Thieves Strike FCA Again, Make Off With Six Of The Company’s Muscle Cars

Car theft is a fact of life in most major cities and Detroit certainly isn’t an exception. However, this time around, the vehicles involved belonged to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

According to Fox News and Fox 2 Detroit, thieves smashed through a security gate at the Cassens Transport lot which was storing a handful of vehicles for transport. Once inside, the thieves quickly went to work and ended up stealing seven different vehicles and including four Dodge Chargers.

All but one of the models belonged to FCA and the thieves managed to get away with the cars despite being “met by security.” It remains unclear what action the security personal took, but police were quickly notified.

The brazen theft occurred on Sunday at approximately 3 a.m. local time, but police have already recovered six of the seven vehicles. Unfortunately, they don’t have any suspects and this is just the latest in a string of car thefts from the automaker.

Earlier this year, a handful of Ram pickups were stolen from the Warren Truck plant.  This occurred approximately seven months after six Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawks were taken near the Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit. Police don’t know if the thefts are connected, but it’s a strong possibility as they all involve FCA models which are stolen en mass.

Investigators are reportedly reviewing surveillance video from the latest theft hoping it will lead them to the group responsible. However, police didn’t have much luck with the earlier case involving the stolen trucks.

  • Dr Professor Weezle Eye

    Sounds like ‘security’ is on the take. Sweet rides though…

  • Leconte Dave

    Inside job?

  • Mr. EP9

    Car thieves probably have other criminals overseas who are paying them to do this and ship them out to them. Although, it’s also possible that the security, much like some cars in FCA’s lineup, must be complete garbage. I’m just saying.

    • Dr Professor Weezle Eye

      You been watching Gone In 60 Seconds lately?

      • Mr. EP9

        Nah. And if I was it wouldn’t be the one with Nicholas Cage. But in all seriousness, car thieves actually do export stolen cars overseas. Well, high end cars anyways.

        • Status

          ‘high end’ isn’t really the right words. I’d say it’s ‘wherever there is a demand for something and deep pockets’, in which case you could pay to have thieves in India to steal a Nano for export to your country……assuming that you would actually want a Nano bad enough.

          • Dr Professor Weezle Eye

            That’s quite tempting.

  • B Cuz

    Dodge makes the preferred getaway muscle car…
    Guards were probably asleep or in on it.

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