Toyota Claims 2019 Avalon Is All About Authenticity And Excitement

Toyota has just launched a new marketing campaign for the all-new 2019 Avalon, aimed at reminding the public that life can sometimes be about adventure, spontaneity and playfulness.

The goal is also to convince audiences that the new Avalon is all they need in order to “get more out of life”. Not something one could say about the previous iterations, though thankfully, Toyota fully redesigned the Avalon using the TNGA platform, making it more competitive than ever.

“The Toyota team has transformed the driving experience for our flagship sedan to set a new standard for the premium segment and satiate drivers’ desire for authenticity, spontaneity and exploration,” stated Toyota marketing exec, Ed Laukes.

The name of this new marketing campaign is ‘Serious Play’ and it features multiple 30-second TV spots. The ones called ‘Let’s Race’ and “Trojan Horse’ were directed by Craig Gillespie, known for his work on the award-winning film ‘I, Tonya’, whereas ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was directed by Daniel Azancot, who has also worked with VW.

Additional elements of the ‘Serious Play’ campaign will include dynamic digital, audio and print ads in high profile publications, while cinema goers can also expect to see the 2019 Avalon on the big screen during commercials throughout the summer.

As for what makes the 2019 Avalon an impressive offering, apart from the all-new platform that promises much improved dynamics, it’s features such as the Adaptive Variable Suspension and connectivity that includes Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa.

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  • Jason Miller

    Toyota, STAHP with the grille’s. Seriously.

    With that said, I drove one of these recently. It’s a great, quiet, comfy commuter car, but wouldn’t call it exciting.

    • annon

      “Toyota, STAHP with the grille’s. Seriously.”
      +1, it’s f***in ridiculous already

      • emjayay

        I’m guessing that about 20% of the surface area of that thing is actual air intake.

    • Dennis James

      More plastic and less paint is always good for profits.

  • (⌐■_■)

    it’s all about the grille

    • paulgdeaton

      I think a better ad campaign would be: “Buy an Avalon – get a snowplow for free!”

    • Bo Hanan

      Which appears to be about 20% functional…???

  • Thunderbolt

    If Toyota can add 2 or 4 rounded fog lights to that grill, I think we might have a winner.

  • Spyder Hole Fantome

    Omg, that front end/grill is just about as bad as it gets!

  • Headache in a suitcase

    Toyota Claims 2019 Avalon Is All About Authenticity And Excitement

    And grills….don’t forget the grills…

  • Will_95LV

    I’m probably the only one who likes the current Lexus/Toyota grills 😂

    • paulgdeaton

      Have you considered buying new glasses?

    • Trocadero

      on the Lexus IS300H it looks much better once the registration plate has been fitted to break up the grille

  • ace_9

    Needs bigger grill…

  • Ishliss

    Toyota and Lexus make by far the ugliest cars you can buy currently.

    • Spyder Hole Fantome

      You are correct, sir!

    • mihsf

      And Infiniti


  • Rich Money

    yes, so very authentic to have 672 square feet of faux grille on the face of a car.

    • Jay

      with only half of a square foot actually being functional.

  • Rocket

    Authenticity? I can’t believe they went there. What are they going to say about the BMW-in-Toyota-clothing Supra?

  • Paul

    It’s got a grill ready for krill (or plankton maybe) skimming.

  • :/ Yurr

    It’s nice but I can’t get over that Gaping Hole …😖

  • dumblikeyou2

    Literally just saw one on the road this evening with manufacturer plates on it. It in fact does not look authentic in the least.

  • Harry_Wild

    The ad person in charge of this hideous Avalon did the smart think; just run it like it is a beautiful sedan!

  • Harry_Wild

    What drug are you on? LOL!

  • Craig

    Everything about the new Avalon is very nice. Inside and out. EXCEPT for that stupid looking grill. And I appreciate daring designs. But this is just embarrassing.

  • supermanuel

    One day, quite soon it seems if this new Avalon is anything to go by, the entire front of most ICE cars will be an enormous grille with a proliferation of LEDs scattered across it. Thank heavens (I think) the EV has come along to disrupt the current thought processes of stylists and designers.


  • The LC is gorgeous indeed, give me the 500 any-day.

  • john1168

    yyaaaawwwnnnn… I’m sorry, what was that about excitement?

    The interior is nice but the exterior is a freakin’ disaster. An overall awkward design with such a hideous front end…

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