far as pontoon boats go, this is actually pretty large in size, although the deck is probably not as big as it might seem. Still, you can definitely fit more than just two people on-board, unlike with your run-of-the-mill small inflatable pontoon boats.

As for the semi, it looks like a Peterbilt 379, which is the model Michael Bay went with as far as Optimus Prime’s automotive self was concerned in these latest Transformers movies.

It’s a shame we can’t see inside the cabin, because it would have been interesting to know if the builder went with a more “maritime” seating system, or actually kept the semi’s original seats. Also, there’s no way this thing isn’t going to fool certain people who only manage to see it from afar. Unless you get close, it will probably just look like a floating semi.

  • Jay

    Would love to see this thing out on the water, looks cool.

  • Shane

    I never knew I had an inner redneck, but I dig it.

  • Plymouth Volare RoadRunner SP

    Very creative. Two thumbs UP!

  • Six_Tymes

    wait, no video?

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