2019 Jaguar XE Facelift Bringing 48-Volt Mild Hybrid Powertrains

The time has come for the compact Jaguar XE to receive a mid-life update, with our spies spotting two camouflaged prototypes during hot-weather testing in Death Valley.

Despite the heavy camouflage, Jaguar’s 3-Series rival isn’t expected to change that much; exterior revisions will include redesigned lights front and rear along with new bumpers and that’s about it. The cabin will be similarly updated with new trim options and colors, along with a range of updated infotainment and active safety systems.

The biggest changes however are expected to take place under the bonnet of the facelifted Jaguar XE.

The British car maker has already announced its electrification plans and the updated XE is expected to offer new mild-hybrid powertrains for better fuel economy and lower emissions.

The mild-hybrid tech will most likely be paired with the existing Ingenium engines, meaning Jaguar will add a belt alternator starter and a small lithium-ion battery that require a 48-volt electrical architecture.

The electrified powertrains will improve fuel efficiency by introducing features like a coasting function and a modern start-stop system, in addition to the obvious combination of petrol and electric power.

With Jaguar having already dropped the V6 versions of the XE in Europe, the days of the supercharged 3.0-liter version of the compact Jaguar are probably numbered in North America as well. Another potential casualty the facelift might bring is the option for a manual transmission in entry-level European models.

The facelifted Jaguar XE is expected for a reveal in 2019, perhaps at the Geneva Motor Show in March, with sales set to launch a few months later.

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Image Credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops

  • Mike anonymous

    Is anyone else seeing this? Because I’m seeing it. This is a pretty cool addition to the whole commenting thing. I like it.


  • Mike anonymous

    Also (separate to my other comment), I REALLY wish Jaguar would bring back the “Dual Circle & “J” LED”-styled head lamps. The looked MUCH more elegant and luxurious than what they’ve have been putting on their vehicles more recently.

    Jaguar seems to me as though they are loosing the class (and status) they once had around 10 years ago give or take a few. I used to consider Jaguar on par with the likes (when it came to brand status) of Bentley, they were a very unique company. It seems in recent years they’ve ditched their classy design for a more “aggressive” and “sporty” ascetic (which isn’t bad… but it’s just not better (than before at least)) in the pursuit of sales. They’ve given updates and facelifts to vehicle that didn’t need it (i.e. the F-Type & XJ) that looked better before. Now they are less comparable to a Bentley, and more so to a BMW.

    I do hope that Jaguar with this update can begin to turn things around, I am personally really hopeful for the future of the brand.

    (Older-Classic Jaguar vvv)
    (New Jaguar vvv)

    Again it’s not bad,. but it just not “better”. It just feels like “the magic” or “that spark” that made Jaguars so unique and so special, is fading away. It’s not just about the headlights, but many things such as luxury, quality, and reliance on the past (as opposed to the present). I do hope Jaguar finds their magic again, and when they do, I will be here excited to see what they do next.

    • Belthronding

      i could not express any better than you regarding jag’s movement to be sporty brand from being luxury brand.
      i am also ok with new jaguars and hopefully they ll get better but they should be focusing not that much sportiness. key factors has to be luxury and elegance.

    • diesel_vdub

      I don’t disagree with the image that older Jaguars had, but the interior of the XE and XF are absolutely horrible, they don’t even approach the “luxury” of Lexus or Infiniti… forget about equaling the Germans.

    • botornot387

      I get where you are coming from, but no one puts Jaguar on a respective pedestal with Bentley or the likes of Rolls. They lost that image, and trying to recapture it would be a horrible move for Jaguar, who already doesn’t sell enough cars as is. They are a direct competitor to BMW, and they barely equal interior quality or interior design with the likes of Cadillac. Their best move is to continue to identify as a modern British brand and continue to develop the brand identity they have taken on. They already have the driving dynamics nailed to a “T”, and their best sellers are the SUV models. So moving backwards wouldn’t make sense on their sedans, as sedans already are losing steam to SUV’s at a blinding speed. So they are definitely on the right track. And actually, I have to say that I am happy they have moved on from the rounded lights, as they were completely dated and holding back Jaguar designers. What I do think they need is an evolution of the taillights, which looked great when they came out, but are starting to look drab, as they have been put on every new model after coming online on the F-type. Just my 2 cents.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Needs an interior facelift.

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